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The Last Hope

by Dijon McIntyre 14 days ago in science fiction

(of the Earth)

“Every piece of food is nutrition to the body, but not all nutrition is beneficial for survival. In fact, much of what humans call “nutrition” only brings us another step closer to that place which we all dread….death.” -D.M.M

November 3rd, 2080

“Happy birthday!!!” Words that are normally heard while friends, family, and sometimes strangers watch with greedy eyes as they wait for you to blow out the candles on your cake. Oftentimes, those are the only times that people eat cake, along with holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. I always thought how beautiful it must be to be able to consume cake in a way that doesn’t cause offense(outside of an enlarged stomach and butt of course). Unfortunately, that is not the case for someone like me. No, for me cake represents something that I cannot escape. No matter how hard I try, no matter how much I push it away, I am bound to cake until the day that I die. I know, this whole thing sounds ridiculous to be honest and in many ways, it is. I mean imagine how I felt when I was told by a psychic that there was a curse put on me from the first time I ate a piece of chocolate cake when I was six years old. And now here I am, writing in this diary from a cave that I’ve been trapped in for God only knows how long. I’m stuck here, believing everyday that somehow I’ll find a way out or someone will come rescue me or maybe the mysterious woman that brought me here will tell me the full truth of why all of this is really going on. If I don’t figure this out soon, I’m afraid I might lose my mind. I mean the human body cannot survive off of cake forever. But according to what I’ve been told by that same psychic, Madame Esperando was what she called herself, I may not actually be human. Apparently the two men who raised me found out outside of a bakery, ironically. When they found me, they knew immediately that they wanted to adopt me. But overtime, it became obvious that they might have bitten off a bit more than they could chew. Every time they would try to feed me, I would end up spitting my food up within an hour. I practically lived at the doctor’s office for most of my childhood because my body refused to digest anything. My poor dads. They were very devout Christians who were convinced that I was God’s gift to them, that somehow they were finally being redeemed for the years they were condemned by family members and the rest of the world for their love for one another. But it turns out, I just ended up being more of a curse than anything. Sure, they had a child. But a fussy one that couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, and turned them from a happy married couple to two men who still loved one another but had been so stressed from dealing with me that they didn’t know who they were or how they got to this point. All of these things stirred around in my mind daily and were a constant reminder of how much of a burden I truly was to the world and to people in my life. Everyone would be happier without me, that’s what I always told myself and it was this toxic thought that caused me to pack my things and run away to a land with no name as soon as I graduated high school. I had to run away because what else do you do when you feel outcasted and misunderstood. It was during this liberating act that I met Madame Esperando and she told me many of the things which I’m now writing down. She was a psychic that could see my future, my past, everything. And it was her that told me that there was a reason for me being the way that I am. That I was in fact born in a distant galaxy in which a dangerous war was occuring. A war between two different races: the Blanchitas and the Morenos. These were the two dominant races from my homeworld, a planet known as Marcella. Though I have no memories of it, I believe I have had dreams which continue to this day of what it looks like. A beautiful mass of land covered with an element similar to fire but unlike anything seen on Earth. Whatever this element is, it looks like fire but nothing is consumed by it. It doesn’t hurt the beings nor the plant and animal life there, at least according to my dreams. I feel such a strong connection to this place even writing about it now in this diary and this is part of what convinces me that everything Madame Esperando told me must be true. But I still have questions about the war, about my people and my role in all of this, and about why that old witch casted a spell on me that doomed me to chocolate cake for the rest of my existence.

Feb 3rd, 2081

It has now been three months since my last entry and I think I may have gotten at least some of the answers I was searching for. Some time ago, though I am unsure of exactly when, the woman who brought me here walked into this prison she has me trapped in and said she wanted to have a talk with me.

“I know you are wondering why I kidnapped you and brought you here, Isa.” She said

“I am, none of this makes sense to me. I only wanted to escape my home because I felt I was too much of a problem for everyone in my life.” I told her.

