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The People’s Manifesto

A Unified Defiance

By Rosie J. SargentPublished 10 months ago 17 min read

The Peoples’ Manifesto: A Unified Defiance


I am writing this manifesto in the hope someone with a bit of power and influence may read this, and just by chance maybe, save humanity. I am deeply concerned for the future. When I look upon our dystopian present, I cannot help but see the treacherous path ahead. A terrifying, uncertain path which is divided, cracked, and is quickly falling apart. Our planet is dying, our systems are broken, and our government is blatantly corrupt. We all live under their iron sky of greed, lies and deceit. Forced to comply with a system that robs us of our very being. The Tories are thieves of our time and money. I am not proclaiming to be an expert but after studying the discipline of International Relations and European Politics. I want to present to you, the reader, plausible and achievable solutions to our current problems.

In Britain, we are too obedient, too submissive to our government, and in doing so allowed our government to treat its people nothing more than a pay check. We have become conditioned to blindly accept this as the way of life. It is not. The pandemic reminded us of this, and if the outbreak of COVID-19 taught me anything, it is that nothing is set in stone, and no one is exempt from change. We are all equal but do not live as such. Our systems lack equity, and our leaders are clot poles who are entirely disconnected from everything but the Wi-Fi. The corporations are banking on our misery and suffering. Art is completely futile unless capitalized it is not of any value. Talent and sentiments have been exchanged for mindless narcissism in a new reality while the old one dies in front of our eyes. Our attention spans are decreasing rapidly, and our patience is wearing extremely thin. We are angry yes, but as of yet, we are not angry enough to do something. Civil unrest is a hot topic, yes, but signs do not work, and they are quickly and quietly stripping us of our rights, voices and even attempts on our minds. A ‘deradicalization’ in the name of Her Majesty. I will not allow this. I will not; especially when such freedoms were paid for in the currency of blood. Will you?

While they drank wine and partied, people died alone, and their loved ones were left in isolation. Let the bodies pile up in their thousands, was it? While they splash out on £800 on takeaways a week, we cut back on our weekly food budgets. Our leaders have created more problems than solutions. Although, ‘leader’ is not the correct term for our politicians, rather; liars, cowards, and cheats. A true leader is that of the people, a common person who considers all, someone who is sensible and capable of achieving the balance of mind and heart. Someone who is not seduced by greed and fears hubris as if Icarus himself. One thing is for certain in this new era of the unknown, is that the liars have lied. Right-wing or left-wing it is still the same bird, and our very survival is at stake on all levels of the international board. This is what I offer, ideas, and viable solutions.

It is summer now, but in a few months' time winter will be here, with another useless liar in power. Gut-wrenching greed is deliberately driving people into poverty. The cost of living is high, but standards are much lower. I want to propose my first policy, that of Universal Basic Income (UBI):

Anglo-Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek (1899-1992), argued for a ‘certain minimum income for everyone... a floor below (of) which nobody need fall even when he is unable to provide for himself.

My proposal is this; Everyone regardless of socioeconomic background will receive UBI. This is equality. Those with the lowest income will receive the highest UBI. Those with the highest income will receive the lowest UBI. This is equity. UBI will not be fixed, so if financial circumstances change, UBI payment amounts will also. This is a just welfare system that can replace current benefits such as Universal Credit. Housing Allowance, Disability Benefits and State Pensions would remain separate. All budgets that go towards social welfare, can be funded into UBI.

UBI could alleviate a lot of stress and worry associated with welfare programmes. Claimants would not have to worry about housing, living costs or transportation needs, and thus, can concentrate on finding better and more fitting jobs, raising children, starting a small business, and even returning to education.

UBI trials conducted in Canada in the 1970s showed that 1% of the recipients stopped working, while 10% reduced their working hours to spend more time with family, going back to education or looking for better employment. The trials also revealed that mental health and physical well-being was better, income stability meant less hospitalisations.

