The Magical Mermaid

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The Mermaid Life

The Magical Mermaid

In the deep recesses of the ocean, a world of fantastical creatures awaits. Down where the sea is still, beneath the roiling waves, Marina was known by all. She swam about, her vibrant tail a coral-green a flash of colour as she passed, her fair skin glistening, golden hair gleaming, as she helped her father rule across the ocean.

The mermaid was known best for three things; Marina was a princess. Marina was selfless. And Marina was nothing like her sister Isabella, or her brother, Joe. The two were cruel and condescending to everyone in their path. Worst of all, they were jealous of the heir to the throne: Marina.

Marina hated to think what the two would do if they ever discovered her secret, the abilities bestowed upon her by the heavens at birth. Her entire life revolved around hiding the magical powers from not only her threatening siblings, but also those she loved. It was an exhausting task, a secret that she never asked to have. She dreamed of escaping her siblings, of becoming human and walking the land where they could never threaten her again.

Though an unlikely fantasy, the mermaid couldn’t stop fantasising about exploring the dry land above that was completely out of her reach. She supposed, if the possibility ever presented itself, it would be a very hard decision for her to make. Marina had many friends, earned through helping those in need, through her kindness and giving, and it would hurt to lose all of them—but most of all she would miss Melissa. The two had only met a few years ago, when Melissa had been lost, afraid, and hungry. Marina immediately took her under her fin and the two had been nearly inseparable ever since. The fish was the only one Marina had shared her secret with—the two kept nothing from each other. Marina and Melissa knew that they would be friends forever. Melissa was the only one who was well aware of Marina's magical powers, but she never tried to discover her secret.

On a day when the sun was bright enough to cut through the water, Marina was feeding some hungry fish, the fish nipped gently at surface of the water where the bits of the fish food fell. When she was done with them, she saw Melissa and asked her to play. They played for hours.

Marina saw a dragon coming towards her. She got so frightened, her watery eyes enlarged and the hairs on the nape of her neck bristled. She breathed in and out. The scales of the dragon were cold as ice, and he had huge claws.

Marina said the magical words and disappeared, she took Melissa with her too to her secret hiding place, because she did not want Melissa to be his prisoner. The dragon felt very disappointed. He thought that the mermaid had escaped somewhere, so he began to look for her. He hoped that he could capture her in his cage where he placed the fish which he caught. The only aim of the dragon was to capture beautiful and different species of fish and put them into his cage. Because he had a pressing urge to have the collection of different types of fish.

Soon, he found her in her secret hiding place.

“Who's there?” Marina asked.

“I'm Monty, the dragon,” The dragon replied.

“What are you doing here?” Marina yelled.

“I am going to capture you and make you my prisoner,” Monty said.

“No!” Marina yelled.

Monty grabbed Marina and took her far away as she yelled for help.

Aman Ashraf
Aman Ashraf
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