The Journey of Room #606

Beyond the entire solar system is an entire world left to be discovered.

The Journey of Room #606

As Zack stepped into the Virtual Reality Expo, a strange feeling began coming over him. He could feel someone standing behind him. Moments later, a voice coming from a tent with the number 607, tagged in Hip Hop graffiti, grabbed the young student's attention. Zack was given a headset, plugging him into the New Verse. The further he got into the tent, the more that strange feeling from earlier also began to disappear. Before he knew it, the world he knew was beginning to fade away.

Moments after experiencing the New Verse, Zack began feeling further and further from his truth. He thought of things from his childhood to keep him calm. As the anxiety slowed down, Zack’s world became a fun house of horrors. Zack could hear Trap Soul music playing in the background as he dug in his pocket for any loose change.

Before he knew it, Zack had completely lost track of time. In the small town in California Zack had lived in, no one had seen virtual reality before. And for him to be in it, Zack knew he had to find out what the number “SIX ZERO SEVEN” truly meant. Zack’s grandfather told him about an old cowboy urban legend of a group of bank robbers over in San Antonio that had been abducted by aliens many years ago. A group of digital figures in weird outfits suddenly appearing in front of him made Zack remember the tale of the same caliber.

Before Zack knew what to say to the digital figures in front of him, one of the silhouettes charged towards Zack trying, to engage in some strange manner. However, it was a winged-like entity that came from thin air and attacked the skeleton-like hologram. To Zack's defense, the feathers on this creature seemed to come from the New Verse's world. Something Zack has seen many times in his dreams. The remaining figures slithered back to the dark corners of the digital world as the creature came towards Zack in order to try and communicate with new blood of this mysterious dimension.

As the digitized winged creature slowly approached Zack after fighting off the digital gangsters, a necklace Zack was familiar with was seen wrapped around this divine digital behemoth's neck. The creature had a long skinny beak that hooked downward towards the bottom. Its eyes were Antarctic blue, as if it was the first sapphire crystal ever formed. It began talking to Zack telepathically, allowing the newcomer to hear of the tale in which a rival shadow wolf-like figure had been in a long gruesome battle with a giant black panther whose right eye let out a crazed laser beam.

It wasn't ironic that Zack felt as if he had been in this same space and time before. The déjà vu Zack had been experiencing from the anthropomorphic creature was all he needed to be convinced. The childhood bedtime stories Zack's grandfather had been telling him his whole life had to be connected to the Room 607 controversy.

The winged creature spoke more with Zack, telling him of the origin of the New Verse. It had said that within Room 607 was a planet called Sector_54B. This planet had been inhabited by many unique aliens and creatures. Overtime, factions began forming, and rebels molded together to rise against them. The outcast to one of these rebel groups was an Alien Wolf who went by Baine; he was the identical twisted brother of Gor'ra, the panther shapeshifter of the Shadow Gorilla Fraction. Zack was unaware how deep this mythology went.

Before the digital creature of the New Verse finished its tale, Zack had looked over his shoulder to a graphic design in the form of a cave painting. The painting itself spoke to Zack in a strange voice that seemed almost to be in reverse. It seemed as thought the digital bird-creature had disappeared. The world around Zack began to glitch on and off. Black ooze began forming far away from Zack.

Deep inside Zack, the idea of making a home out of something so complex like the New Verse seemed like a peaceful thought indeed. But the bullet that came out of nowhere, making impact with Zack's skull, was truly horrific. An assassin had been hired to take care of any newcomer to the New Verse, and Zack was no exception. The memories we all seem to have as humans may seem normal on Earth, but this savage wasteland is of a different cloth. The forgotten internet-driven monarchy of the New Verse continued to form.

And so is the nature of this world of Room 607. From a soldier falling out of faith for life, to a life being taken by mistake. Transforming the setting around the protagonist and metaphorically transforming him into a giant jaguar. The wolf ever present as the antagonist. And the apes able to manipulate shadows into structures and weapons. Suicide Prevention plays the heaviest role in creating a narrative behind these stories. A science fictional twist is added to subdue to the subconscious minds of the readers in the hope to add courage and strength to the good fight.

Beyond the entire solar system is an entire world left to be discovered. Warriors are picked from infinite dimensions to battle and prosper. The world of 607 has only begun flourishing.

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