The Legends

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The First

The Legends

It was the first day of my last year. So far I have lost count of how many people's shoulders I bumped into. All the first-years were frantically running around preventing the case of being late.

The first years are the Novices, some are repeats, while others are new. The study of the books and the history of past abilities. The repeats are Masters in Historic Arts, the smartest students that attend this academy.

Unfortunately for me, I was paired with a Novice this year. My roommate, Vivan, has spent the last 10 minutes organizing how her polaroids should be taped to her wall.

"A month into this academy you won't be friends with half those people you know," I muttered over to her, without taking my eyes off the book I have been reading.

Her hands dropped to her sides, pulling her ruly frosted hair into a ponytail, she looked over her shoulder to me, "I made a promise to my best friends that we'll be friends throughout the academy," She assured me.

Closing the book abruptly and standing, I turn my attention to the photos. Scanning over them all, I land on one specifically, My finger lands right on it.

"I'm guessing he's the boyfriend?"

Raising my eyebrow over to her, she answers my question with a blush flooding her cheeks.

"We've been together for almost four months now, I love him!" Vivan gushed over her said-boyfriend. A grimace found a way to my face.

"Give it a month, you'll see," patting her shoulder I lay back into my bed.

"Are you a Trainee?" She asked over to me, opening a new box of her items—this time labeled as her clothes, "Cause it's my first year and I have no idea what to expect while I'm here."

Trainees are the second years. They specialize in learning defensive magic abilities and physical form, also learning the basic spells.

Repeaters are at any level, they chose what level they would like to go back to, and become the Masters within that level. Masters of Defense know any and everything that involves defending—hence the name.

I chuckle at her, being referred to as a Trainee was a first.

"I was a Trainee two years ago, as luck would have it, your wonderful roommate is an Archer."

Vivan dropped the piece of clothing she had in her hand and gasped loudly.

"I thought Archers didn't stay in dorms!? OMG, this is the best news since... ever!" Quickly hugging me, she did a little twirl in the middle of the room.

The third level, blockers are taught offensive magic, the extent to physically and mentally harm another being. They mainly are the future 'protectors' once they graduate.

Lastly, it's the Archers. Archers are the rarest level among the academy. You can go from a Trainee to a Blocker, but not a Blocker to an Archer. Students that excelled in all other levels can be a candidate, only twelve are chosen every year.

I wanted to Master in Offense, but instead, I was sworn in by the Chairmen of the academy to be given a seat of an Archer.

"How did you do it? What ability do you have? There are so many questions I have for you, Celena," sitting across from me, her wide crystal grey eyes stared into my dark ones, expecting answers.

A sharp knock prevented me from answering. Vivan rose from the bed and opened the door swiftly, greeting herself to another crimson-haired student. Phoenix scanned Vivan from top to bottom before glancing over to me.

"You got a Novice? What are the odds of that?" She smirked at my roommate before continuing, "Archer. Phoenix. Top-level student." Sticking her hand out to her she winked as well.

Phoenix started a year before me, she became a Master in Defense then was selected as an Archer for this year. Maybe 'top student' was a tad bit of an overstatement, she still was one of the best students to attend.

Vivan rambled on to Phoenix about the luck she was having today, and how she managed to become an Archer.

Practically detaching Vivan off of her, Phoenix added, "There's a meeting for us within the next five minutes, I came by to come and get you."

Grabbing my phone, I smiled as a goodbye to Vivan, who was still rambling even as I was closing the door.

"She's gonna be fun," Phoenix bumped shoulders with me, laughing at her.

I ask, "Yeah? Well, who's your roommate then?"

"Audra, a Blocker that doubled in her Trainee year to Master in it. A hardcore feminist, which I'm actually kind of diggin' for, she has the ability of strength too," Every student has an ability, some range from physical to mental.

The Scholars of Fine Arts Academy are only for students that have specialized abilities. The professors are Masters themselves, some are even Chairmen too, Chairmen practically run the school.

Phoenix harnesses the power of the fallen star, a rare and indescribable origin that has yet to be studied upon. It flows through her blood that makes her immune to diseases and physical harm.

I'm Celena, the Daughter of the Moon, as people would call it. Forging a bond with the darkness, I carry the power of Clairvoyance, the knowledge of the unknown.

