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The Human Experiment: Dark Origins, Dark Ends

by Creative Hub 5 years ago in future
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The Human Experiment

Last week, I had a dream. A dream like no other dream could possibly be. It was, in fact, a nightmare. The most profoundly horrifying, fear to induce, soul chilling nightmare I have ever had in my life. And let me tell you, this is not easily achievable feat. I have had a long list of nightmares in my life. A list as long as the wars of humanity. But no nightmare was ever like this one. No night mare could ever be like this one. I shall never forget it. It will haunt me for the rest of my life. Even though I am risking a complete nervous breakdown in doing so, I am going to relate it to in its entirety. It concerns the true origins of man.

Many minds have pondered the most serious questions of life throughout the ages. Is there a deep purpose and meaning to life? If so, what is it? Is there a god or gods responsible for creating us and this world we live in? Is there intelligent life out there in the great beyond of space? If there is, do any of them have the ability to reach Earth? If so, have they? If so, just what the hell is their intention? This nightmare of mine is going to answer all of these questions. The answers are darker and more disturbing than anything you ever possibly imagine in your most terrifying dreams. Or should I say nightmare?

The dream started well enough. In fact, in its beginning stages, I thought this was going to be one of the most pleasing dreams I’d ever had in my life.

It was a crisp, clear early December morning when I escorted my dog Poe on his regular, Saturday countryside walk. Everything was covered by a comforter of snow. The trees were all covered with generous sprinkles of snow lying across their leafless branches. It was a beautiful, wondrous scene.

Poe, a Border Collie/Husky mix was having the time of his life. He enjoyed nothing more than running loose and playing in the snow. Along the way, we met Francesca, my significant other, and the three of us played like three kids who just had been told that school had been canceled for the day. It was pure Nirvana.

But the joy, as it always does, ended too soon. Francesca had to go home to get ready for work. Hell, I was starting to get tired by that time anyway, so Poe and I started for home. I didn’t know then of the dark horrors that were soon to come. Horrors which, I believed, would have been beyond all imagination. Horrors of the origins of our species.

There was a long way to get home and a shorter way. I decided to take the shorter way, which required trekking through a densely wooded area.

As Poe and I started into the woods, a strange kind of unpleasant sensory feeling fell over me. This, as I look back now was a warning not to enter. And it is the regret of my life that I did not heed this warning.

Once inside, there seemed to be no way out. This place seemed somehow to be a living, breathing entity, a willing co-conspirator aiding the dark desires of another living entity. Poe began wailing and jumping around in all sorts of wild, irregular patterns.

My sense of where I was and what direction I needed to go in were both gone. Then, out of total nothingness, came a strange beam of light racing toward me at a high rate of speed. It was burrowing a path through the trees like the Tasmanian devil in an old Looney Tunes cartoon.

The light was extremely bright and blinding. Then, the second it encased my entire body, everything went black and I fell unconscious into the snow.

What had started as a pleasant, joy filled dream, now turned into a horrifying, torturous nightmare. It would ingrain itself into my already troubled psyche and drive me to near madness. It would, with the passing of time, descend down into the very sinews of my mind, body, and soul. I am trembling now, as I write this, in abject reflective fear, just recalling it for you here.

I woke up completely disoriented and strapped down to a table in a low lit, odorous smelling room. I was overwhelmed by nausea and fearful that if I began throwing up, I would choke to death on my own vomit.

Within a few minutes of my waking, the table I was strapped down to was surrounded by seven otherworldly creatures. They were all similarly featured with hard scaly skin, small bulbous yellow eyes, elongated noses, and mouths that seemed to sneer even when in repose. They were, without a doubt, reptilian.

I was shivering badly as if besieged by pneumonic chills. I was afraid. And when I looked into their static, indifferent eyes, I became even more afraid. It was then that began to communicate with me. They were no spoken words. All communication was blunt, straightforward telepathy.

The creature at the foot end of the table initiated the first communication. This creature must have been the one in charge because all of the others looked at it from a position of lower rank and took their cues from it.(I say ‘it’ because I can’t any sexual differences between them)

“Are you receiving my communication?” the one in charge said.

“Yes,” I managed to reply in a terrified voice.

“Good. You have been chosen.”

“Chosen for what?”


“Concerning what?”

“The true origins of your species. And why you are here”

And what was soon to follow was the enlightenment of Toby M.Wollstonecraft. But before they’d even started, I kept thinking,’I don’t want to know. Please, I beg of you. Don’t do this. Please. I don’t want to know’

But my thoughts went unheeded by these indifferent, reptilian creatures. The enlightenment was nearly at hand. I will never forget the experience. I can never forget it. It is ingrained into my psyche, burned there for the rest of my days.

“Your existence was not accidental,” said the one standing just to the right of the one in charge. “Nor was it the work of gods.”

“There are no gods?”


“Have there ever been any gods?”

“No. Gods did not create you. Our ancestors created you.”

“For what purpose?”

“A scientific experiment. Nothing more.”

“Our entire existence has been nothing more than a scientific experiment?”

“Yes. The time for talk is now done. There is much you have to be shown. Come.”

The restraints were removed from my ankles and wrists. I eased myself up slowly from the table. I was weak and unbalanced.

I tried to stand but fell right over the second my feet touched the floor. Not one of them made a move to help me. They just stood there staring at me through their cold, indifferent eyes. Finally, I struggled to my feet and stayed there.

I was then escorted to a vast room, a room shrouded in total, controlled darkness. Again, I was restrained around the wrists and ankles. But this time, it was while sitting stiffly upright in a hard, cold chair. Then, I was left alone. Then, began the efficient, precise surgical invasion of my mind. I will never be the same.

Suddenly, I felt the presence of something in the room. I heard nothing. I was being approached from different directions. I could see nothing.

