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The Little Black Book

Seven Years

By Beautiful IntelligencePublished 3 years ago 29 min read
The Little Black Book
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“Danny come on!” “Wait. Where are we going?” “We’re going inside the cave.” “No I don’t want to.” “Oh stop acting foolish will you.” “Foolish? It’s scary down there.” “Oh, don’t tell me you believe in all that hocus pocus.” “No, but you never know whose down there.” “Hahahahahah. Danny believes in hoooocus poooocusss! Hooooooccccussss poooocuuuussss! Danny believes in hoooocuuuussss pooocussss!” “Will you stop it! I’ll go with you!” “Hahhahha. Well, come on then. We have to get back before dinner or else my mom will cook me for tomorrow’s supper.” “Oh stttooop it Jena. Ughh.” “Since you’re a big baby, hold on to my hand. The rocks can sometimes be slippery.” “How many times have you’ve done this Jena?” “A lot, now focus.” “You’ve been in the cave too?” “Welllllllll, not exactly.” “Jena have you been in the cave or not?” “NO! No Danny I haven’t.” “Why not Jena.” “Ummm… Umm because I needed some light. And you always carry a flashlight.” “No I don’t Jenna. You told me to bring one with me tonight. You’re lying. Why are you lying Jena?” No I’m not.” “Yes you are.” “NO I’m not.” “Jena….Yes You ARE!” “Okay, okay, okay. I’m lying. I just didn’t want to go by myself.” “Hahahahhahahaha. Now look who’s the one really believing in hocus pocus.” (Sucking teeth). “Danny let’s hurry and get this over with.” “Why do you want to go in there?” “Because Danny. I’m tired of everyone in school teasing about the cave.

“The cave is scary. The cave is dark. Hold on tight to one another or you’ll slip on rock. Mom’s and dad’s will surely come to look for you, just don’t blink twice in a row or you’ll end up cockle doddie do.”

“Hahahahhah. What are you laughing at? You know it by heart and sing it so well.” “Oh stop acting like you haven’t heard it too.” “Yes, I have. I just choose to make sensible choices when it comes to things like this.” “Are you calling me dumb?” “No Jena. I think you are a daredevil.” “Really?” “Yes. Really.” “Okay. For a second there I almost backed out.” Why? Because you thought I called you dumb?” “No. More so because I was feeling scared.” “You…scared.” “Yes….me scared.” “So what do you want to do?” “We’re here now. Let’s go in Danny.” “Are you sure?” “Yes. I’m sure. Now let me have that flashlight.” “Wait.” “What?” “Before we go in, we should make some rules.” “Okay. What do you have in mind.” “Well first off, if we see someone or something scary………We Run!” “Okay, and what else.” “Second, if the flashlight dies…….weeee trace our steps backwards and…..WE RUN!” “Ooookayyy. Next.” “Third, if we see something or someone….. We Run!” “You said the same thing twice Danny.” “No I didn’t Jena.” “Yes, you did. But whatever. I got it. We run.” “How far are we going?” “Deeeepppp… deep into the cavvvvve.” “Oh, cut it out Jena. Don’t do that with your voice. You sound creepy.” “Hhahhahahahha. Stop calling me a creep, and not that far. We’ll only be a few minutes. We have to get back soon.” “Okay.” “You ready?” “I’m ready Jena.” “Hand over the flashlight.”

