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The Kinetics

by MC Productions 6 months ago in fantasy

Forbidden Darkness


How it began...

Once a peaceful and prosperous guardian of the World, the Kinetics were scientifically gifted; using their gifts for the advancement of humankind, the Kinetics were welcomed by the Regulars, those without the knowledge of the Science of Kinesis.

However, Ego and Curiousity always lead to the rise of darkness and the fall of humanity as it once was. The Kinetics were no exception, as a group of Kinesis Generators and Manipulators gathered together to seek a Higher Power.

Through it they discovered the Darkness Within, a darkness that was ever present and always lurking inside of them. The Kinetics that made this discovery used the Darkness Within to engage in a Darker Power, soon to be called Umbrakinesis.

Becoming power hungry, the Umbrakinetic Regime arose and took the World by storm. The World fell to the darkness of the Regime and many that resisted were lost in the heat of the battle.

The Umbrakinetic Regime grew stronger as many Kinetics joined with the promise of becoming the Omnikinetics, being able to control all the scientific forces of the universe and not limited to one gift only.

As Jonathan gathered more Kinetics for his resistance agains the Regime, he fell into a trance and came face to face with the one and only immortal Omnikinetic, Absolute Kinetic. He was then gifted with the power to strike down the Regime and bring the World to its original peace.

Accepting the gift, Jonathan faced off with the Regime, sacrificing his own life to protect the World and the Kinetics from the evil of the Umbrakinetics. The Regime fell and the Umbrakinetics were scattered, becoming lost to time.

The Destiny of Desiree...

Jonathan Desiree was survived by his son Michael Desiree, with his wife's whereabouts unknown to this day. Michael became a well known legend as he went out to avenge his father by striking down the Umbrakinetics that went into hiding. This crusade would become known as Caecus Autem Iustitiae in Bello, "The War of Blind Justice".

Michael Desiree eventually fell in his blind crusade and was survived by his wife, Amelia and her son, James Desiree. James became a Protector, using his gift for only defensive purposes. The Umbrakinetics came for revenge and James Desiree struck down two third's of them before they slaughtered him and his wife, Christel.

Having been left an orphan, William Desiree decided to raise his child in hiding. Having been left alone for years since James' death, the Regime had begun to muster a few recruits. William Desiree upon hearing this, joined as a recruit to infiltrate the Regime and attacked it from inside.

Having managed to make it out of enemy territory alive, William assumed the Regime had fallen once for all and he with his wife Sissela raised their son, David Desiree, in peace. However as an adult, David was killed by an Umbrakinetic, as he was left untrained and his gift was not told to him by his father. He was survived by his daughter, Justine Desiree.

Justine Desiree married and had a son, but her husband was soon corrupted by his power for hunger and Umbrakinesis. Being forced to fight him to the death, Justine lost her life and was survived by her son Alister Desiree. Not much is known about Alister or the rest of the Desiree's, as the Umbrakinetics became silent and The Era of Peace began.

Only this can be said, The Destiny of Desiree is to always yield the Gift given to them by the Absolute Kinetic to fight darkness and protect humanity. But with the darkness seemingly gone, the Desiree Destiny was forgotten and with forgetting such importance, comes the resurrection of evil and the reckoning that can only result in death.

Chapter One

Many years ago...

The silence was intoxicating. A thick blanket suffocating him. He closed his eyes, straining to hear any signs of...SLAM!

The sound caused him to jump with a start. He peeked out, from behind the wall, in time to see his best friend collapse. Crumpled against the opposite wall, eyes wide open in shock, dead. He gritted his teeth, feeling the anger burning inside.

He could hear the footsteps. Thud. Thud. Thud.

Then he heard the familiar sizzling and flung himself away from the wall, rolling underneath a table. His eyes darted to the concrete slab, he had been pressed against. His stomach lurched as he saw the acidic gap, spreading, he had escaped death by merely a few seconds.

"Johnny!" a light, cheerful, and saccharine voice called out to him. "Johnny! Johnny! Come out! Come out! Wherever you are!" The kindly, airy, jubilance in the tone, of such a dark, wicked, murderous person, caused the burning, in him, to become a raging, writhing, living flame.

"I am right here, Jay!" he called out, easing his way out from underneath the table. Jay, the man who had murdered his best friend, smiled. A cold, dark, chilling smile. He could feel his heart pounding like a jack hammer, sweat dripping like a leaky faucet, and tears threatening to cascade.

Jay threw back his head, his long, stringy, white hair flowing in a nonexistent breeze, and laughed. "Hello there, Johnny." Jay smirked, grinning and showing straight, perfectly white teeth.

"What do you want, Jay?" he matched the mocking tone, that his rival had been using. Jay's smile faded, his beautiful, amber, hazel, golden eyes darkening.

"You. Know. Why. I. Am. Here." Jay hissed, voice barely above a whisper, enunciating every word. "After all, was it not you who tried to ruin everything we worked for?" Jay raised his hands in the air, in a grand and dramatic gesture.

Jay was known for expressing himself in such a histrionic and narcissistic way, as if he thought he was some great, all powerful, being. Maybe he did think that, he might even think himself to be The Absolute Kinetic, or maybe even greater.

