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The light in the dark, The whispers of age

by Matthew Thomas about a year ago in science fiction
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a blessing like knowledge comes with a world of responsibility.

There's a world that lies between the physical and the imagined, it's both real and fantasy. With the ability to understand both the 3rd dimension and the 5th, it plays with existence in a way that only children can understand. When we pray, the inhabitants of this world listen, when we dream, they come to us, when we hate and wish the worst upon our enemies, they do our bidding… these creatures, in all of their infinite knowledge and devious splendor will be by your side in everything you do, but as slaves? Not quite, they want their fun too you know. When you wish the worst upon your enemies, they will take something from you in return, when you want luck and fortune, you'll have to suffer first, when you would like to contact them, they will take away your memories.

Religions and prophets have rumored the existence of such creatures since the dawn of recorded knowledge, magic has been created out of their symbols that were left in our world, clues from the creatures, gifts if you will. It is said that over the last 500 centuries, one prophet has been gifted to us in every generation, 1 prophet has been chosen to act as their puppet, a bridge between the physical, and the meta physical.. Often ridiculed by his or her peers (they do like to play such silly games), they find themselves alone, with nothing but truth for company, but if an open mind chooses to present itself and listen without judgement, the world of possibility opens up and the laws of luck, karma and attraction become their magic to Wield as they please. Often in the past, in order to maintain their magics for the generations that follow, they bestow all their gifts into objects, artifacts, relics…

Generations have passed since the last prophet spoke up, most likely due to the surge of analytical thinkers in the modern world, who ever this prophet is probably doesn't want their arms tied to their own back, surrounded by soft-padded white walls, eating drugged sludge once a day (if they're not already).

However, the open minded still seek truths beyond the physical realm, you'll be able to spot these people in the dusty sections of the library, searching for rumors, listening closely for the slightest whisper that might still be echoing through the ages…

That's where I was, searching for whispers, looking for a glimmer of light in this oh-so-dark world, I had listened to every mystical audiobook, every witch or wizard, every shaman and every monk, the pieces had nearly all come together, they told such a vivid story, but something was missing, wisdom and knowledge didn't seem like enough, there was still something left to finish the puzzle, one final piece to answer it all.

And then I found it… or rather it found me.

Hidden In amongst the books I had collected over the ages, I noticed something I've never noticed before, a book, blacker than black could ever be, the black of nothingness, of void. It seemed to suck all light into it, it seemed to be sucking me into it… without any control I had found my slowly warming palm on its leathery binding, a golden inscription seemed to write itself before my eyes, letter by letter, in the finest of calligraphy it read "The light in the dark, The whispers of age".

Entranced by a consciousness I could only describe as not being my own, I lifted the cover and found nothingness, not white empty pages.. pure nothingness, the same void-like black filled every page, and even though I could feel the pages turning, I could not see it, like opening and closing your eyes in the dark.

I could no longer tell what was real.

All of a sudden the void had consumed me, encompassing my senses until I was nothing but feeling. I felt pure. I felt infinite. I felt the future and past and the everlasting present, I felt the infinity of space and I felt how insignificant it was, I felt how insignificant I was, the universe was, and yet I had never felt such importance in my life… all of a sudden truth had consumed me, until the only thing I was certain about was everything.

The universe I had inhabited seemed to still be there, still ticking, but I was able to see its future and it's past, and all of its possible futures, and it's possible pasts, I'm not sure if I felt a universe with infinite possibilities, or if I felt infinite universes with single possibilities, but what I am sure I felt, is that I was not confined to one possibility, in fact i had been shifting between possibilities my whole material existence, every choice, every decision, every emotion, they had all changed the outcome of my future, shifting my energy had allowed me to shift between either universe or possibility, it had allowed me to create my own reality, my own destiny, every bad mood I had manifested, every time I've created trouble, every good mood, every time I'd created prosperity, my soul had been dancing between universal possibilities, jumping from vessel to vessel, living the life it craved most. Just like the depressed seeks deeper depression, and the over joyed seeks further happiness.

After what felt like an infinitely long moment, my consciousness had returned to my collection of tomes, grasping in my hands the boundless infinite, I did nothing but carry on. I had shifted my understanding of myself from a mortal flesh sack to an infinite consciousness, but I didn't freak out, or take time to adjust, in all actuality it felt more like I had finally woken up, I was finally able to see existence for what it truly is. I was born again, I was free… again.