Less stress on the NHS.

The U.K. population are already in dire need, the benefit of this concept shows that this could in fact reduce poverty, hunger, and homelessness in a noticeably short space of time, effectively reversing the ten years of austerity created by conservative cuts. UBI could also benefit those who have been historically marginalised, as minorities are currently the most affected are the ones facing the harsh reality of first-world poverty. Studies have also indicated, that giving people the minimum basic income of £1000 per month, could have the potential to increase GPD up to 2.2% to almost 12% every year because this would mean poorer people would spend more on goods and rise the overall demand.

I have written a research paper on the benefits and consequences of UBI, which explains further in detail how this policy would benefit all. As I want to keep this version of the manifesto short to illustrate points, I will link the article here: https://vocal.media/fyi/universal-basic-income-ubi

Following on from this, UBI could benefit the environment. Earth System Science at UCL state that: ‘we are convinced UBI will cut down on consumption and poor environmental practices.’ When we work more, we consume more, and if employees are actively miserable or even being replaced by robots, cutting down work hours to find better employment or re-educate oneself in a new trade could benefit all aspects of work productivity from the individual to the environment.

The environment and our collapsing ecosystem are a top priority. Our very survival is at stake. UBI would be useless, as will all other policies if we do not demand corporations take responsibility for carbon emissions. Recycling systems in Britain are not great and could be more efficient. This leads me to my next point:

All supermarkets must provide a recycling dispensary service that is half the price of the recycled product when purchased. For example, if I buy a bottle of Coca-Cola for £2, I recycle the bottle at my local supermarket and get £1 in return. Once I have dispensed all my recyclables, I will be presented with a barcoded receipt with the amount I have earned from recycling. This receipt is scanned and will take your recycling money off the total amount of your food shop.

This will encourage people to recycle better and benefit those who struggle to put food on the table. Less stress on food banks. It could potentially mean our streets will be cleaner overall those who need it most will be finding cans and bottles to exchange for food.

I cannot believe in 2022 our basic needs of survival are not met, even though a sovereign state's concern is the survival of the said state. But if you neglect your people, you neglect your state, and what is a state without its people? Now climate change is threatening our planet, the basic needs of our survival should be met, so we can all work together to save our homes. And there is nothing radical about that. We need to measure the greatness of a nation with the absence of poverty not the number of billionaires.

Rail strikes are ineffective, they only affect everyday people, who will not support your cause. Workers should continue to work but not charge their passengers. Hit them where it hurts, their profit margins. Therefore, Public Transport will be re-nationalised once more and will aim to run on sustainable energies such as electricity. Public transport will be free for those under 18 or in full-time education.

The postal service will be re-nationalised also.

Moreover, energy companies must reimburse their customers and offer their customers a Solar Panel Scheme in which recipients have the option to obtain solar panels at a fraction of the cost. We should aim for complete sustainable living. The energy companies can pay for this out of their recording-breaking profits, do not brag about it if you cannot cough up.

Research into biofuels and aim to have most cars on the road to be electric by the end of the decade.

Water companies will receive updated requirements immediately. 31 reservoirs are needed.

Better environment, better health. COVID-19 is proof health is a priority, but you cannot heal in an environment that is sick itself.

This leads me to the NHS. I want to take the politician's pay increase from 2020 and fund it straight to the NHS and raise wages for the ALL-staff members. It is time that the politicians pay, and I want to take it straight out of their luxury-lined pockets. Build more hospitals, offer incentives such as a good starting salary to entice more people to choose a medical profession and most importantly, save the NHS. Remove parking fees at hospitals, discounts, and more rewards for these amazing heroes.

Which leads me to my next policy: equity.

