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The Jiinz Membrain

by Rho X Rose about a month ago in fantasy
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All edges are the Center

Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say.

It's as if a scream represents a synaptic flair, or a misfire, but still, the other Worbs knew, reacted… yet seemed still.

The Hiblands notice subtle changes in patterns with random environmental changes to their land. The tribe mutated into being neuter, over time as pressure shifted, but since they are immortal, continue to play a role in the court of higher order. As creatures of data, they would seek light and experiment extensively on matter and sensory perception.

Although most were used to heal ecosystems, they relieved their life cycles in perpetude and would be wiped clean of all knowledge prior, upon shifting, except in rare dreamlike states. Because of their inevitable memorial deletion, they work tirelessly toward education and data storage. They experiment and stay extremely organized. Their pairings, the Majjand, collected houses with various teas and topicals which could activate and prevent the cycle from peaking. They would often work with the Universal Field to specify conditions of optimization.

Hyblands enjoy simplicity, surrounded by nature and a nurturing family. They keep their houses clean, are crafty, prepare food in groups, raise brilliant children, and satisfy their mate's deepest desires.

Fairisies have many troops, have no desire to conquer, and prefer love. They neutralize conflict by materializing goals outside of thought. The species contains the full gambit of elements, each stereotypical character having it’s wings containing a meteorological accumulation and differentiation. No two wings are identical. Since the species are so small, their diversity is illogical. All worble life requires water, and therefore can sustain some king of Fairiser. They are the one creature that can unicorn through the Worbs. In most, however, they are imperceptible, much like sound in a vacuum.

The Gobulii tend to believe in manipulation and short-term pleasure above all else. For them, telling the truth deems one useless and weak. Their network streams have an information half-life of one to three months.

These insidious Gobulii can transgress logic because their skin is made of smoke and mirrors. They literally use reflection to persuade and illude the wanting into their trap. They use the void to keep their victims quiet… perceptively speaking, anyway.

The Gobulii, a former tribe of land-dwellers, left the sky to colonize Mars. They mutated and understood loopholes to a degree that set them apart from land-dwelling tribes. Their smoke could produce any scent, and their use of reflectors knew how to recognize which particles activated upon which scents. The technique is limited by their age, however, because it had to be mastered through social experiments with all the other phylogenetics. They became war creatures ready to seize the sun by any means necessary.

It's not until the Jiinz, a youthful and worbly Fairisey, discovers a glitch in their Membrain. He experienced the first unheard echo upload. It occurred inside the Membrain, a safe skin-like "space" that they use to quantum between Worbs, and are exclusive to Fairisies. Depending on the origin, insertion, and time spent bucking inside the Membrain, it behaves like an antenna.

How does this sound skip over space and frequency?

Still, no Fairisiey could translate its origin, nor did they consider doing so. Not all travelers could hear it, so there was no scientific significance. More and more, it seems that those who were expecting to hear it would, and those that weren’t, wouldn't.

As a child Jiinz stumbles upon a way to grasp all edges at the core of his membrane. The center line allows him to envelope in a spiral instead of a tail and compounds the additive nature of the manifold. When the twelve-fold particles of his Fairisey cells and the speed of transference through the warp into the Worbs of other scales grew, all of the combined speeds and materials, would pick up the void's silence as a murmur.

Jiinz could turn it on and off with his thoughts. More and more he practiced countering his own thoughts and choosing whichever felt better. Reaching for the next truth to a degree of alienation from those who shared adjacent mineral makeup.

Nymphocytes float between Worbs and struggle with collapsing information. Trade and bartering to activate gift giving and increase the flow of parts between places. Despite being half her size, Jiinz knew that Fambian, the Firey leader of the Nymphocytes, would travel through and vorb with him. He loved to halo at Fambian.

Halo-ing is the action of tiny particles exuding from the heart through the mind and blood into the curvature of spacetime but appears to outsiders as a generalized glow. Much like a swarm, It has direction on a microscale and needs all of his body parts to agree, such that he can control the macro. More often than not, halo-ing occurs only in the Fairisey universe, never at a larger scale. It is illegal to do so.

Truly a sensation, Jiinz kept his use of the Membrain a secret. After some time meditating on the pole of the Membrain, spinning, he begins to scale up, and he can hear each cell as it grows. The cells absorb energy from somewhere. He knew, then, that a series of screams were being absorbed into the core of his being. Like an infinity mirror of parts, each sound discoupled. Each double was subject to the change of shape and material of his cells, and whatever was happening out there acted upon his body like an orchestra. The whole phenomena only enhanced his aura with an aptitude for holy vengeance.

He began to hold the membrane to create space and practiced until he collapsed on a bed of shrommage.


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