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The Jyro and Mystie Series: Aftermath

by Shyra Rodgers 5 years ago in fantasy
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Answering Questions with More To Leave

The purple fuzzy creature ate a bowl of cereal as she sat on my bed with me, using a tiny spoon that seemed perfect for her tiny little hands. As she's eating, I couldn't help but wonder if she ever slept at all. Not that I didn't believe that she didn't sleep, but she had no eyelids over her eyes. It was kind of interesting, the fact that she was alive and had no eyelids at all. If she did sleep, how would she be sleeping?

That was one of the many questions I had, along with how in the world she was alive being one of those questions. As she was finishing the bowl of cereal, she looked up at me with a smile.It was kinda cute because her teeth were sticking out, but terrifying because it was bigger than a natural human smile.

"So," I said, clearing my throat, "you're a toy that's alive and talking?"

"Yes." Mystie answered, shoving the tiny spoon into her mouth and chewing it slowly.

My mind was drawing a blank as I was trying to think of a more appropriate question to ask her about how she was the way she is, but every question that I had thought about asking seemed more inappropriate and rude as it ran through my mind. I didn't mean to sound weird or anything, but it's not everyday that you got to see a talking toy in your own home!

"I guess that you have a lot to ask me," Mystie replied, snapping me out of my thought process, "go ahead and ask away, I'll answer them."

"...okay," I said, taking a deep breath, "so...you're a living, breathing magical toy."

"Yes and no," Mystie answered, "I am living and breathing, but I don't have magic in me. At least, I don't think that I do."

"...okay," I said as I was crossing my legs on the bed, being careful not to hit her or the bowl of mil and cereal that she was having, "but, you didn't start to walk, talk, or anything until I brought you home. How and why is that possible?"

"Simple," Mystie replied with a smile, "you're my companion."


"I'm your what?" I asked confused.

"My companion," Mystie answered with a grin that revealed her two front snaggled teeth, "you see, when we Frizzy Monsters are given a home with a human, we awaken. Once we awaken, we are at the whim of our companions."

"But," I blurted out, "how do you awaken? And what do you mean by the whim of your companions?"

"Well," Mystie continued as she got up and hopped of the bed with the empty cereal bow and headed towards the kitchen sink, "we awaken when our companions give us our name."

"When you're given a name?" I replied.

"Yes," Mystie answered as she tried to hop up to the tall kitchen sink, I got up and helped her, "the name tags we're given is the type of breed we are, not our actual name."

"I see," I said, taking her empty bowl and washing it out, "so, how often does that happen?"

"I honestly don't know," Mystie answered, "so far, it seems like I'm the only one out here."

"What do you...oh," I said, "because you don't see a whole lot of other Frizzy Monsters besides you out."

"Exactly," Mystie answered, "it's just me so far."

"Oh," I said as I dried my hands off from washing the bowl and spoon, "but, what about the companion whim thing?"

"Well," Mystie began as I picked her up and brought her back to the bed, "we fulfill whatever wishes and desires our companions have. For example, if our companions wanted to be rich, we would give them money."

"How?" I asked, sitting down with Mystie sitting across from me.

"Well," Mystie began, "we would take the green paper from the places where they keep the metal boxes with the knobs on them and give it to our companions."

"...you steal money?!" I nearly shouted.

"What's stealing?" Mystie asked.

"Stealing is taking something that isn't yours," I answered, "for example, the green paper you're talking about is called money, which is what people use to receive things. The metal box that you were talking about with the weird knob is called a Safe Vault, which is used to keep money safe from thieves. The place that you're talking about that has them is called a Bank, which is where people keep their money safe."

"Oh," Mystie said surprised, "so, taking money from the Safe Faults from a Bank is stealing?"

"Yes," I answered, "and that's very, very bad!"

"Why?" Mystie asked.

"Because you're taking something that doesn't belong to you." I answered.

"Oh," Mystie said.

Well, I didn't know much about Frizzy Monsters or anything, but there was one thing that I did notice about Mystie without her explaining a whole lot to me. She didn't know much about right or wrong, and she definitely didn't know about how the real world worked either. There was a lot of stuff that she was going to need to learn, and it looked like I was the one who was going to have to teach and tell her everything.

Well...maybe not everything, but what I usually know.

"So," I began as I cleared my throat, "anything that a companion wants...you'll grant to them."

"Yes," Mystie answered without hesitation, "whatever they want."

"Well," I said, stretching my arms out, "I would like it if we became friends."

"Friends?" Mystie asked, "What are friends?"

"Friends are people that are like family that you never had," I answered, "like a family member that you wish you had, but never got. Like, a brother or sister."

"Oh," Mystie replied, "that sounds neat!"

"It is," I stated, "and, unfortunately, I don't really have that many friends... would you be my friend?"

"Yes!" Mystie cried, hugging me.

I hugged her back, feeling happy at that moment. I don't know why, but I did feel happy. And, it looked like Mystie and I would be around each other for a very, very long time.

"Hey kid," I heard Mike yell through the door as the sound of it opening and closing rung through the basement/studio, "I'm back. Richard really got messed up tonight."

He walked through and flopped down on his bed, looking over at me and Mystie as he kicked off his boots.

"Whatcha been up to while I was gone?" Mike asked.

Before I could say anything, Mystie threw her arms up in the air and yelled, "Making friends and not stealing green paper!"

Mike looked at Mystie startled, I froze thinking that he was going to freak out and try to kill Mystie somehow. He looked at me, then he looked back at Mystie. I honestly didn't know what to expect from him, but either way, his reaction was going to have some effect on us.

"The Fridge?!" The exclaimed as he laughed, looking at me, "You didn't tell me that she was animatronic!"

He passed out soon after, I looked between Mystie and Mike, not knowing exactly what to say. I honestly thought that he was going to freak out about her, but I guess that his beliefs refused him to see anything else past what he believed to be facts. He's not exactly close-minded, but he would just rather believe in science and facts instead of other things.

"What's an animatronic?" Mystie asked as she looked at me, her eyes big and round in confusion and question.

"It's a toy that can move and talk," I answered, picking Mystie up and holding her like a baby, "usually, by battery power. And battery power is an object that holds electric energy that powers things for a certain amount of time."

"But... I'm not battery powered." Mystie replied.

"I know," I said, "but, that's what Mike believes."

"That's mean!" Mystie said, crossing her tiny arms.

"Could have been worse," I said, looking at her, "he could've tried to kill you like a Chucky Doll."

"What's a Chucky Doll?" Mystie asked.

"...you do not want to know." I answered.


About the author

Shyra Rodgers

Hi, my name is Shyra.


Love to read and write.

I work part time jobs until I can earn enough to support my career choice of becoming an author.

Love all animals...except the black widow.

(I know it's a bug)

Life Lesson 1: Do what you love. 💗

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