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The Little Alien (#5)

by Storyteller IRT 5 years ago in art / fantasy / science fiction / extraterrestrial
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A picture with a tale Ep 5 2017

The little alien came to earth by accident.First, she was lost but then came to learn how to blend in with human society as predators hunt her down. The people that lived around that area said that amazing and extraordinary things happened there for like, no reason, and thought that these things were done by spirits.They were a superstitious lot, the main reason why she settled around there—anything going wrong as she learned to settle was not read into much. People said, that sometimes they could see a thing glow in the woods at night. Others say they can hear music not of this world, drawing them into the depths of the woods, where no sane person would wonder. And the scent, a scent so sweet that could only be compared to million roses, but to the surprise of the tourists, who have heard the stories, no roses could be found growing there. At least, none there dared to walk further into the forest to find some for fear of disturbing the sound, until one man arrived, too curious to stay away and to drawn to the mystery to pass over it

(Note: This piece is part of an art collab on YouTube, based on a half and half style piece. This is only part one of the tales—a longer version inspired by the short tale (derived from a quick back and forth between the other artists and I) that you can read above. I shall be posting a part two, based on the artwork produced by the other artist. Enjoy this piece and be sure to check out both of our videos for a past and future piece of art, based on the character in this tale ^_^ )

Drawing her tattered scarf to her face, she ran from the blazing pod. The patterned fuel of her ship leaked through the air, from the cracks produced by the harsh landing. A result of improper instructions and hasty direction. And, least of not all, the blasts of the unfathomable beasts.

They are getting closer, she can feel it.

With them, they brought unease and anxiety. It spread through the air, alerting everyone of their presence.

If only we had paid attention to it before and turned the other way, the little one thought bitterly as she ran jaggedly.

But curiosity had overtaken them. A curiosity that leads to the destruction of her race...

How did the humans phrase it... she thought to herself as she headed for an enclave of trees. A forest.

Ah yes, curiosity killed the cat...

In this case, the cat is the Maduvean race. A race of many years wiped out in a moment of stupidity. A stupidity born of a lack of interaction.

Though it is every day the Maduvean's watched the galaxies, noting down the history of the world for safe keeping, it is rare to actually meet any members of such history, face to face. To experience the rare sights and the differences we viewed in our day to day lives but never truly see; to get a first-hand feel of the mystery we are open to every day, but never truly get to experience, is something no Maduvean would want to miss.


Our planet lay hidden from the sights of all galaxies, practically forgotten in our ancestors aims to secure our lifeline and hard work.

Being creatures of history and knowledge, many who knew of this wanted it for themselves in greedy for the power it brought with it. So quickly, many had taken to hiding our race in protection, and keeping others out. But with that protection came a loss of connection. And with that loss came a yearning for the unreachable.

The ground shook. A unsoundable cry cracked through the air, too high for the humans to hear.

The little Chapter Maduvean hadn't meant to come to earth; hadn't meant to put the humans in danger. But it was the first place she saw. The first place she envision when she thought of an escape, being ever so entranced with the humans and their culture, traditions, and history. They had fascinated her since she first learned to watch over the galaxy. With their thoughts and intelligence, with their strive for a life after the messily they know, and even the stubbornness of those who chose to ignore it.

Here seemed like a safe zone for her. Here was the first place she thought of when it came to programming the ship when asked where she wished to go. She had thought of safety; she had thoughts of a haven. She had thought of earth and all its mysteries. She had thought of the one place she had always planned to hide away on if she ever managed to leave her planet.

But not like this.

Not with everyone gone. Not with everyone left burning behind here.

This is not how she had imagined it.

Not with leaving her best friend behind. Not with leaving the bodies of her fallen elders, the first who strove with curiosity towards the unknowing sounds of their destructions.

The same sounds she ran from now. Though before it had been concealed with the sharp notes of a harmony, now it just sounded like a discord to her heart. A discord of evil.

They are beasts of unnatural creation. Every move and turn they took are evidence of it. Made from the deepest thoughts of anger and revenge, for a tale spun out of our control, they are spawns of hatred.

With each step they took, they brought destruction.

No one could look at them clearly. Some said they had a molding head. Others said they had a small form. Some said they were covered in spikes. But no one was certain. Even the sight of them was a curse to the heart; a strike to the eyes. And poison for the mind.

A perfect weapon against the Maduvean's who stand strong only as long as their minds do.

She dove for the trees. The heavy thud of the ground behind her alerted her to their arrival.

They are fast. Too fast.

And somehow able to breathe in mid space.

If they do breathe... that is, she thought to herself, as she cut through the woods, panting. Her body needed time to get used to the atmosphere of earth; something she doesn't have to spare.

With them, the beasts bought a sickening scent that strikes at the nose and nerves systems. She covered it tighter with the old tattered scar; an aged gift from a dear friend, lost long ago.

The same friend who returned to her, to lead her off the planet instead of taking the ship of one seat for himself, simply sending her off on her own.

Why though?! She questioned, as more tears continued to fall. Why let me go but not yourself?

But there wasn't much time to think on these thoughts.

The shadows of darkness were getting closer.

She needed to hide and fast.

Maybe... maybe a cover... she thought as she pulled out an old invention. After watching other planets for years, she had always wanted to know what if felt like to walk a mile in their shoes. And one day she figured out how.

With the simple invention, she could change her form and pattern to suit that of another race in appearance and motion.

Maybe that should be enough to cover her; long enough to get away. Long enough that they lose interest and leave.

Hiding behind a tree, she listened as one of its brethren felt the brunt of the creatures. They cried out to each other in sorrow. Their song a mesmerizing piece, even in sadness.

But she had no time to listen to it.

She needed to act fast.

Taking the thin invention, she kept a tight grasp upon her scarf as she watched out for the beast.

One is coming closer.

Now or never... she thought as she twisted the appliance for the right form.

Three... two... one...

She inserted the thin needle into her arm and let loose the small strand of human DNA into her blood stream.

The beast took a step closer in her direction.

The strand started to take its effect.

It is only a few steps away...

Her skin is the first to change. From its pinkish shade, it darkened to a darkish brown.

Five steps away...

She felt her second eyes fade into her as she blinked, adjusting to the single line of sight.

Its stench clouded the air as it took another step towards her.

She gagged as her hair grew out, as it changed to a reddish brown hue.

Three steps away...

It is then that her scent started to change.

Two steps away...

The transformation is complete.

It stopped.

Frozen in fear, she waited for its next move.

artfantasyscience fictionextraterrestrial

About the author

Storyteller IRT


Just a storyteller releasing short stories as she attempts to finish editing her first full book, all the while attempting to put out a youtube video every week


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