Chapter 2

“It’s just so dark in here.” “Yeah…. And the smell. Pewwwww.” “Do you want to keep going.” “Yes Danny. Here. Hold this. Shine it over there.” “Why? What are you going to do?” “I’m just going to take a look at the walls.” “Oh. Okay. Wooooow. What is that Jena?” “It’s some kind of ancient drawings.” “Drawings? Oh no. Hoccccuuusss Poccussss.” “Stop your mumbling Danny. Move the light across the wall so I can see how far it goes.” “Okay, okay.” “Wooooww. These drawings are so detailed. I wish I had a camera to take a photo.” “Well, you don’t. I think it’s about time we head back.” “NO. Not yet. Let’s stay a few more minutes.” “How long is a few more minutes? It feels like we’ve been in here forever.” “Stop your whining Danny. Ugh! You’re such a crybaby.” “No, I’m not.” “Whatever.” “Shush. Jena did you hear that?” “What?” “That noise.” “Haaaaahahha. If you’re trying to scare me, you won’t. Stop your babbling I’m focusing.” (Sucks teeth). “Jena, just remember our plan.” “Shush. Look. There are seven tea pots intentionally drawn inside three large circles as if it were a significance behind it. I wonder what this all means.” “It means nothing. Now can we go now?” “No. Do you see that?” “See what?” “The middle tea pot has a square drawn around it..” “Okayyyyy. So what.” “So…..? I think if I push on it, it will open.” “No. no.” “No what Danny?” “No as in I don’t think you should touch anything.” “Why not?” “These drawings seem to be thousands of years old.” “So.” “So what if you touch something and destroy it?” “I won’t. Now keep the light steady. Woooowwww.” Jena pushes the square. The six-by-six-inch square on the wall of the cave quickly pushes in and opens to a hole in the wall. “Wooooooohh!” To Jena and Danny’s amazement on the inside of the hole is a four-by-four small little black book. The book is decorated with seven ingrained tiny drawings of elephants, three on the top, three on the bottom, and one in the middle. The elephants appear to be nicely draped with gold jewelry across their foreheads and carefully wrapped around the ears. Parts of the jewelry dangle on the sides of the trunks. Jena reaches in to grab the book. “No! Don’t touch that!” “Would you stop already! Nothing is going to happen.” Jena goes for the book a second time and manages to grab it out of the perfect square when the wall closes behind her. Although taken off guard by the quick nature of the wall as if it has a mind of its own, Jena still can’t help but flip through the book. Carefully descriptive and colorful drawings of teapots were drawn on the inside of the books. There were seven small pages and on each page a drawing of a teapot with one word beneath it. Instead of flickering through the pages, Jena decided to read each page one by one when suddenly the cave walls started to close in on them.

Chapter 3

“AHHHHHHH! They screamed. “The cave is closing in on us!! Come On! We Have To Go Noowwwww! Ruuuunnnnnnnn Jennnnnnaaaa!! The two take off with the walls closing in on them. The flashlight now bouncing through the cave in hand of Danny’s frightened shakingly stature and right above the quick paced thuds of his footsteps. Alongside one another, as well as shaken to the core, both Jena and Danny manage to escape the seemingly monstrous and sentient cave. Collapsed on the ground, breathing heavily and gasping for air, Danny manages to muster out a couple of words, “Jena are you okay?” With Jena in the same condition as Danny, she also manages to answer, “Yes. Are you okay?” “Yeah. Let’s go home.” “Right.” As they both stood up, Jena and Danny were now facing what used to be the opening of the cave. “Danny do you see that?” “Yes, I do.” “How did that happen?” “I have no idea but at least no one else will fall for that trap again. I’m glad we’re alive. We could have been crushed.” “Yea I’m glad we’re alive too.” “Hey, what happened to the notebook?” “I seemed to have dropped it,” Jena lied. “I’m glad you did. Whatever we touched upset that beast. I’m afraid if you hadn’t dropped it, whatever that caused the walls to close in on us could come after us. Are you sure you dropped it?” “Do you see it in my hands?” “No.” “Then I must have dropped it.” “Okay. Good. Come on let’s get home before your mom cooks you and I both for supper.” “Haaaaa”, “Hahahahhaha.” The two of them giggle and laugh about their frightening experience the whole ten-minute walk home. Danny only lived a few houses down from Jena and so they both wave goodbye. Jena walks up the steps, but just before pushing her porch fenced gate open, Danny runs back across street. “Jena!” “Oh Danny, what is it? I’ll see you tomorrow.” “Wait a second. Let’s make a vow to never tell anyone we went in the cave.” “Why?” “I don’t know. This could turn around on us. I don’t want to be known as some kind of freak. Plus, who will believe us? The cave’s entrance is closed now.” “Okay, okay Mr. Daniel,” Jena says in a flattering but sarcastic tone. “I will never tell a soul.” “Good. Let’s shake on it.” “Never tell a soul,” the teenagers promise. “Goodnight Danny.” “Goodnight Jena.”

