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The Little Black Book

by Jelly B Birthmark Beauté 8 months ago in fantasy

Surviving in a post-apocalyptic society

The Little Black Book

Jélisa Cole

El Roi – God Sees Me Literature

For those who live in a cloak of who they really are, hiding behind the false identity given by the ‘reality’ we are forced to abide in.

- Jelly B

Living in a post-apocalyptic London after a deadly virus had turned most people into zombies, living zombies, that ate, slept, and did all that most zombies do but just wearing masks while doing it. Would I ever have a conversation with a stranger at the corner shop again or would I be stuck in a world where, not only can I not hear but now I can no longer lip read.

It’s funny, most people walk around living a life filled with the demands of a tasking society that force them to meet social requirements or be excluded. Well, me I’ve always been excluded, and just when I thought I had managed to get somewhere; finally seen as normal, the world changes again and I’m back to being the only one who can see while all the other zombies plod along ignoring each other.

I made a new friend recently; I like her because she has a purple aura. I also noticed she has a picture behind her of a lady. It’s on one of the cards, you know the ones you can make online with personalised pictures. Well, her one says you will never be forgotten. Now, she hasn’t told me or any of her 1.2million subscribers this, but I’m sure the lady in the picture is her mother. They smile the same. A side smile that causes dimples in the chin; I can’t tell if it is a real smile or something to cover up pain.

I pay attention to details; I also noticed she has a little black book on her table, I can’t see what the front says but it has lots and lots of small words. Each time she goes live I zoom into the page numbers and try to read what she has been reading. I’ve been a loyal subscriber for 60 days now and she is nearly halfway through the book; page 7. Yesterday she was on page 6 so I take comfort in the fact that she posts daily but reads at the pace of a snail.

I’m trying to understand it but none of it actually makes sense. It’s some sort of map or directions maybe. Not exactly sure. This is what I’ve got so far.

"In the past they said it would not work,

But that’s because it’s was not for those who lurk,

Trying to get around the riddles and tricks

You need a brain that moves pretty quick

(Something something) red with black spots

But a ladybird it is not,

When the clock chimes 5, take a dive

And be disappointed you’ll not

be quick before

(Something something)

He’ll put it to stop "

It’s some sort of crazy mystery fantasy story. I’m not quite sure. But all I know is AliceWorldWonder15 seems to have everything together even in a post-apocalyptic world. I need to know how she does it! And for some reason I know it’s something to do with that little black book. If only I could tilt her camera just a little bit so I could see exactly what it says. She doesn’t talk about it either, it just sits there, open on the page she is reading with the sharpie placed on top, saving her page; what an amateur!

She thinks I like and subscribed to listen to her bleed on about her amazing life, her amazing boyfriend and how amazing it is to be a typical socialite in this post-apocalyptic society. Hair, nails, make-up, sit ups, squats, slimming tea, squats, pout and the same again the next day. Don’t get me wrong she is lovely; she speaks pretty fast so I can’t make out everything she says but the bits that I can read on her motor mouth seem pretty encouraging in the most patronisingly nice way ever. Yet she is mysterious enough to draw you in until you’re an addict and no longer able to talk to Frank about anything other than hair, nails, make-up, sit ups, squats, slimming tea, squats, pout and the same again the next day.

It’s easy to get lost in her mystical world, but really, I’m here to find out what is in that book. I need to know. My life is pretty much a big jigsaw puzzle; trying to guess ahead of time what a person's facial expressions are telling me or what the hand gestures mean when AliceWorldWonder15 talks about her boyfriend. Are you arguing at the moment? Did you just put your clothes in the washing machine? Or are you describing a time you did roly-polies down a hill? A total puzzle!

We are currently 22mins into her daily live stream. Topic today: 7 Health Hacks You Need To Try. I noticed that she hasn’t changed the page today. What does that mean? Has she been busy? Maybe she hasn't been able to solve the riddle? She has definitely been reading as the sharpie is facing the opposite way. I wonder why she hasn't changed the page. Her countenance is slightly down too; her hazel eyes aren’t beaming today. Her aura is a weaker lilac instead of her usual rich violet. What could that mean?

I know it has something to do with that little black book. What's more I noticed her eyes flickering a little more today, and she has scratched the edge of her eyebrow 7 times already and we are only 28mins. This is totally unlike her; she usually does her 7th scratch around the 60-minute marker I've got to find out what is in that book, it is making her so nervous that I am now scratching my eyebrow on her behalf.

AliceWorldWonder15 bought a new liquidiser today and a food haul at the whole food store. How does she do it? We are living in an apocalypse, there is no way she is earning this money. She got a new treadmill yesterday and jacuzzi bath fitted the day before. It's the book! It's a map to something, to money, a treasure map. That's why she is nervous today and hasn't changed the page. She hasn't solved the riddle. She hasn't collected the next bounty that in book. I'm going to solve it before her and claim the cash for myself.

