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The Magic Paintings

by Ocusan Mi 5 days ago in astronomy
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illustrations through time

650 light years away in the bird galaxy within the constellation Sagittarius there lived another human society. There inside a tiny time travel library a certain teacher was preparing for a lecture when approached by a fellow student. He was showing him a picture of a star configuration of what resembled his dog. He studied the photo with his elderly hands and came to a conclusion. “The dog wasn’t killed by a wild animal like you thought, after displaying its image within the stars it is clear that whatever killed your pet must have blasted it from Outer space. They sat at the Dimly lit table across from each other, with his beard illuminating swirls of nebulosity Like colors. The bearded teacher reminded him of the first science fiction book he read, the illustrated man. He just had to ask The instructor about the photo his camera mounted on his telescope captured. “You’re not from around here are you? “Gunner asked. “Well I am a time traveler, “he said with his hand resting on a stack of books. His shabby clothes had paint stains on them while his narrow hand with pointed long nails turned the page of an open book. “How do you time travel? “It’s not how you think, I don’t have a craft or even a space suit.“I can show you but in private if you like, follow me. ““It must have been cosmic forces that brought us together. ““Yes, the bearded teacher said with haunting eyes. “Let me show you the secret passageway, I wouldn’t show anyone else but I feel bad about your pet and you need a place to escape to so it seems.“ yes, something out there doesn’t like me it’s obvious. “The Old teacher got up with his load of books with Gunner following outside into the rain obscured path. Turning corners winding through the cobblestone streets they ran until they were standing by a brick wall. The teacher then took out a piece of chalk from his suit pocket and drew mysterious symbol on the wall. The symbols didn’t look like ancient ruins, rather they resembled Chinese calligraphy and illuminated in bright colors as he drew. He then uttered a strange language while pressing his palm upon the wall. The wall began to morph and change slowly revealing a portal into another realm. “Woooo! That’s really cool, Gunner exclaimed. The old teacher Who resembled more of a sorcerer walked through the port hall leading the way while gunner followed. It felt like walking through a dense fog that when cleared became reality. The surroundings looked different then the home where they were from. Everything seemed even older and back in time. “Where are we?““We’re back in the days where I was born as I am the son of Nostradamus.“ The surroundings were of giant cathedrals that were dark in the night sky with gargoyles looming down under the moon light sky.“Oh so that’s who you are, the young boy said. “Yes that’s who I am, I will show you the house that I grew up in along with my father Who can tell you more about the picture that you have. And so The two characters ran through the streets of the distant past until they came upon a small dwelling on the outskirts of the city that was somewhere existing back in time. Inside the house the father greeted them with laughter and surprise that all seemed like being inside a vast painting created by an old master Of allusion. The stones on the outside of the cottage did seem as if they were constructed out of oil paint like everything else surrounding. The trees above the cottage were not just green but different shades of green with a little brush strokes that look like someone much larger designed the scenery. Inside of the hut There was a curtain of stars, telescopes and many books. The interior also reminded gunner of a hidden picture game he played with his friend Inspector Dupin, that he missed very much. Gunner could See that his father Loved him very much, as he learned that the teachers name was Cygnus. He was showing the great master the Photo of the dog in the sky ,asking for his opinion. “Ahhhh it looks to me like it’s the constellation Sirius, which is Indeed the dog star. “ I see, I have traveled there many times after finding small coins with little dogs on them and symbols that I drew on the wall leading me too The dog plant. “My son is very good at symbols that he has learned to draw from many years in school where he first started drawing strange buildings that I didn’t even know where they were located, but he seemed to. It was as if he knew how to draw and lead the way into the future.““And this is how the great nostra Damas became a predictor of the future, with the help of his son? “Gunnar asked. The robed Man lowered his head a little ashamed and admitted that he had a little help. “But you must travel there, this picture is a sign, where your pet is asking for help.“ “I can show you the Way, I have been there many times I know the way to well.“ Cygnus said. And so they were off into the night back to the brick wall. This time he drew symbols of a different pattern resembling the constellation Canis major. The wall then morphed a bigger morph then before, with the two of them jumping through the smoky fog of a different planet. This environment was more primitive with a sandy beach and desert baron underneath a cathedral of stars. It felt nice to be out of the dark ages and upon a hemisphere that existed before certain inventions were discovered. They walked until they were upon a beach of a ocean that was an illuminated by two moons. They could see driftwood structures in the distance that the old teacher said belonged to the dogon people. They both were running towards the beach houses and until they reached the hut of the chief. The teacher rapped on the door, having it open where stood A tall dark man. His smile was big and he said, “oh it is you the traveler from the dark ages, have you come to Paint more magic symbols among the stars“ The tall chief asked. “I’m afraid the stars have already painted a symbolic painting themselves.“They old teacher showed him the photo. The chief studied the photo for a long time until he recognized something.“Oh that, yes it is a little dog that I have seen wandering around the beach at night. I don’t know where he came from, as some villagers say he is a ghost starDog that disappears where you cannot catch him. They say he was made from a laser beam that came out of a flying ship of the sky. Poor thing. “He looked down upon the mud floor where his body was painted with white tribal paint. Inside his hut he had masks of various sizes and painted with zigzag designs and large jug containers that kept his magic Sand that he used for certain ceremonies. Cygnus explained that he too was a sorcerer as he pointed to a feathered headdress up on the wall. It was all so impressive like a dream within a dream world, as the young boy ran outside into the morning sky. The teacher ran after him encouraging him to call out the pets name. And so the boy did, “Princess, princess, come home. “He called over and over until he Heard the faint barking of a dog. Out of the clouds that seemed to be holding the puppy emerged his lost Puppy, princess. He was so happy to see what he had lost appear that tears of joy washed his face as he gathered up into his arms his puppy Upon the ocean shore of Dogon sand. The teacher of the ancients approached The student and said, “No one should ever hurt a animal of this nature again. “ “Thank you for finding my dog, this has been a great adventure I shall never forget. “ The chief was in the distance looking up at the sun in the sky saying a prayer to the gods, and this is how the dogon People and the dog star are connected to us. The sun became brighter and brighter illuminating the sky with his fire holding the world they had discover together like a sheep dog that holds the sheep within the cradle of civilization.



About the author

Ocusan Mi

I write surrealist settings & a bit of supernatural, influenced by mostly my cat. A cat isnt just a animal to hoard & make fun of, cats are psychic creatures. Deep in thought, i imagine a plot while my cats mind can link with mine.

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