Chapter 4

Jena enters her home unable to miss the straight ahead view of her little brother and parents sitting at the dining room table. Jena is greeted by everyone. “Hi mom. Hi dad. Little brother.” “Jena, go wash your face and hands then come join us.” “Okay, mom.” “Heading upstairs Jena quickly pulls the little black book tucked underneath her shirt, but in between her jeans and undergarment, out of its secure and inconspicuous hiding place. “It was smart of me to hide you from Danny,” Jena whispers. “He would have freaked out. My goodness, he would freak out now if I knew I had you. You are mine. I shall return to you after supper.” Jena gently places the little black book under her pillow. Afterwards, Jena obediently follows her mother’s directives then heads downstairs for the typical family function.

Jena carefully removed the foil from over top of the plate revealing her steak, mashed potatoes and string beans. Beside her food is the best sweet tea a mother’s love could ever make. Yum, she thought. Starved and parched, Jena aggressively grabs ahold of her beverage in one hand, fork in the other, then strategically trades off drink and food as if they are in competition with one another. “Jena,” dad speaks. “Hungry, are you?” “Yes, dad I am.” “Hahahahahah. Were you out with Daniel?” “Yes.” “What did you two get into?” “Oh, some things. We went by the cave. I scared him a little. That’s all.” “Jena, I told you about going near that cave.” “Did you go down the rocks?” “No dad. No one ever goes to the rocks, Jena lied.” “Well okay.” “Finish up your supper. Dillon and I will be in the living room finishing up on his homework. I hope yours is all done.” “It is dad.” “Good. Come on Dillon. Clear your plate. Jena will do dishes.” “But dadddd.” Mr. Jim gives Jena a serious and stern look. The look alone is telling, and without words Jena knowingly lost her plea begging to differ. Dillon aware of the tension, also guilty of escaping his way out doing the dishes because of his undone homework, complies, “Okay dad.” But before leaving the table, he asks, “Hey Jena. Can you read me a bedtime story tonight?” Unbothered by her little seven-year-old brother’s request, but annoyed about dishes, Jena managed to break her animosity and relent to adorable and lighthearted Dillion’s request. “Of course, Dillion.” “Yay,” scurried Dillon excitedly into the living room behind their father. “I’m proud of you Jena.” “For what mom?” “For just being you.” “What does that mean?” “Well Jena, you are a well-rounded fourteen-year-old, always does what is asked, and you are an awesome big sister. What more could we ask for?” “Thanks mom. I guess I was just raised right.” “Hahahahhahah, chuckles the mother.”

Chapter 5

Jena completed the dishes and even read Dillon his bedtime story. The time is now 9:30pm and Jena heads in her room to take out the little black book. Excited and nearly exploding over the anticipation built up, Jena can barely hold her fingers still. With the little black book now in hand, Jena carefully turns past the elephant patterned cover to the first page. Jena noticed there was no title or title page and that the teapots were fictionally drawn elephants. Jena now noticed carefully written under the colorful sketched gold and crimson elephant-made teapot Egyptian hieroglyphics and underneath that, the word Awareness. Jena turned to next page which had the same fictitious elephant teapot, the Egyptian hieroglyphics and the word that read Humbleness. As Jena flicked through each page, the same elephant teapot appeared, with a hieroglyphic and each word as follows….. Forgiveness….. Heal…… Spirituality…..Purpose……and lastly, Patience.

After reading the last page Jena was puzzled and did not understand the significance behind the little black book. Wow, she thought. No hocus pocus spells. No magical powers. But assumed whoever found this book before her had translated the Egyptian hieroglyphics into English. Jena now frustrated and sleepy closes the book, but before placing it down looks at the back cover. Written in small English writing was the familiar chilling but explanatory rhyme:

“The cave is scary. The cave is dark. Hold on tight to one another or you’ll slip on rocks. Moms and dads will surely come to look for you, just don’t blink twice in a row or you’ll end up cockle doddie do.

If you’re alive after the cave door shuts, you are lucky and may have more good luck. For seven years you will have a moment of truth with these seven words sometimes proof. If you live a good way you will receive your pay.”

“The end of the riddle”, she gasped. Extremely tired and exhausted Jena falls into a deep sleep.

