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The Last Guardian

by Donnell Keenan 5 years ago in science fiction
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A Full-Length Movie Treatment


Set in the fantasy world of Keenan's Guardians25, The Last Guardian is an action-adventure film that will explore Earth's last guardian given her special abilities... and responsibilities to protect us from alien threats. The Last Guardian will serve as a prequel follow-up to the Guardians25 novels, depicting how the guardians protected the galaxy before the events that take place in The Book of Sirrah.

Before the explosion, Juliana was the bubbly, neighborly woman raising an infant son and an adorable husband. When she receives powers from the explosion that kills her family, she is met by Itora Lee, an alien on Earth, there to warn the recipient of symbol power of an incoming threat. Will Juliana cope with her new responsibilities? Will she be able to get over her grief and become the hero Earth needs? The Last Guardian is an epic tale of a woman forced to face change

The film follows her journey from beginning to her end. As she makes the necessary sacrifices to save the galaxy.

Juliana is the predecessor of Anora Pulpi and the symbol of intelligence. Itora Lee precedes Thebe with the symbol of Valor. Both Anora and Thebe will make appearances in The Book of Sirrah.

The Last Guardian


Birds CHIRP over the trees of a historic day temple.


Sun floods the dojo revealing the few areas of the small room.


ITORA LEE, an alien robot in a hooded robe sheathes a katana slowly in front of her face. She slices the air in the opposite direction to show proficiency.


Pictures and references of aliens, Jesus, and our galaxy flicker in the light of a shrine in the corner.

A picture of a JULIANA, a blonde-haired woman, is pinned and circled on a map of the shrine.


Juliana, bloody, pulls her head off of the floor. She tucks a piece of her blonde hair behind her ears desperately trying to catch her breath.

Itora Lee steps towards Juliana, katana in one hand, escrima sticks in the other.

ITORA LEE: (gently) Stand. Zz. You have more fight inside of you.

JULIANA (wiping blood): Yeah — wish it would come on out.

ITORA LEE: You don’t trust it. So why would it come to you?

She throws the sticks on the ground next to Juliana.

ITORA LEE (CONT’D): Whether it’s inside of you or not, great power shows itself to those capable of understanding its consequences. Zz. Understanding its motives...

JULIANA: There! You lose me there.

Juliana sits up on her knees.

JULIANA (CONT’D): I don’t understand its motives. Why...

ITORA LEE: This is no time for a why me tale...

JULIANA: ...but it is!! Why! (beat) Two weeks ago. I couldn’t even boil an egg. Now I have all this...

ITORA LEE: Responsibility. Power. The symbol of intelligence chose you. Not I. Zz.

Itora Lee steps away from an unmoved Juliana, fighting distance. She slices her blade towards Juliana into a stance.

Juliana doesn’t respond. She remains on the floor kneeling, palms on her knees, listening.

ITORA LEE (CONT’D): I am going to attack you.

Beat. Succumbing to her decision, Juliana closes her eyes and bows her head.

JULIANA: Just kill me.

ITORA LEE: The fourth slice from my katana and you’re dead. That’s more warning than you’ll get from The Prince.



THE PRINCE, a tyrant of twenty years, storms down the hallway of his spaceship followed by two identical henchmen.

ITORA LEE (V.O.): He holds the symbol of war. Out of twenty-five mega powerful guardians, you, me, ...and him-


The Prince perches atop his command center throne and is immediately offered many vain things from his alien slaves (food, wine, nail clipping, fanning, hair brushing, etc.).

ITORA LEE (V.O.): ...are the last guardians to be alive.

The Prince grimaces. Strong fade to:


The Prince STEPS towards a dungeon where a woman is being held within a device that stops her powers.

ITORA LEE (V.O.): Zz. Do you want to know why?

He swings open the dungeon without flickering a hand. He slowly STEPS to the girl and puts a dagger slowly through her stomach.

His face close to hers he drains the glowing symbol off of her face into his own body.

ITORA LEE (V.O.): He killed them! He’s at his most powerful and if he kills you, there will no hope for us all!



Itora Lee marches to an unflinching Juliana and swiftly slices her right arm, leaving a deep bloody gash. A quick two slice jab leaves two matching wounds on her left arm.

Itora Lee reels back her sword slowly but surely. She swings her blade but Juliana picks up the escrima sticks to meet Itora Lee’s sword just in time. BOOM!

Dark clouds begin to form leaving the room lit by candlelight. The symbol of intelligence begins to glow on Juliana’s forehead.

JULIANA: (beat) I didn’t choose this.

Like a trained combatant, Juliana launches bold attacks on Itora Lee. Meeting Itora Lee’s sword at every swing leaving Itora stumbling back.

Juliana lands an attack that sends Itora retreating back. Itora studies Juliana. Juliana smirks, then launches an attack that propels into:


-WAR ROOM Juliana launches an attack at The Prince, donned in battle gear with high-tech versions of her practice escrima sticks.

-HALLWAY Juliana fights robots, using keen eyesight and heightened intelligence.

ITORA LEE (V.O.): (somber) Your journey is not easy Juliana. This path...

-DOWNTOWN The Prince’s henchmen are enslaving humans, shackling them by their feet.

ITORA LEE (V.O.): ...will challenge you at every corner.

-TEMPLE Juliana’s symbol of intelligence glows brightly on her forehead.

ITORA LEE (V.O.): But with great power bestowed upon you. You will defeat The Prince...

-WAR ROOM The Prince faces off with Juliana as an embodiment of twenty-four powers floating above her. His powers increase into a white fade:

ITORA LEE (V.O.): ... and save the world.


The space clouds separate to reveal Juliana kneeled on the ship. She slowly stands as Earth and a fleet of hundreds of ships become viewable.

ITORA LEE (V.O.): For when all else fails, human, you are The Last Guardian.

Juliana boldly stands on the ship in the silhouette of Earth.



Thank you for reading. This is copyrighted material.

Originally for Full Sail University

November 5, 2017

Copyright (c) 2015-2017

Keenan Carver

All Rights Reserved

science fiction

About the author

Donnell Keenan

Donnell Keenan is a multimedia writer who enjoys acting, singing and binge-watching good TV. He has a B.A. in Drama from Morehouse College and is a student at Full Sail University seeking an M.F.A. in Creative Writing.

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