The more you earn, the more you pay. It is simple. As stated earlier, equality, equity, and justice. If two people are given a speeding ticket, one is on a lower income than the other, who pays more? The one who has more. It is always those with less who give more; they are not generous but are compassionate and thus understanding. Compared to those who have enough to survive it is ‘work more hours,’ ‘do not have kids,’ ‘cancel Netflix to buy a house’ and then the same people wonder why people do not want to work anymore at all and do not want to bring children into a world that will not consider them or their future, and then with audacity ask, ‘Have you seen that Stranger Things?’

This system of equity will ensure that a system is just, and the playing field is always equal.

With the mention of equality, I will briefly address disability benefits. The entire process and the treatment towards disabled people is ableism disguised as access. Accommodating disabilities is not a privilege and does not drain the system, this is another lie that has been told over and over, and people now believe it true. One in five people in the U.K. has a disability, at least ¼ of the population is disabled. I have something for this but will require more time to lay out the policy in great detail.

Homelessness can be solved instantly, there is plenty of homes for all. Homelessness is solved by providing a home. Finland is proof of that.

I have not forgotten Grenfell either, so introduce hemp installation and make sure this never happens again.

More affordable housing, the market will crash its inevitable.

Now, taxpayers are expected to make the shortfall. I do not agree with this. Why should anyone work their entire life, neglecting their children, only not to make ends meet and not benefit from the system they are paying into? I propose using the recent 1% tax increase on National Insurance, should be put towards investments. Every taxpayer should have the choice of where to invest this 1% and what currency (or cryptocurrency). This could be put in a lock-up for a minimum of five years, all the way to retirement age. 1% can accumulate a lot given enough time, and I know this would help working families, offer security and help the economy.

I am also considering future generations here. I want us as a species to elevate, but this cannot under leaders (sorry liars) who fear the way of human progress. We must make it better for future generations otherwise evolution will abandon us entirely, and we will become obsolete, and if we do not live as equals, we will undoubtedly perish as one.

I would remove the bedroom tax and introduce a wealth tax instead. We will penalise those who have escaped tax fraud, they think because they are simply wealthy, they can get away with this, and no one is exempt. The trees are dying, rivers are drying up. What are you going to do when it is all gone, eat your money? And if you are a wealthy person, I want you to know, that I am not your friend. I am your worst nightmare. There is enough for everyone, stop lying.

Moving forward, future generations are my main concern. I want my son to grow up in a world of opportunities, freedom, and liberty, not whatever this is supposed to be. My next policy: Individualised Education.

Sunack thinks he is a genius for suggesting AI in schools, he is not, he has proved himself the King of the clot poles. Data can be corrupted, and so can young minds. Individualised education is where a student's education is structured around their skill set and interests. Some of us are connected to the right hemisphere, while others the left. Intelligence can be measured in a variety of ways, and to say the sciences are more important than the arts is false when they are both equal disciplines. Without art life would be dull, we would all be bored and naked, and without science, we would not have the technology we have, medicine would not have progressed and would not be where we are today.

When students reach secondary age, they will be made to take a test to determine where their skills and interests lie. Students will not have to waste time on subjects they do not care for or will not help them in their adult life. This will also help teachers as they will not have to deal with students who do not want to be in their lessons.

English and Maths would remain compulsory of course, as they are important. However, I would make Modern Languages a compulsory subject, as well as Food Economics and Agriculture. Modern Languages is incredibly important in our era of globalisation. If you are an active internet user, you are a global citizen whether you like it or not. Food Economics and Agriculture will be a necessity. This will teach students how to cook from scratch on a budget and grow their own food to cook with. Back to basics. Furthermore, life lessons would also be compulsory, this will include sex education/health and social care, budgeting, taxes, interviews, CVs etc. This class will be designed to prepare students for adult life..

Along with five compulsory subjects, students will have five interest subjects, which will be determined by the tests. For example: If a student is more connected to the right hemisphere, then their options will be, art, history, music, media, and graphics. If a student is more connected to the left hemisphere, then their options will be, (e.g) sciences, computer sciences, maths, engineering, and construction. Subjects like business, and sport, will be offered to all students.