“You are indeed a problem and that’s exactly why I brought you here.” She replied

“Thanks for the confirmation.” I told her

“Oh don’t sound so sad dear, being a problem isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It means you have much to offer and you dear, you have more than you could ever imagine.” She told me.

“What do I have to offer? Nothing but dietary issues and a confusing past. I don’t even know where I came from or who I really am. I mean I look human, so I must be human right?”

“Looks can be deceiving, my child.”

“Then what am I? Who am I? Why did you bring me here and lock me up like some animal?”

“I brought you here for your safety, but if you wish to leave then you may at any time you want. All you had to do was ask.” She told me

“How am I supposed to leave when you have me locked in here?” I asked her

She took out a key and unlocked the cell. I couldn’t believe it, after all this time I was finally free.

“So that’s it? You’re just going to let me go after months of keeping me locked in this cell? I could kill you right now.”

“You very well could. But if you did that, you wouldn’t get the answer to some very important questions.”

“At this point, I’m willing to take the risk”

“Very well then, here. End my life and run free back to wherever you want to go.”

She handed me a dagger, probably the sharpest one I’ve ever seen in my life. I couldn’t believe it, she was giving me a chance to kill her without any hesitation. But I couldn’t do it. There were answers that I needed and if there was any chance she could give them to me, I couldn’t lose the opportunity.

“You have about ten minutes, if I don’t get the answers that I’m looking for…”

“Then my life comes to an end, as does the spell that is over you.”

“What? What are you talking about? Are you the one who put this spell on me?”

“Yes, but it was for your own good. Listen Isa, I don’t have much time so I should get this out now. Hmm, if only I can figure out where to start.”

“Where to start with what? What are you talking about?”

“Okay, I know. So back in the year 2035, there was a war that was going on Earth. It was a war between those who believed in the freedom of humanity and those who believed that the new global political system that the world government was trying to establish was for the best. This new political system would result in everyone becoming a registered member of the World Obedient System or as you may know it as today..”

“W.O.S. I never knew about this, I thought W.O.S had always been around on Earth. That’s what they taught us in school.”

“Yes, that’s what they wanted you to believe. But Isa, there was a time that this world was free. That humans had the right to vote, to marry one another freely, to not have to deal with mandatory checkups and have to report to a dictator everyday. But that time is long gone, and most of the people from that time…..Anyway, I’ll continue. The war waged on and as you can imagine, those who supported W.O.S won. They wiped out over 4 billion people who were on Earth. Finished them completely. A new world system was established not long after that and things began to take a turn for the worse. Though poverty was no more and hunger was eradicated, the human genome had been changed and modified. People no longer felt the need to create because everything that was worth anything was created by the government. Food was given in abundance so that the people could overcosume and shorten their lifespans thereby making more room in the world for a new species to arrive. That species would come from your homeworld and they would be submissive and subvert to anything the men in this world told them. You are a part of that race.”

“I don’t understand, what does any of this have to do with the curse that you put on me about eating cake?”

“Your people, the Morenos, would consume cake as a means to suppress their natural submissiveness. Something about the sugar content in the cake caused them to be rebellious. And because I know about you and who you were, I casted a spell that forced you to eat the very thing that would cause you to tap into your true nature. You are Earth’s last hope of fighting against the world government and bringing back the world that was full of freedom and liberty.”

“None of this makes sense to me. How do you even know me?”

“I’ve had visions about you for some time and it was my friend Madam Esperando who would deliver every message that I needed to get to you and lead us right to one another.”


“I know you may have more questions, but I have no more time. I made a deal with God to extend my life just long enough to give this message to you. Now, I must face the punishment for my sins in revealing these truths. Goodbye Isa, please do my people justice.”


My words were useless, she was consumed immediately by a fire. There I stood alone, waiting for more answers, more explanations. I couldn’t believe it, the people of Earth had faced massive oppression and it was up to me to save them. I wasn’t sure how I would do this but I did know that for as long as I live, I must continue to consume chocolate cake. It was the only hope that the world had.

science fiction
Dijon McIntyre
Dijon McIntyre
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Dijon McIntyre

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