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The Magick In Her Midnights

a journey of Awakening

By Danielle DsEnlightenedEditsPublished about a year ago 5 min read
The Magick In Her Midnights
Photo by Ernest Karchmit on Unsplash

Every night at midnight, the purple clouds came out to dance with the blushing sky. Carly awoke each night, not long after going to bed, to sit at her window in the hour of in between and speak to the Sky.

She loved midnights. She adored their essence, not quite a new day; but free from the day that was. Something about that clock striking 12, the way the clouds seemed to know, spoke to her spirit. Ever since she was little, Carly would do her best to tuck in early, and awake when the house was quiet. Midnights were her time, free from the noise and care of others, filled with the soft blush of skies caressing the nearby mountains.

Each night, she would sit at her window and listen. Secrets spoke to her through the rush of the winds. Clouds hurried themselves past and through the mountain ranges, and wrapped around a peeking Moon, riding the wind and shaping themselves into messages only she could understand.

Night after night, she’d take dictation from the Clouds and Sky. Pouring pages of messages into journals and sketches, seeing Spirit and animal, Deity and dreams, shaping themselves for her, illuminating images of enlightenment in her Sky.

Sometimes, she would wonder what others saw if they happened to be driving by, or gazing out their own windows. Could they see it, that face, that smile, that arrow in the Air? Could they make sense of it, like the Ones who silently spoke her name had taught her to do?

She dare not ask others. Her waking life was small now, mostly filled with the family of the house and the doctors that called. Most of her friends were at a distance, off somewhere else fulfilling their own lives and dreams.

It all seemed unreal to Carly … not this, not her midnights and her messages; but the ‘waking world’ life. Her daytime life felt fake and tedious. Unbelievable, the reality of that compared to her midnights of magick. “This is the waking world,” she thought, “all of this. This where the Sky is alive, and the Stars are speaking … this where the Clouds contort themselves to show us our essence, our essential truths. This is what it is to be awake when others are asleep. This is what life is … it must be. What others do, that grueling gruesome grind of life, that feels something else.”

Life itself felt difficult for Carly, always unfamiliar and often unfair. Now in her 20s, she’d given up any semblance of living out her own dreams, to continue caring for the ones who ought to have cared for her. Her maturity and loyalty were sometimes her undoing, her seriousness and smarts all channeled into ways to care for her family and resolve their struggles in life. It taught her a lot and made her quite helpful in the humanities; but in truth, it also broke parts of her heart and spirit. Those parts, she held tight to the vest, healing under heart walls, and hidden, along with the gifts she didn’t yet know how others would react to. She’d been hiding or hindering them for forever it seems, only occasionally weaving the notion of them into a bit of her daily life. All her knowledge and note taking had been building to something; but she didn’t quite know what. So, she carried on each night, and through each necessary day.

There were many things that still eluded Carly in life; but here in her secret hours, the secrets of the Universe continuously came to light and life. Often, she’d find herself reading some arcane material by her window. Moonlit pages occasionally shaded by a passing cloud, sparking her to look up and hear another message of her own from her Sky. Carly loved that Sky. To her, it was both mother and father, stretching its loving arms out across our vast Earth, blanketing her in calm colors and soothing stardust.

The stars were Home and the Sky was life to Carly. Sitting there staring at her Sky, messages and pictures would flood her mind. With each blue twinkle or red flash, the Stars spoke to her of Home, the Sky carried her consciousness back to more familiar lands, and when she was ready, the Clouds would float her back down to her body, to sleep in peace.

Little did she know, that her life was about to take a sharp left turn, into the place and time where all of this would make some sense. For she wasn’t just a dreamer. She wasn’t only escaping the chaos of the day by enjoying the cryptic of her nights. She was bridging the gap. She was bringing the magick here. Her ‘life’ moved slower than others, and seemed to hold her back while she cared for the ones she called family; but she was born to be a bridge for herself and us all, as the Lighted Ones we once called family, reached out through her.

Carly would bring back connections long since passed from the world we know, in order to help reBirth the world we and the Stars themselves have been waiting for. She didn’t fit in this world, because most of her existed outside of it, in order to help us learn to change it as we wish.

Each night, she was being trained energetically, to integrate more of her essence, and the knowledge of the alchemy in all things.

The magick in her midnights, was really just the beginning. Now her solitude would start to fade, and her radiance would rise. So much so, that even the Sky was blushed and flushed, and beaming with excitement, at the thought of all our worlds coming back to life again for the souls here on Earth.

Carly was one of a few who could do it; and she would. Soon, she would connect with others who would understand. She who always felt more like one of her Stars or purple clouds, would remember now why she was down here on Earth, watching and taking notes for the celestials, rather than remaining among them … to be here, and teach us all. Her life which was once mostly mundane, and only mixed with midnight magick, was about to shift. She would take her steps forward now, so that we could once again appreciate and see the Spirit within all things.

This midnight would be her last in solitude. By dawn, the skies would be speaking to and through her beyond her bedroom walls. For her tribe was also awakening, and her messages of midnight were ready to be heard.

A story by 𓌂 Danielle, #DAMCL ™, @DsEnlightenedEdits ™®☆𓋹 , of www.DAMCLDesigns.com, © 2023, All Rights Reserved.

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