Chapter 6

“What! You must move away. Why Danny?” “I don’t know. My father just told us last night. He explained that his job is moving to England.” “All the way over there. How will I see you? “I don’t know.” “This so unfair. Did you ask him if you could stay?” “No. The old man was so excited and jumping for joy. I think he got promoted.” “When do you move?” “January 29th.” “Wowww. That’s next month and the day before my fifteenth birthday.” “Yes, I know. And don’t you mean our birthday?” “Yeahhh.” “We’ll celebrate Jena. We’ll celebrate every day of January together that by the time I leave we won’t even miss one another for a while. I’ll see if my dad will let me call you and….um. We’ll keep in touch by writing.” “Will we never see each other again Danny?” “We will. He can’t keep me hostage forever.” “Ha, Jena chuckles.” “Don’t cry Jena, we’re best friends forever.” “Yes, Danny and don’t you forget it.”

Chapter 7

The last few months are devastating without Danny. I try to make new friends but none of them can take the place of Danny. We write one another constantly. He seems to have met other friends, and he loves the City of London. Mom and dad say I can visit Danny next year. This is when mom and dad say they will feel a little more comfortable with me traveling by myself. I assure them Danny’s parents will be there to pick me up from the airport. Although it makes them feel a little more relieved the answer is still next year.

Today’s date is March 17, 1971. I feel the cool air on the breezy island brazen against my hair, face and legs. I have on a light fleece insolated jacket and nice tall rainboots, but my legs and face are still cold. As I am coming around the side street corner to visit my favorite candy store, I suddenly notice a silverish blue Chrysler New Yorker pulling inside the parking lot of Martha’s Vineyard one and only bank. It is the same kind of car Danny’s father drove here on the island. I don’t check the license plate. Feeling like the car is playing on my insecurities I head into the candy store. I’m at the counter paying for my bag of goodies when I see two men quickly headed out of the bank. One of the men to my surprise looks just like Danny’s father. With my candy bag in hand, I receive my change from the clerk and dash out of the store. To my surprise the two men are already in the car headed towards the town of Oak Bluffs. I call out to Mr. Banks, but the car never stops. It keeps going. My legs are too dawdling to catch up to the, what seemed like, 50 miles per hour tires. Wow. Mr. Banks is driving way too fast. He’s never driven that fast before. No one should drive more than 25 miles per hour on the island. There are just no roads made for that kind of speed. On the way home, I could not help but think why Mr. Banks was on the island, or why Danny didn’t tell me his father was visiting? I am no closer to resolving the questions when I arrive home. I quickly glance over at Danny’s old home. The for-sale sign has not moved off the front loan, and the home still has a vacated look. Where oh where can Mr. Banks be staying? The last boat off the island is at 8:30 pm. Maybe that’s why he was rushing. I doubt if Danny is here, but he could have told me his father was coming. We could have traded our letters.

I decide to go inside my home around 9pm. Mom and dad are in the living room watching the tv when the newscaster reports a silverish blue Chrysler New Yorker has been found in the ocean. Apparently, drivers seen the car head off the cliff at alarming undetermined speed. Witnesses on the island report it was Mr. Banks car. The news reporter referencing him as (Prominent CEO owner of JDF construction business) …..To my horror, Mr. Banks was found in the car alone. He’s…..”DEAD?!!!!! Nooooo..!”

Chapter 8

I tried getting in touch with Danny. No one had heard from the family in weeks. It is said all members of Mr. Banks’ family is presumed dead. My ripe life of fifteen years old has now been barricading by a ton of bricks suffocating my helpless aimless emotions. I don’t know how to cope with the current news of losing my best friend. It is too much for my precious mind to bare. I am aware of the funeral proceedings. Mom and dad, along with the rest of the island help with the costs of Mr. Banks funeral. There is not that much information on what happened, and the medical examiner can only put undetermined death on the death certificate. Although the family is reportedly missing, the state of Massachusetts cannot investigate overseas matters. Everything just seems so ethereal and I find myself in a numb state, shielding myself from the pain in this world. I never thought something so tragic could happen to someone so young, but now I know. I don’t know what makes me think of the little black book, but I jump out of my sullen state and go inside my closet where my suitcase sized treasure box sits. I pull it out and open it up to pull out my little black book. I immediately turn to the back page reading the now what I consider ridiculous nursery rhyme. Then I carefully open the front to read the word again. “Awareness,” I whisper. I quietly think to myself, Danny would not want me to be upset. There’s nothing I can do in the situation, but Iet go. I make a vow to always write to Danny, no matter what. I also make the vow to myself to stand strong, holding on to the memories once shared by my friend of 12 years. We were toddlers when our family first met.