That's how it all started. You see, my life of wisdom hunting had led me to this book, this book I had no recollection of collecting, but somehow ended up in my possession. My memories from the moments before then seemed like the tutorial stage in a game, and now I was let loose in the infinite sandbox that is existence, with the cheats codes on!

With the universe in my mind I ventured past the confines of my study, to study the confines of reality, not only was I able to see matter for what it truly is, I was also able to see how everyone else perceived it, I saw the same colors and shapes, the birds sang the same songs and the wind was just as sharp, but the definitions I had inherited through generations of conditioning had no meaning anymore, they seemed like wasted information, like virus' in my memory… having a clear consciousness allowed me to see the clouds around everyone else's, all the seemingly mindless figures walking around, being thrown about by the storms above their shoulders. I had no idea how I couldn't see it before, no one was making sense? All these opinions and judgements people are basing their lives around, their identities, all of them believing only one version of the truth, denying anything that threatens their version of reality, except, they're all cohabitating the same reality, all of them interacting with the same atoms, absorbing the same information, it's just their clouds had jumbled everything up.

It was like I had been transported to the realm of headless chickens.

What do you think the first thing I did was? All the infinite wisdom of the universe at my disposal, I bet you can't guess? No I didn't try the lottery, I didn't curse my enemies either, and come on, do you really think I used my knowledge to climb a tree with some binoculars and peep on the changing lady who's bedroom window was strangely open this time…..


What I did was go to the beach and watched the waves, I watched them come in and out, in, and out. I felt my breath follow it, I heard the sand and the stones bump against each other, I even sensed the fish swimming around. Finally, I looked up from the shore to the horizon and then to the ever-so-present day-moon, looking into her eyes I asked the only mystery left to me, what do I do now?

Silence followed

In the silence I found all my answers, without a thought to confirm it, I stood, turned and began to walk, a long walk that would take me further than I would normally feel comfortable. Buried beneath the soil of a bush, in a park I had never been to, a buckle reflected the sun so directly it almost hurt, the buckle belonged to a brief case, small and brown, and unsurprisingly it was filled with gold. Now, knowing the entirety of the universe (except my own destiny) I knew already that there was £25,000 there, I also knew that the only gold merchant still in business during this pandemic was a bit of a conman. After a stressless negotiation (no use arguing when you know the outcome) I left there with £20,000 and a desire to change everything.

Soon I had found a rattle-a-tat-tat on my door, and after a discrete exchange of goods, money, and expressions, I quickly scurried back to my bedroom, undressed the beauty that now laid naked on my bed, and began rubbing my fingers down her long wooden neck, with a firm grip I picked her up, placed her on my lap and allowed my nail to vibrate her 6 stringed voice, eager to take this naughtiness to the next level I undressed the friends she came with, soon it was just me, a beautiful amp, an array of shiny pedals and the electric guitar my acoustic had been dying to meet. Together we danced all night, making music that I knew would impact the world far beyond the limits of my existence, I now felt able to do as I knew I had to, to awaken and heal every soul on this planet the only way souls will listen… Through music.

Months on end I spent locked in my room, stringing stringed chords together, combining syllables and melodies until I had songs so perfect you'd think they were magic. An album was the result, 1 album that, when listened to In order, sent the listener through an emotional journey that could lighten the heart of Hitler. The journey, without actually implying it, took the listener from their childhood, where all was pure, to the truth of the modern world, and finally back to childhood, with the attempt to reintroduce love into their lives, and to keep it there during this loveless time we've found ourselves in. 1 album to change the world, 1 album to awaken the masses, 1 album to expose the corrupt and endorse the honest. With only 1 album (and the infinite knowledge of life) I was able to create the cure to humanity's greatest illness, by teaching the listeners that we are all the same, that we are all just lost children trying to make it in a harsh world, desperate for love but too proud to admit it. I was able to cure the blind.

Magic doesn't have to form as objects or symbols, sometimes making the right sounds, invoking the right emotions and in the right order, sometimes that's all the magic that's needed to change everything.

science fiction

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Matthew Thomas

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