Then came another telepathic communication. It was concise, without the slightest excess of words. It explained about what they were about to do to me.

“We are planting a chip in your brain. A knowledge chip. On it is the true origins of your species and all that has followed. Once implanted, it will infuse itself into your brain. The knowledge contained within it will be permanently yours.”

The communication had no sooner ended than the surgical procedure began. First, came a sharp, painful puncture of my skin. It was a long, narrow needle of some kind. A burning sensation flushed through my skin and spread like a wildfire throughout the rest of my body. The intensity of this burning sensation was so intense, I wanted to scream. And I tried to scream. But when I opened my mouth, nothing came out.

Then only after a few, brief moments had passed, my entire body not went numb, but became paralyzed as well. Yet, I was conscious and fully aware. My eyes saw nothing. My ears heard nothing.

The surgical procedure for planting the chip was underway. Somehow, I could see the entire procedure in my mind’s dreaming eye. The procedure was quick, precise, and extremely efficient.

A narrow hole was bored through the skin and skull in order to access a pathway to the brain. Once complete, the boring instrument retreated back out of the opening and returned to wherever it had originated.

The chip, attached to the end of a thin, tube-like device, then passed through the opening until it reached the outermost area of the brain. The device, with an exact, flawless pre-programmed knowledge of where it was supposed to go, moved to the intended area and placed the chip into the brain without the faintest sign of wavering.

The device then retreated back out of the bored out opening. The opening in the skull and the skin were then repaired with a separate filler material appropriate to each. The surgery was complete. Once done, I lost consciousness and fell into a long hard sleep. Once there, the true origins of the human species would be revealed to me. Once there, things could never be the same.

The true origins of the human species. The knowledge was now mine. And before I even had this knowledge, I knew I didn’t want to have it. And now that I did have it, I wanted it even less. But it would be mine as long as I breathed life. It would never leave me. This knowledge would haunt me for the rest of life. My mind would never again know peace.

This knowledge came to my dreaming eye in a long, seamless series of picturesque scenes. These scenes unfolded with a rapid, vivid clarity I had never experienced before. They were playing out so quickly, in fact, I wouldn’t have thought it possible to see, process, and comprehend them. But somehow, it was possible.

I saw laboratories, scores of them all told, well-stocked and well-staffed with highly motivated, highly intelligent reptilian beings. They were shown taking part in all of the diligent preparation that goes into the pre-experimental process.

What followed were the initial stages of the experiment itself. They encountered many failures early on. I saw a hideous display of malformed skulls, limbs, and organs. After that came pictures of partially formed body systems and skeletons, disembodied head and individual fingers and toes. Progress was extremely slow at first. But then the experiment accelerated quickly when a major breakthrough was reached quite accidentally. In the short hereafter of time, the experiment achieved its first complete success. It was here that the reality of the creation of humans was realized.

Buoyed by this success, the experiment continued on in the long stretch of time that followed by creating slight alterations to the original model. These progressions allowed for both physical and physiological improvements, as well as a healthy variety of the species.

As time continued to pass by in the centuries and millennia that followed, variable factors were added to the experiment. Such factors included societal, cultural, political, and religious belief systems. Other factors included improvements in tools, technologies, inventions, and thought processes. The creators would then stand back and watch the entirety of human behavior with their coldly efficient eyes of scientific indifference.

Do you realize what this means? Do you? Has it sunk in and registered wholly in your mind? The entire history of the human species on this planet has been nothing more than a scientific experiment conducted by a superior reptilian species of beings.

We are, in essence, nothing more than galactic lab rats. And believe it or not, this shocking revelation is not even the worst and most disturbing thing I’d learned. No, the worst and most disturbing thing was yet to come.

So, here I am, Toby M. Wollstonecraft, now having learned the revelation to end all revelations. Human beings were brought into existence as a result of a scientific experiment conducted by a highly intelligent, clearly superior reptilian species of beings.

And, as if the burden of carrying around that news in my head wasn’t enough, there was more dark news to come. Every second of our existence, every single goddamn moment of it since that initial creation has been an ongoing continuation of the same experiment.

When this knowledge all first came to me, I had no reaction to it at all. I was intellectual, psychologically, and emotionally numb. I had been through a severe, life altering trauma. At first, I just couldn’t accept it. Then, as time passed and acceptance set in, I went through a brief period of screaming and crying uncontrollably.

But enough of my reactions to all of this. The darkest, most troubling news of all was yet to come. What could this news possibly be? Well, I’ll tell you if you really want to know. Hell, I’ll tell you even if you don’t really want to know.

Here it is: The human experiment is being terminated. Did you get that? Do you understand? If not, I’ll repeat it for you. The human experiment is being terminated. The end, my friends, is near. The end, my friends, is coming for us all. Extinction. The end of the human species for once and for all of the time. Into the abyss, we will go, into the great void of dark, absolute nothingness.

The end is set to begin in the year 2020 and will occur in reduction increments of 1 billion a year for approximately seven years. So, by the end of the year 2027, there will be no more humans in existence on Earth.

Why have our creators decide to end this human experiment of theirs? Well, it all comes down to the high costs of continuing such an experiment. This has been an extremely costly experiment (Which is not surprising considering that it has lasted 200,000 years or so)

No one back on their home planet is willing to foot the bill for it anymore. Not the public, private, or political sector. No one. Currently, there are enough funds to last until the end of 2027. After that …

So, you see, the end of the human race is simply due to a lack of funds. Deeply depressing, I know. But yet somehow, it seems poetically just, don’t you think?

You’ll have to excuse me now. I’m going to crawl into a deep, dark corner somewhere and have a total nervous breakdown. Then, I am going to take off all of my clothes and go completely mad. After that, who knows?


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