Chapter 9

The year goes by. Still no response from my friend, but I manage to get on without the comfort of his letters. I have a new friend named Ema. She’s been supportive in the whole ordeal and we find ourselves hanging out a lot at the movies or riding bikes. I’m 16 now with a little bit more freedom. I plan to go to College in England. In some way I feel I will meet back up with Danny there. Who knows?

March 17, 1972 creeps up on me out of nowhere. My family and I ride up to the cemetery to pay respects to Mr. Banks and Danny’s entire family when we get to the gravesite and notice a sign reporting the graveyard is under construction and no one can visit at this time. I feel a burning sensation inside of my heart and my throat begins to stiffen. I made a promise that I would visit his Danny’s dad’s gravesite every year on the day his lifeless body was pulled from the Atlantic. I could feel the anguish rising inside and thought better of it. It was nothing we could do. The site will be opened back up to the public within a couple of days. I make a mental note to visit then. Just as we are pulling away, I remember the little black book. The word on page two comes to mind. ”Humbleness,” I say aloud. “What was that honey?” “Oh, nothing mom. Just thinking about something.” A thought arises; If this is in any way related to that book, I’m doing great.

Chapter 10

After two years of waiting for Danny to respond to my letters, a deep singe of resentment and hate arrives at my front door. I didn’t even see it show up, but I’m glad it’s here. Finally, some real release of my feelings, and no wallowing in my emotions. How dare he leave me? After all it was I who told him not to go. No more will I burn on the inside. I take a deep breathe and let go. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHH! (sniffle, sniffle)… AHHHHHHHHH!” “Jena! Jena what’s wrong?!!! Mommy is coming baby!” My mom enters my room and before I know, she has wrapped me up in her warm embrace. Without words, she knows my pain, my sorrow, and my hurt. Minutes later my mom is on the phone with our family doctor regarding information pertaining to a therapist. We are a small town. Everyone knows. This is the beginning of my road to “Forgiveness,” I mumble.

Chapter 11

I’m eighteen now. It’s been three years since the tragedy and since I’ve heard from Danny. As the years pass by, I still hold on to hope. Something in my gut tells me Danny and I will meet back up again. Therapy has helped too. I can’t forget that the first six months was rough. I am all better now. No more obsession’s with finding out what happened to the rest of the family, or dreams of me chasing after Mr. Banks car. I am “Healed.” Hearing my own words become a shock to me. I had forgotten the sound of my voice for a while. It was hard to think of me losing myself in a whirlwind of misery. I got through it though. My little black book stays in my treasure chest in the closet. Every March 17th I have a realization and pull it out. Today is the day.

Chapter 12

I did not get accepted to any of the Universities in London and decided to stay home picking up a job as a waitress. The tips are good, and I don’t have to worry about dealing with the everyday stresses of work life. Everyone on the island knows each other, and we treat one another kind. I leave at a good hour in time enough for my walk and my dip into the Atlantic Ocean. The cool temperature of the water against my skin feels good. It’s been especially warm this week. It’s only March, but the weather is a reportedly 80 degrees, not only today but the whole entire week. I’m excited to jump in. It’s been a well awaited winter. The cold was unbearable this year, so this early break in weather is appreciated. Looking up at the sky, still seeing the beauty of today although fading, the sun radiant. This must be heaven, I think. Here it is. I’m nineteen years old, not a care or stress in the world. I’m ever so grateful to connect with this source of greatness. As I put back on my clothes, I remember Ema handing me “Puff the Magic Dragon.” Relaxed, feet in the sand, eyes to the ocean, with puff in my hand I am feeling so blessed. So spiritual. I thought of my childhood friend comes to mind. I smile. Today is March 17, 1975. My little black book is never late, and always on time. Today’s word is “Spirituality,” I mutter to the air.

