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The History Behind One Of The Most Revered Jedi To Ever Live

by Culture Slate 6 months ago in star wars
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How Much Do You Know About This Jedi Master?

Mace Windu was one of the most revered Force sensitive humans. He possessed a power known as shatterpoint. Shatterpoint was a unique power for Jedi and this power allowed Windu to recognize vulnerabilities in objects via the Force and then exploit them using the shatterpoint ability. Mace Windu was able to recognize weaknesses in objects and structures surrounding him and people as well. This unique power made Mace Windu an exceptionally dangerous foe in battle. Besides this shatterpoint power, Mace Windu possessed the gift of foresight, where he had many glimpses of the future where he envisioned himself wielding a purple-bladed lightsaber.

The fan base is most familiar with Mace Windu from the second trilogy of the Star Wars saga and The Clone Wars. This period for the Jedi was a time of conflict and struggle. This era was known as the Separatist Crisis, spurring the birth of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and igniting the beginning of the Clone Wars. Windu led the Jedi to defend the Republic, becoming the leaders of the Grand Army of the Republic. He also fought against Supreme Chancellor Palpatine but fell to his death after being betrayed by Anakin Skywalker.

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Mace Windu was born on Haruun Kal in 72 BBY. As a youngling, Mace Windu was sent to the Jedi Order because of his innate kinship to the Force. Mace Windu went through some rough patches while training in the Jedi Arts just as Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Ben Solo, and many others. Just like the others, Mace Windu had to learn patience and to temper his emotions. Mace Windu had experienced trouble in building his lightsaber. He later became the Padawan of Jedi Master Cyslin Myr. Although Mace Windu experienced trials and tribulations, he was able to rise through the ranks and achieved the rank of Jedi Master, allowing him a seat on the ruling body of the Jedi Order, the Jedi High Council. During that time, he was also trained by Yoda. Windu was considered a very powerful Jedi and was even one of the youngest Jedi to become a Jedi Master at age 28.

Mace Windu was the leader of many missions in the Jedi Council’s timeline in defending the Republic and looking out for Jedi. One interesting mission included a trip to the Outer Rim planet of Oosalon. At the time, the populace was experiencing terrorist attacks by Guatakko the Grim’s Army. These attacks took place just prior to the Invasion of Naboo. Guatakko the Grim’s Army was comprised of orphans and kidnapped child soldiers. During this mission, Mace Windu allowed himself to be captured so he could be taken to Guatakko to locate the warlord’s operations base. The base was hidden in 80,000 kilometers of echoing tunnels. During Mace Windu’s capture, his lightsaber was dismantled. He was able to put it back together in time using the Force and was able to defeat Guatakko the Grim’s Army with the help of his Jedi and one of the abducted children who revolted against Guatakko. This abducted child delivered the fatal shot to Guatakko.

Mace Windu was one of four Jedi that closely monitored Anakin Skywalker’s Jedi training. This was the beginning to the speculation that the Force of the dark side was causing a disruption in the Jedi and Republic’s peace and stability. Yoda and Windu met and concluded that the Separatist Crisis was worsening, after Obi-Wan Kenobi’s finding a secret army of hundreds of thousands of clone troopers on the planet Kamino. Kenobi also discovered that the army of clone troopers were built to wage a war against the Republic. This led to the dispatch of Windu and his Jedi assault team to Geonosis to save Kenobi, while Yoda went to take command of the clone troopers on Kamino. When Windu arrived and confronted Count Dooku, the leader of this invasion against the Republic, Windu stated, “This party’s over.” This led to the First Battle of Geonosis, where the Jedi fought valiantly but were only able to escape after Yoda and the clone troopers arrived. Mace Windu would not allow the Jedi to surrender to Count Dooku.

It is interesting to learn that Mace Windu was so powerful and influential in the Jedi Council. He was very close to Yoda and their working relationship, regarding sensing the dark side around them, led to them having a chance against Chancellor Palpatine and his evil plan of destroying the Jedi and the Republic. Mace Windu sat on the Jedi Council during a time of struggle and corruption. The Clone Wars exhibited the struggle and turmoil that the Jedi Council and Republic faced in keeping the corruption of the Chancellor at bay. Mace Windu fought valiantly alongside his Jedi assault team and Yoda. He was finally betrayed by one of his own, Anakin Skywalker, who later became Darth Vader, a Sith Lord, under Darth Sidious’ influence, manipulation, and control.

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Written by Charles Cunha

Source(s): Wookieepedia, Stupendous Wave YouTube Channel

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