This is how we get the best of the best. The best teachers, police officers, doctors, politicians, and so on. In twenty years' time, we will have the best of the best. The most complex things tend to be simple, and this is relatively simple. I am considering both students and teachers, they both deserve better.

All students will receive free meals. You cannot achieve greatness on an empty stomach.

University tuition will be slashed by 50% it is not worth what it is.

Sixth-form students of disciplines such as medicine and engineering will receive funds to help with anything required for their course.

Local Council Tax can cover this, along with the money taken from politicians pay rise.

After playing robin hood, let us talk Brexit; it is not working, and anyone who thought it would in the way they thought it would, is just naive. Now, we are in a complete mess and are the laughingstock of Europe. Britain will always be isolated, regardless of Brexit, we are an island nation. Was it not their saviour Winston Churchill who suggested the very notion of ‘a united states of Europe?’

I propose we follow the same route as our other neighbours Iceland and Norway, they are EEA countries with special relations with the EU and the rest of the world. Like I said previous, most complex things are in fact simple and are often staring right at you. We should aim to export more, go back to our industrial roots, we changed the world this way, we can do it again, but without the colonisation of the globe, saving but 22 countries. Brexit can be an opportunity if done right.

Finally, I would introduce and alternative digital voting system so you can vote from your phone, swipe through party policies, and make sure your voice has been heard and democracy is safe. I want to make voting accessible for all. I invented this system during my bachelors, I approached the governmental bodies about this, no-one wanted to know, even though I have proof that people want this.

I have not forgotten about Russia. I have been to Saint Petersburg myself and studied the literature and their politics. This will be a different piece entirely. I recommend Peter Pomerantsev Nothing is True and Everything is Possible: Modern Adventures in Russia in the meantime.

My father once said that “things are the way they are because no one has come up with anything better” and he is right. The choice between democracy and dictatorship, capitalism, or communism. The same regurgitated ideologies or theories that were created by privileged men who, evidently don’t reflect the vast majority. Men who are often old, pale, and most definitely stale, and of course, not much has changed. The political world and the social world are forever intertwined because they influence each other. If we have a system that does not contain socialistic elements i.e., free healthcare and education, then this is a system designed to benefit those who manipulate and control it.

Everything requires balance, everything including politics. A balance between right and left. I do not claim to be right. I am simply listing bold ideas. Ideas that have been around for some time. Ideas are needed now more than ever because if someone does not have the courage to offer something, we will all lose. Ideas, after all, are bulletproof and therefore immortal. There are many more things I wish to address but cannot simply because of time. However, evolving, it is quickly running out. I have many more policies to suggest, this is just a slither of what I have: cyber security and national security, disability reform, protection of human rights, education for the police force, military funding, reformation of the criminal justice system, rehabilitation the list goes on and there is so much more to do.

We have gone past the point of no return, and we must face the consequences of our actions and take responsibility. I am here to offer an alternative. I am here to present ideas. This manifesto is a symbol of Defiance, and now I wish to Unify. Karma tells us history will continue to repeat itself until humanity learns how to change our path. I want to make a change and help all. I want a better world for all humans, and I know that I could create something if at least one person reads this. I am laying the seeds. I may fail, I know but I will rest easier knowing I tried than not having tried at all because by some miracle, some chance, I could be successful, maybe, just maybe.


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Hello, my lovelies! Welcome, I write everything from the very strange to the wonderful; daring and most certainly different. I am an avid coffee drinker and truth advocate.

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  • Daniel Hooks3 months ago

    I hope to god people listen to you. I think your idea about being able to vote digitally is something that could be used in opinion polls to make viable change. For new laws and bills of rights do we really need MPs if the public can decide in some way? Maybe we still do because people would need to be given enough information to be able to vote decisively. Universal basic income will be needed to keep people out of poverty and prevent them from becoming homeless. And enable them to educate and find better paid jobs and more meaningful ones as well. Overall great work

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