Chapter 13

The summer of 75’ was so beautiful and remarkable. As each year goes by, I continue to feel strong, more connected. I decided to take a trip to London after all. I saved up enough money to stay a year. I just know in my heart, Danny is alive. I don’t know how, but I know. I shared my plans of finding Danny with no one. Ema will come with me the first two weeks, then she heads back home. In the meantime, we will travel as much as possible to familiarize ourselves with the surroundings. My little black is packed in my travel things. I know this is my purpose. As Emma and I take off on the airplane, we hold each other hands. “Are you ready to experience a one-year adventure of a lifetime?”, she asks. I follow-up with “I’m ready to experience, if only one moment in time, walking in “PURPOSE.” “March 17, 1976 baby. London here we come!”

Chapter 14

London hasn’t been the easiest. Although I have met a bunch of friends, partied my life away, and toured around this amazing city, my time is almost up, and I still haven’t found Danny. I am set to return home in two weeks. March 17th is tomorrow. It just doesn’t make since. As I head back to my small apartment above a downtown shopping building clothing store when out of nowhere, I see a guy walking behind me towards the alley entrance. When I turn around to get a clearer view, the guy oddly tips his hat down, and takes smaller strides. He isn’t anyone I recognize and I’m almost to my door. I quickly pull out my key in one hand and slide it through the middle of my knuckles. I turn around again to get one last look at the guy, and don’t see him. “That’s strange.” I then place the key in the key whole, turn the lock and push it open the door. I take the key out, step into the hallway entrance but as I begin to push the door back to close it, the guy I saw only 30 seconds prior is now behind me.

Chapter 15

I open my mouth to scream, but then I notice a familiar face. Although more serious, longer and slimmer, his brown eyes, thin mouth and curly sandy brown hair give it away. His mustache much more filled out as well. He steps in with me. He shuts and locks the door. We hug like we’ve never hugged before. I want to cry out. I want to say something, do something, but his pointed finger was glued over top of his lips. I silently walked him upstairs to my apartment. I the door with a key as well and led him inside. It was here where I released my concerns.

“Danny it’s so good to see you. We have been looking all over for you. Where have you been?” “I escaped. My father told me there were some men looking for him. He said he burrowed some money from loan sharks to buy out the CEO of his company. That’s how he got the new job and was able to come here. The deal went left when my dad failed to pay back the loan officers. I was the only person he could hide before they so callously killed my mother and brother. I wasn’t home and so my dad took me a trusted friend’s home to stay. No one knew where I was.” “Why didn’t you write me?” “I couldn’t write you and risk them knowing I was alive.” “How did you find me?” “You found me?” “I heard you were looking for me and so I’ve been watching you for last past 6 months.” “That long.” “Yes. I had to know if it were safe.” “You haven’t changed a bit. You still look the same.” “Haahahahaha. So do you.” “I have to tell you something.” “Okay.” “Spill it.” “Um…I took the little black book.” “Okay. You took the little black book.” “Yes, the little black book. Don’t you remember?” “No.” “Remember when weeee….was in the cave and I took the book out.” “Ohhhh…Ohhhhhhh. You took that?” “Yesss.” “Awww man. That’s why all of this has happened.” “Why do you say that? The book has nothing to do with this. That’s separate.” “No it does. You manipulated the universe, and everyone around you. When I arrived in London I was surprised to find a lot of museums with artifacts and libraries with information on the oddest things from all across the world. I started to research the little black book, just from the small amount of knowledge I gathered that day. When I read up on it, the notes said to not remove it from it’s spot. When removed you now are bound to it for seven years. It also mentioned that something very horrible will take place in your life within the first couple of months to someone close to you. After the end of the seven years if you did not abide by all of its commandments, you will die.” “Wow.. Are you serious?” “Yes.” “I found the rest of the riddle,” it said

“If you’re alive after the cave door shuts, you are lucky and may have more good luck. For seven years you will have a moment of truth with these seven words sometimes proof. If you live a good way, you will receive your pay.”