Ok, just had an idea, and I need to be quick. It's 3:33pm now and I've got to be there by 5pm. But where is there? I need to figure out what that 'something something' is. Take a dive? Are we swimming, because I can't swim; well I can but I hate it, unless I'm on holiday and able to do a Baywatch walk down the shore. Ok let’s keep focused. AliceWorldWonder15 is 38mins in, she'll be gone in the next 30mins and I will have lost my chance for today. Think Nancy think!

Got it, I'll get her to move the book without her knowing I'm interested in its content. Here we go:

NancyNotSoAverage22 - "Alice, I admire you so much. Your hair is so beautiful and long – I wish mine was like yours. OMG - can you tell me where you buy your pens, is that a sharpie? Where do you get them?"

Just what she needs a little admiration should do it, come on Alice notice my comment and respond. Pick up the pen and move that little black book so I can SCREENSHOT – Like a mouse to cheese; she did it! I've got it! Let’s fill in the blanks and correct my mistakes.

"In the past they said it would not work,

But that’s because it’s was not for those who lurk,

Trying to get a-round the riddles and tricks

You need a brain that moves pretty quick

Like a tree passing through the red with black spots,

But don't be mistaken a ladybird it is not,

When the clock chimes 5, take a dive

And be disappointed you’ll be not

Be quick before the sun in the west comes down, that is where it is

And the man with the clanging keys opens the lock

The party will be over, he’ll put it to stop"

‘A-round’ that means round they wouldn’t separate the word if they did want us to think of the shape, or would they? Maybe it’s a trick? Maybe that’s what they want us to think? No, no Nancy that’s the trick they want you to overthink. Round, red with black areas. That’s definite I’m sure. But how do I dive into that? There’s no water. And if the water is red with black areas, I’m definitely not getting in.

4:02pm on the clock – Alice is talking about her plans for tomorrow, she’ll be gone in the next 10 minutes. She’ll answer a few more questions and then she’ll be gone. Ask her a question Nancy – get her talking again and get and extra 5 minutes.

NancyNotSoAverage22 – "Alice I can’t believe that you answered my question, it has truly made my day" (get in there with the compliments first – socialites love this) "It would make my year if you could give me some advice on being confident and getting more subscribers." Come one Alice answer me, talk to me, notice me, give me some more time. ‘Oh Nancy you’re so sweet’ here she goes, were in!

4:07pm on the clock – After 5pm the man comes with the keys. A post box! It’s a post box! They are red, well they weren’t always but they are now. And trees; paper dives through the hole! I did it! It’s a post box! But what post box? There are 1000’s of post boxes in London. AliceWorldWonder15 in from South London, she must live near me.

4:13pm on the clock – AliceWorldWonder15 is onto another question now. It got us another 3mins not ages but enough. She said she is going to post a letter later on today. I knew it! That money is mine! Maybe her mother left it for her. Maybe it would bad luck. She has enough, she never does giveaways either she just sits there talking about how amazing her life is. If I had the money, I would do good with it. Or would I just go shopping? Not clothes shopping or anything like that but shopping in Waitrose. I’ve always wanted to do my shopping in Waitrose. I’d get some for my neighbour too; she’s lonely. She sits, staring out of the window most days now since her grandkids aren’t allowed to come over anymore.

Focus Nancy, what post box is it?

The sun in the west comes down, that is where it is. It’s on a hill somewhere where you can see the sun go down on the west. ‘comes down’ why not sun sets? It sounds better and makes more sense, right? Westdown? Westdown Road post box – that’s where it is!

4:33pm on the clock – ‘Don’t forget to like and subscribe and I’ll see you guys tomorrow’ Uber booked 5 mins away and 15 to get there.

Oh no – I’m not a real zombie without my mask, back upstairs I forgot my cloak to ensure I don’t stand out like a human in the midst of zombies.

4:50pm on the clock – traffic so much traffic, I can see the post box at the top of the road. "I’ll walk from here driver" - actually I’ll run! A suspicious man gets into his car parked on double yellow lines opposite the post box and drives off as if he had just committed a murder.

Finally, sweating bricks, I’m here - diving in hand-first but can hardly fit! Nothing, just nothingness; wait – upwards Nancy. Something. An envelope. OMG, it’s money. I count 20 bands maybe. More money than I have ever seen! AliceWorldWonder15 you are a wonder! My hawks eyes spot her making the hike up the hill to collect her bounty. Little does she know NancyNoSoAverage22 collected today, I liked and subscribed, and I’ll be back tomorrow!


Jelly B Birthmark Beauté

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