He closed his eyes, gently easing away the inferno that threatened to pour out, and opening his eyes, looked straight into Jay. "Yes, I did help start your 'Regime', Jay." He started, his voice even and cool.

Trying to avoid his enemy from being able to predict his next move. That was the problem of having one of the most evil people, also possessing the powers of a seer. He felt his fingertips start to chill, the beginnings of his cyrokinesis kicking in.

"I wouldn't if I were you." Jay snarled, slitting his eyes. "After all, Johnny, ice is always melted by...FIRE!" And as if the word was a command, a heated, flickering, blaze of fire, flowed from his outstretched palms. The flames wrapped around him, as if they were a cloak, that he could throw over himself.

"I wasn't, He started, but he knew better. There was no way to stop the anger that grew. Ice darted from his fingertips, meeting the flames. Roaring, smoldering, blazing, the inferno of the flames, melted the ice, as Jay had predicted.

"Give it up, Johnny." Jay laughed, a mad cackle of glee. "There is nothing you can do." Then when all hope seemed lost, he felt the frozen whipping winds, of the ice that shot out of him, his anger fueled more by the sight of his friend's body being devoured by the flames from Jay. The ice overwhelmed the fire, turning the flames bright blue. He smiled, matching the feral gleam of Jay's evil.

"Looks like you failed with your prediction, Jay." He said, eyes flashing in the intensity of the ice cold, azure flame, that lit up the fear in Jay's eyes. "Oh well, looks like we have a new Seer." And then the icy flame engulfed Jay.

A not too distant future...

A blackened and ashy wasteland, with rows and rows of charred trees crackling like firewood. Overlapping blackened circles streak the ground, and in the center a girl lays there with eyes closed, motionless.

Kneeling in front of her, fallen to the ground, sobbing, is Aura Desiree. Suddenly a rustling sound, dry and burnt leaves rise into the air as thick black and inky darkness and smoke rises.

The smokiness shifted taking on a form of someone, or something. A creature of fear and legend stood in front of Aura, eyes burning and smoldering.

"Who are you?" Aura stammered eyes wild with fear, for she already knew the answer.

She had seen what could become of someone after having released so much unstable and chaotic energy. Her fallen friend and hero was no exception. For it was her that Aura was staring at, her mentor and her helper. Now this...thing.

The very being that all Kinetics would hope to never see, a Shade. The billowing smokiness of the cloaked shadowy monster strangled her in a cold, dark, hopelessness. Tears fell from Aura's eyes as she clutched the body of her deceased friend, as if she could protect that friend from the fate she surely already met.

"Please..." Aura managed to choke through her tears and the oppressive suffocating force of the shadowiness of the Shade.

The illuminating and blood red eyes glittered with an arrogant hatred. The skeletal hands were tipped with long and curved silvery claws, as they reached for her. Then darkness gathered around both Aura and the shell that was her friend, slowly enveloping both of them.

The present...

"Aura Desiree!" The snide and prideful voice of Aura's female rival and enemy rang through the small and low lit bathroom.

Even here in this place, Aura could not hide from the snobby cheerleaders of her high school. "What do you want?" Aura could her the strain in her voice, as she choked back more tears.

She turned to face the cheerleader, clutching on to the sides of the sink with her hands for support. No way would she let these high class bullies get their long strived for goal of breaking her down.

"Aura. Aura. Aura." The snobby girl said condescendingly as she strutted closer to Aura, her green eyes glinting dangerously with cruel intention. Her followers strayed closely behind, matching her every step.

"If you are here to bother me some more, it won't work. Now, go away!" Aura waved her hand as if she could will the snobby cheerleader and her squad away.

Instead a shape begin to form from thin air, a knife or dagger rather. The knife hovered in the air and as Aura gave one last banishing wave, the weapon honed in on it target.

"Urgh!" With a groan of pain and shock, the knife struck the mean girl. She stood still, watching Aura with wide eyes, shock apparent on her face. Then crumpling to the ground, the others shrieked with fear as they rushed towards their fallen leader.

"I didn't...I wasn't...how..." Aura was caught off guard, stunned.

She knew she could not run from the bathroom, even if she wanted to. She looked down at her hands, as if she could find the answer to what she had done etched on her palms.

She could hear the thundering of footsteps, the shouts of the security guards and the screams of the cheer queen's friends. She saw blurs and shapes, figures and people. She could hear the distant shouts of the guards.

"Down! On the ground! Hands up!" One of the guards shouted as he took out a taser, pointing it menacingly at Aura.

But then there was the sound of thunder from outside, flashes of lightning. Something tearing, the air splitting open. A figure, still hazy to the shell shocked Aura, emerged from the tear. A hand reaching out, but she was too stunned to take it.

Then someone was right in front of her, a female by the smell of perfume. Someone wrapped her up in a tight hug, pulling Aura towards themselves. Screams. Shouts. Blurring lights.

A flash and a distortion of images to her eyes, the dark cloudy sky outside the school, the brick buildings, the low lit bathroom, and then a weed choked lawn and a bright blue sky. Then Aura fainted.


MC Productions
MC Productions
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