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The Intellectual Aquarius

by joveline fevrier about a year ago in astronomy

the most eccentric zodiac of all

The world has now evolved into all sorts of conventional norms and stereotypical conceptions toward what a good human should become, although there’s no denying that the world has become more innovative and diverse this way, the appearances of social medias have made teenagers struggle with living under the spotlight. The prescriptions of insecurities and mental health issues are held closely into these teenagers’ perceptions, and these issues are now accustomed. Teenagers now believe that they should have insecurities so that they will finally get accepted into the society, they are convinced that these things are a slice of their teenage lives and happiness can only be accomplished when they have grown enough to know the basis of life. This is why we should aspire to be Aquarians, and learn how to have self-acceptance like they do :

When i say Aquarians are eccentric, they really are, it’s not even an exaggeration. They are always the odd one out, there will always an aspect in our lives where their predilections and mindsets differ from everyone else’s. Out of all the rare aquarians I have met, none of them are dull, they are always viewed as the “mysterious” people in class due to the fact that they are unforeseeable. Surprisingly enough, they think that being viewed as abnormal is a badge of honor. Sometimes I feel like everyone in this judgemental society should aspire to be these kinds of Aquarians, I’m not saying that we all should change our Zodiac signs to Aquarius, but i’m saying that we should learn from their free-spirited nature, their trait in not following the conventional norms that have been implemented in the society, as well as how they always have the tendency to observe more and talk less. Instead of caring about other people’s business, we all should learn to look back and reflect whether we are qualified to be giving out criticisms and confronting other people, when we are not perfect either.

Aquarians tend to think that freedom is the most important aspect of life, I guess that is why they are viewed as strange, because they do everything their way. But trust me, freedom is actually the best thing that will ever occur to you. Being able to stop worrying about what others think of you and convey your thoughts freely for the first time can actually be certified as the best feeling of satisfication a human can feel in their lives. So stop giving out consent forms to the people in the society and asking them to sign it so that you will be given the approbation to do things.

Aquarians also think that the main concern in their lives is how to overflow life with good vibes, who they surround themselves with as well as how to continue doing the things that make them happy, I genuinely think that these things are necessary for us to be concerned about as well. I noticed that many of us tend to set the meaning of life as something like to make tons of money or to have a pretty or handsome partner, but I personally feel like life has no meaning, because we are assigned to find the meaning of life ourselves. And once again, Aquarians’ mindsets are somehow the perfect example to this statement, it’s to concern yourself with all the conceptions that you find important and meaningful.

As human beings, we are given the privilege to run our own imaginations. I’m 100% sure that everyone had at least thought about something that people might find bizarre or weird, but they have never actually thought about it or run these bizarre imaginations into the real world like Aquarians do. Though we might find it cliché, but Aquarius is one of the most creative zodiac signs, they view the world differently. This is because instead of saving or taming their imaginations in their minds, they let their imaginations run wild to the point where they are the ones being controlled by their imaginations. I have realised that many people are trying so hard to fit into the society and forcing themselves into following the trend, but these restrict them into being themselves. Although there are a lot of stigmas in the society, one that absolutely ridiculed me is the portrayal of stereotypical conceptions that people always find the most “righteous”, just like how art is seen as something ‘pointless’ by them. I find myself thinking that maybe if these conceptions weren’t there in the first place, people wouldn’t be ashamed to show their inner extraordinary self, and the world would be so much better.

This zodiac is also usually seen as the insensitive zodiac, but we need to realise that everything isn’t about our sentiment. Sometimes Aquarians just like to settle on involving less emotions into some matters, because they know they are going to get hurt at last. Due to the fact that people care too much about their validity in the society, we, again should learn from Aquarians. People should know that it’s okay to be yourself and accepting all our weirdness is the key towards a happy life. To what extent should we be too concerned and immersed in other people’s judgement upon us? By the end of the day, the ones living these lives are us, so why not make the most out of it?

If we were to be questioned, would you prefer having a fake friend or an honest real friend, I’m pretty sure that more than majority of the people being questioned would favour having an honest and truthful friend, and this adds to another objective as of why we should be true to ourselves and accept all our flaws. The realization about being peculiar isn’t something to be ashamed of should be implemented into all of the people in the society. Being the odd one out is like spotting the word “exclusive discount” in any shop, we would rush, buy and use those products, us being ‘exclusive’ just signifies that everyone else wished and wanted to be us instead. Since I’m pretty sure we all have had enough to worry about, why not care less about the society’s stigmas of these stereotypical conceptions and care more about yourself, who should you surround yourself with as well as things that would make you happy. And in all seriousness, just aspire to be weird but free-spirited Aquarius.


joveline fevrier

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joveline fevrier
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