The Island

Island of mystery

The Island
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Waves crashed as seagulls cried on an isolated island, no civilization in sight. Tall dense trees casted shadows over a single figure who lay still on the sand. A rogue wave approached the person and sunk her feet into the moist sand protecting her feet from the scorching rays of heat emitting from the sun. small coughs came from the girl as she stirred and sat up holding her hand up weakly trying to avoid the blinding sun. the young girls name is Emma she is 15 years old with long wavy brown hair that reached to her lower back complimenting her sky-blue eyes.

Emma slowly dragged her feet on the sand towards the trees where the sun wasn’t as harsh as it was on the sand, the shadows nearer the trees were cold with a tine of heat but it was bearable and it felt nice on Emma’s tender skin. As she sat leaning against a tree Emma wondered to herself…Where was she? How did she get here?... she had no memory of yesterday or the day before, growling from within her and she hugged her knees sighing…When was the last time she ate? She needed to find food before dark, she watched a movie about people who had to survive alone on an island four essential things you need to find before it gets dark; Shelter, Food, fresh water supply, weapons you have no idea what could be out there.

Emma stood up noticing a fat, long beaked chicken strolling over the sand pecking the sand for food she stared transfixed and confused… It wasn’t a chicken she wished it was a chicken…but it wasn’t it was a Dodo birds structure she studied them in museums they were supposed to be extinct…right? Emma didn’t care what it was at the time she was just thinking in the moment. Its edible it’ll do. Grabbing a thick branch, she slammed it down onto the bird’s head before it could react and run.

Grabbing the dead bird by the legs a trail of blood leaked onto the sand from the bird’s head as Emma laid it in the shadow next to her as she collected dry branches and stones creating a fire. Stacking the sticks and branches Emma smacked two stones together creating sparks it took 3 tries until the campfire finally caught fire slowly crawling up the stacked pieces of wood she then plucked and began cooking the Dodo bird.

By the time it was cooked the sun had started to set slowly sinking into the sea the sunlight dimmed more and more as it got suddenly colder and colder Emma lay on her back close to the fire, eating the cooked bird as she gazed at all the stars that started to glitter the sky not an aeroplane in sight, so quiet, peaceful anyone’s ideal paradise.

Emma sat up and turned sharply to meet the ferocious yellow eyes of the fierce growling predator that stood peering deep into her terrified soul she froze on the spot, not drawing a single breath, not removing eye contact from whatever was stood in the dark all she could see was the eyes the eyes that could rip you apart with one look. All she could tell was that this thing was big probably as big as a lion but it sounded like a bear but bears don’t have yellow eyes. What the hell is that thing?... Then she saw it…the teeth…the campfire behind her lit up the Jaws of this beast revealing its long, sharp fangs bigger than the mouth itself…it can’t be can it…they’re extinct…

The island begins drumming beneath Emma’s feet and she tumbles as the drumming gets louder…wait no, closer. All of a sudden, a pointed dull horn on the end of a scaled face hooks under the sabretooth cats belly lifting it up and swings its head launching the big cat into a tree and the large scaled animal stops drumming the ground with its elephant like feet. Emma grabs a stack and lights a fire at the end of it as she slowly approached the large giant and placed a hand on its side and it shoves Emma to the side with its thick tail. Rolling on the sand her foot gets caught under the root of a tree twisting her ankle. Unhooking her ankle, Emma reached for a large crooked rock as she heard thumps of paws padding the sand behind her it appeared something was getting closer. Much closer. Emma sharply turning. Whack! Smashing the rock against the Sabres jaw. The sound of drums began again thumping like a racing heartbeat. Sweat ran down her face frozen under this monster as it glared dangerously at Emma so close she could feel its breath. This was it. Its all over now. I’m going to die. A piercing yowl destroyed the silence as the sabretooth fell to the side a gust of wind following behind it. Emma stood up breathing heavily soaked in the blood of the wild big cat. Looking over her shoulder at the large creature lying on the sand breathlessly. The golden sun peeked over the sea marking a new dawn. Outlines of the dying cat and the injured giant form slowly as the sun rose, warm red liquid shimmered in the sunlight. Emma steadily walked to the Trike and sat beside it, placing a gentle hand on its side looking at the large wounds and cuts it gained from the fight.

Emma dragged a large palm tree leaf and placed it over the wounded triceratops, sudden movement from the dinosaur startled Emma, she backed away as it lazily tilted its head and nipped the stem of the leaf pulling it towards him and began munching on it. Emma watched knowing what he ate, she gathered more palm tree leaves and piled them in front of the Triceratops.

Procrastinating next to the dinosaur as she stared at the limp sabretooth she glanced at her shoes and stood up strolling towards the sabretooth, grabbing a long stick, Emma prodded the still feline making sure it was dead. No movement. She carefully stood over the sabretooth and crouched down lifting its head, clutching one of its long fangs tightly and forcefully yanks it until it pops out its mouth as blood trickling down its lips.

Emma ties the tooth to a long stick with a shoelace but it falls apart instantly. Sighing, Emma leaves the fang and the stick on the sand, walking into the dark shadows of the trees exploring wearily glancing around for something to use for a weapon or to craft one.