Multiple people can have the same ability, it all depends on how that ability is used.

"Two other Archers were chosen for this year like us, the meeting's so we can meet them, and decide what we want to learn first," Phoenix leads me down a series of hallways, stopping at a painted red door that paired with a sign saying 'Level Four; Archer'

Immediately walking in, the atmosphere changed, I felt as though the air was dancing in my lungs, the colors all around me were more vibrant.

Turning to Phoenix I can see she felt the same.

She asks me, "One of yours?"

I shook my head, my powers have never done a thing like this, it was another student tricking us. My fave formed into a stern one as I look in every corner for the culprit, bringing my hands out in front of me and citing spells.

"Loves, there isn't need for such foul play," emerging from the shadows was a boy that seemed to be the same age as us. The first thing my eyes landed on were his, bright purple ones, a contrast to his raven-colored hair. Picking up on my stares, the boy flashed a smile at me, showing off his pearly whites.

The sound of matches being lit was heard, seeing the reflection in his eyes I can see Phoenix's hands engulfed in flames and ready to aim. From a vibrant purple to a dark navy, he clenched his first, and not a second after Phoenix was doubling over in pain.

"Hey!" I shouted to him, I grabbed onto his arm and let my blackened veins trail into his, successfully rendering him powerless. A unique gift that I had learned not too long ago.

A flash of light hit Phoenix and I, knocking us both off guard. Seeing where it came from was another boy. Opposite from the first he was glowing—literally. His yellow eyes were glowing beneath his bleach blonde hair.

"Enough! There will be no fighting in my room you all hear me?!" Finally, a woman walking into the room yelling at us.

She was a tall, lean woman that was dressed in an all-black suit. Her hair was sleeked back into a ponytail and had minimal makeup on it. She definitely was not here to babysit all of us.

"I apologize, Mrs. Banner," the boy with the sun on his side bowed, he hid his slight smirk over to the other male.

Narrowing her eyes at him, she walked to the other side of the room, and took a seat at the head of the table. Mrs. Banner signaled her hand for all of us to sit, Phoenix and I sat to her left while the boys sat to her right.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is the first official meeting for the level four students only, state your name, age, and ability."

Although the woman turned to me without words telling me to begin, I was cut off.

"Aelius, twenty, and powers of the Sun."

It clicked inside of me who he was. I always heard stories of the boy that matched the sun, but never a face—or a name to who he was.

"Zeverus, nine-teen, power of Lust."

He sent a wink Phoenix's way, which earned him a kick to the shin.

Power of Lust was the equivalent to having the powers of Aphrodite. Having powers that relate your ability is common, but since he is male I have no idea what he is capable of since the power of Lust was practically created by a Goddess herself.

"Phoenix, twenty, power of the Fallen Star, also known as Eternal Fire."

The fallen star is still yet to be studied, but one thing for sure is that her flame can never be tamed. Whenever in physical combat, she holds off using her flames unless absolutely necessary—one power that can cause mass destruction.

With that being said, both males sucked in a breath, realizing they might have competition on who's the strongest.

"Celena, nine-teen, daughter of the Moon, power of the Darkness and the Moon."

Both can technically be the same, but the way it is used is much more than opposites. Opposite across from me, Aelius' face became stern.

"Before we begin I would like to congratulate the four of you for being chosen, it is a great honor."

It was hard to believe Mrs. Banner was congratulating us, her voice told us she was bored to be here. Her face held no expression as well.

Pulling out a stack of papers, she continued, "I am a Professor here as well as a Chairmen, I picked you four because your abilities are more valuable than you know."

Spreading the stack of papers as she talks, I can tell is student profiles that attend here. Their name, age, ability, and more are displayed.

"And since this Academy was established, twelve Archers are chosen every year, four by chairmen, and the rest chosen by the first four." Smiling for the first time, she said, "So I extend my congratulations again, you are the leaders of the twelve Archers this year, so choose well as they will be your future companions."

Ending with that, she gathered her things and left the room. The air grew stuffy as no one talked first.

Aelius cut through first, "Shall we begin?'

It has taken me years to finally sit down and write a chapter that I kind of like, what do you guys think?
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