“Yes…How did you know that Danny?” “Its in the files Jena. The Egyptian Hieroglyphics on the pages tells you about not touching it and being bound for seven years.” “So, what do I do? Am I going to die?” “I don’t know, but all I know is I can’t stay with you long. I’m supposed to be dead.” “If the loan sharks find out I’m alive, they’ll kill me.” “Why didn’t you father pay them their money back?” “He kept saying he did, but it wasn’t enough. They wanted more.” “I saw your father the day…. The day he was murdered.” “You did?” “Yes. He had this guy with him when he went in the bank.” “Did you get a good look at his face?” “No. I only saw the back of them.” “I just wish I could touch him again.” “I’m so sorry Danny. I never meant for any of this happen.” “Why did you lie to me?” “I don’t know. You know me.” “I have to go now.” “Wait! Come back with me to the states.” “I can’t Jena. This is my life now.” “No. You can go back.” “I can’t Jena.” “Hey Danny, just answer one more question.” “Okay.” What does it say happens at the end of the seven years?” “I don’t know. It only says if you don’t comply.” “Tomorrow makes seven years.” “No. December 17th made seven years.” “Oh. Okay.” “Where’s the book? It’s in my bag. If you wait just a couple of minutes more, I can show you.” “Okay” “Here it goes.” “I can’t touch it.” “Why not?” “If someone else touches it, you die.” “But you just said December made the end of the seven years.” “Right. I just want to be sure.” “Danny it’s okay.” “You know how I feel about these kinds of things.” “What? Are you still scared of the hocus pocus.” “Nooooo.. Hahahahha. I have real hocus pocus to be afraid of now.” “Aww Danny. I really am sorry.” “It’s okay.” “So this is the book huh? And you’ve kept it up so well. You should go put it back. It said to do that after years.” “Really.” “Yeah.” “I only kept it because it gave me hope of finding you. Do you think the cave is open?” “Yes. It’s supposed to open back up after the seven years.” “Well I’ll only put it back if you go with me.” “Jena, I told you I can’t. “The loan sharks will know I’m back and will kill me. I love my life.” “I love your life too. I love you.” “I love you to Jena.” “Remember we would play catch.” “Yes.” “Well…, CATCH! “Whoooaaa!” “Jena, what did you just do?” “You caught it Danny. You still got it.” “Yeah, but now I’ve touched the book. Why are you so hardheaded?” “What do you mean Danny?” “I mean, you shouldn’t play around with your life. All these years and have you not learned yet?” “Well, you always said I was a daredevil.” “A daredevil indeed. Pretty cool book though.” “Ka ka ka kaka kakkakakkakakkkakak.” “Hey, Jena what’s wrong?” “I don’t know ka kakaakakaka kkakakakakkakakak. “Jena are you okay?” “Ka kakakkakakkaaaakka.” “I’ll call an ambulance you’re turning blue.”

The ambulance zooms down the busy street, driving freely in the fast lane. The sounds of the alarms are deafening and the blinding red lights ricocheting off the tons of standing still cars. Jena has lost consciousness as the rescue team desperately tries to revive her lifeless body. The ambulance arrives to the hospital and pronounces Jena dead.

Danny already knows Jena is gone and takes the painstakingly trip back to the states. It is his duty now to return the book to the cave. The flight makes an effortless landing and Danny doesn’t waste time boarding the fairy to Martha’s Vineyard and hauling a cab. The town looks so different now. A wide range of sad and loving memories flood Danny’s mind of Jena and his family flood. He thinks of how much he missed the States as well as his hometown. The cab driver pulls in front of the cave, and Danny asks the driver to wait. “You’re not supposed to go down there,” the cab driver says. “I won’t go in, and I’ll only be three minutes.” “Okay. Suite yourself. I’ll wait here five.” “Great. I’ll only be two.” Danny heads out of the car and makes the well anticipated but dangerous climb to the bottom. With trepidation pounding at the bottom of his soles, he reaches the bottom safely and heads in the now open cave door. Trembling, and swept dropping off the palms of his hands, he uses his pocket key chain flashlight to see throughout the cave. Danny quickly notices the elephants on the walls and the square. “You’re right where we left you,” says smiling Danny. “Danny carefully pushes on the square, just as Jena had seven years ago. He carefully takes the book out of his briefcase and places it inside. As he turns to leave the cave, the square opens again. This time, a wad of money is sticking out with a note. Skeptical at first, Danny hesitates to touch the money. Then he remembers the rhyme:

“If you live a good way you will receive your pay.”

Danny places the money inside his briefcase and reads the note. 4.9 million dollars. 700 thousand for each year.

The End.


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