Raspy barks could be heard throughout the trees travelling in the wind. Emma gasped seeing a faint blur of green-brown colour zoom across the path ahead of her disappearing into the wind. Swiftly turning around now deciding This was a very bad idea another blur of blue-green colour sped a little slower than the first one across the path ahead of Emma she caught a glimpse of its body. Raptors…I know about these…carnivorous…they hunt in packs…fast very, very fast I need higher ground then ill have the advantage…Emma sharply spins around looking for a something tall, she stops and notices a high cliff in the distance I can make that…right?

Shivers tremble up Emma’s spine as she feels a gust of wind unnaturally speed up then slow down as a Raptor sprinted fast behind Emma disappearing into the wind again. The sudden gust of wind triggered Emma to take the chance and bolt for the cliff ignoring the Raptors that race swiftly behind her two Raptors on each side deliberately slowing down so they could stay at the side of her.

Emma knew they could get her at anytime so why were they playing this sadistic game of cat and mouse. They’re smart. They use teamwork. Usually in packs of three to four…Emma halted to a stop at the edge of a large canyon she turned to the three Raptors that had halted side bye side. The taller green-brown raptor let out three raspy barks signalling the pack. Emma tried to back away glancing at her feet that stood an inch away from a hundred-foot drop into the abyss. Staring back at the Raptors that taunted her taking a step closer to her as she trembles fearfully.

Screaming, sudden jolt of pain and weight appeared on her back as she felt claws hooking into her shoulders ripping Emma’s flesh another Raptor launched over the canyon this time landing on the edge of the opposite side it hooked its claws onto Emma’s ankle dragging her and the raptor down into the depths of the canyon with it.

Rushing water streams over Emma’s face silencing the world around her. Floating past rocks and twigs her head sunk under for a second as she gasped and grabbed a stationary rock on instinct pulling herself out of the water dragging herself onto grass Emma panted heavily taking off her shirt and wringing it onto the ground, sharply turning her head and freezes gasping as a sudden jolt of hot electric pain surged in her back and her neck. Emma reached backwards and touched her back then looked at the blood on her hand. Ugh… Emma could feel the adrenaline beginning to fade as her head started to pounding against her skull, her legs crumbled to her knees as she groaned suddenly feeling extremely weak and cold, Emma curled up into a ball on the grass as glass shattered inside her feet and fingers pricking her skin.

A 5-inch-tall Jerboa bounces on four feet curiously sniffing the sleeping human on the grass as it runs and hides sensing the girl coming around. Emma drowsily rubbed her eyes as the pain disappeared as the cuts and wounds started to heal inhumanly fast. What the hell…

The small brown Jerboa slowly creeped up to Emma still hidden in the tall grass but when she quickly glanced at the Jerboa it hopped into a burrow hiding Emma watched it startled staring at the burrow sitting up she took some berries from her pocket eating one at a time not noticing the Jerboa sneaking closer to her, it quickly reaches and snatches a berry from Emma’s hand bolting into the bushes the eat it. Emma flinches and smiles at the Jerboa as it munches on the berry swaying its long bushy tail, Emma clicks her tongue and the Jerboa purrs deeply walking to Emma eating more berries out of her hand. Curling on Emma’s lap the Jerboa snugs its nose under its tail falling asleep purring.

Sudden Raspy barks Jolted Emma onto her feet, she recognised that sound. She did not want to go through that again, the Jerboa climbed onto Emma’s shoulder as she sharply turned glancing at her surroundings. How could she be so stupid. She had forgotten how she fell into the canyon. She survived. They could’ve too. Emma saw an old ruin and strolled towards it picking up a brick and smashes it against the ruin notifying the raptors where they were.

Climbing onto the ruin the Jerboa hops onto the brick wall next to Emma as Raptors leaped and stopped in front of the ruin trying to claw and bite her ankles. The Jerboa barks again and jumps onto the Raptors head as it opens its mouth and snaps down on the Jerboa it yelps and climbs out and onto the raptors head clawing its eyes blinding the raptor the Jerboa jumped onto the brick wall climbing onto Emma’s shoulder. Emma gives the Jerboa a berry and it begins to heal her wound. Emma watched the Raptor in silence as it backs away and races off into the wind.

Emma sighs in relief as she sees a vine hanging off the cliffside of the canyon. Smiling she jumps off the wall and grabs the vine tying it around her waist pulling it hard testing how strong it is before placing two feet on the wall then walking and pulling herself up to the middle of the canyon wall. Almost there…halfway. Just a bit more to go. The Jerboa climbs the wall with ease hopping onto the canyon wall as Emma glared at the Jerboa that peeked her head over the wall at Emma barking.

“Yeah, I get it, you’re a better climber. You have claws for it! I don’t!” Emma feels the vine snap slightly and she gasps clutching the cliff side as terror made her heart jump out of her throat, thinking the Jerboa was tearing the vine she gripped the crooked edge of the wall as the vine suddenly got yanked upwards forcefully pulling Emma up the wall, she started to hear multiple faint voices as she got closer to the top of the canyon wall someone grabbed both her arms and pulled her onto her feet moving her away from the edge.

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