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The Interplanetary Ships

by Georgenes Medeiros 5 months ago in future
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First of all, the fact that interplanetary ships exist is no longer a secret to anyone. In the past, I only believed in what I saw, which we have a lot of people who also understand that way.

First of all, the fact that interplanetary ships exist is no longer a secret to anyone. In the past, I only believed in what I saw, which we have a lot of people who also understand that way. We live in the information age and I speak of what I have seen and experienced, I am fully convinced that my vibration allows me to speak and see about the subject.

Let's mention a little about interplanetary ships, which scientists ignore or question, making humanity doubt or trying to deceive the existence of such ships, perhaps because not everyone is prepared to hear about it. The interplanetary ships all move with solar energy. They are made of a material that does not exist here, which is bulletproof and resistant to everything; they are one-piece, do not have welds, joints or rivets and are driven by means of buttons. They have two horizontal tubes of a material that does not exist on this planet, light, much like aluminum, but brighter and more resistant. These tubes run through the ship from front to back.

From the front, which is where solar energy enters and from behind comes the burned energy, which are the tails of fire that leave the spaceships where they pass, not unlike rockets we know. They are not all round, because there is an elongated model, in the shape of a cigar, capable of carrying hundreds of beings. So, not all have the same model or the same size. These are the transport vehicles of the other planets.

The crews of these ships communicate with each other telepathically, with no need for phones or television or any of that sort of thing. They have all their faculties awakened. Any earthling of those who bray so loudly, like the North American gentlemen and other powers, who believe they are the only ones who know, what these poor ignorant people do, without truly knowing the wonders that exist on other planets? The extraterrestrials' interplanetary ships are ready, ready to go out to rescue all those people who are working and prepared for this knowledge that we pass on.

They know, there is no need to call them because they know us inside and out. In the ships it will be the rescue, when the time comes. There are very few, counting with the fingers of the hands, who will succeed, because no one wants to work and prepare, otherwise everything is brought to the mind and theories come out of the mind, which is the ego itself that takes them, and here we need facts : Starting at once the work we have to do, teaching those who are lay and unprepared.

I make this narration with the aim of letting the whole world know at once the truth, that we are not the only inhabitants of our solar system and our galaxy, but yes, we are the most inferior, because those countries that believe themselves to be the great powers , who know everything, with their facts are demonstrating the opposite. With the atrocities that they are committing against themselves and against others, the quality of humanity that we are is demonstrated, I say that there is still a lot of evolution needed before we reach such perfection.

Don't come and tell me these tales they make up, which I do know. That's why we wrote this article, so that Humanity can see how the North American gentlemen and the gentlemen scientists have it wrapped in pure lies and threats. This I say sustenance all the time and if we have to die for keeping the truth, we die.

My opinion

I am absolutely sure that this earth will not exist for a few million years, and that we are not from here, the ships will be our rescue for another planet more evolved and more prepared for humanity and other millions of races that are already in a more advanced evolution. early. I believe that the planets will always be destroying and renewing themselves, leading the races that exist to adapt to other worlds.

By an accident, here where we live, it became adaptable to human beings, but for a short time. There are beings worried about this. Our time is running out and we need to quickly evolve to the next stage of survival in another world. Respecting the diversity of existing breeds is the first step to be learned by everyone. I hope it doesn't take long.

Thanks for reading and until the next story.

This summary was taken from the Hercolobus Book - VM Rabolu.


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Georgenes Medeiros

53 years old, divorced, graduated in Business Administration, writer, translator, available for new challenges.

Despite everything still in search of a soul mate.

If it's you call me....

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