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The Hatter's Tale: by LUiS Thompson

"Downal wyth Bluddy Behg Hid!!" - Hatter

By LUiS Wrote THiS BlogPublished 2 years ago Updated 11 months ago 3 min read
Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Log Line:

A renowned chemist's son is compelled to learn the truth about his family's elixir.

Dramatic Question:

"Will the Hatter seek retribution for the terrible secrets found in his Father's potions and chemicals?"

The Hatter’s Tale: By LUi$ Thompson

"The being of light itself recognized that it has produced a myriad of worlds behind it now as the speed of light in the shape of a human returned from a time-lapse-like paradox."

Enter the Blink Point Multiverse.

There is a planet named [Earth 545] in this world where Gothic City is located. A sorrowful — yet giving holiday-like attitude pervades this city, and it never fades among the locals. Societies exist in plain sight, but they are always hidden from the police and the rabble. The constant day-to-day grind is people struggling to make ends meet and go forward. There is a hidden community upstate in Gothic City for inhabitants born with gifted potential but unable to merge into human culture.

Rain and thunder frequently blanket Gothic City's metal jungle; the city's steel forest, which is made up of skyscrapers and police blimps, is all that illuminates the city's nighttime horizons. Many of Gothic City's police personnel and politicians have turned a blind eye to the town's crime. Nonetheless, some residents have adopted the people's voice and embraced a vigilante belief system. Those foundations being that it is of highest importance to some citizens to take the gifted potential of the wealthy and return it to the poor and disaster. As a result, the mafia and the corrupt police force began delaying any attempt to plunder their pockets. As a result, the compromised police force and the mob began delaying any attempt by the opposition to plunder their pockets under their noses.

Many of the most cherished and recognized events in Gothic City have something to do with science. Science ruled everything, including competitions, school events, and even everyday enjoyment. And that no other mode of thinking could be regulated or accepted as normal in Gothic City society. Dr. Jonathan Ichabod Crane, an ambitious chemist, was one of Gothic City's most favored and sought after people. With breakthrough after breakthrough being detected and recognized in Gothic City, the doctor was able to develop a serum that would allow more people to control their gifted potential flare-ups.

Dr. Crane had an intuitive sense that his first child had a strange relationship with Etymology. Unseen in babies, Dr. Crane speculated to his wife that their heir might be tied to the gifted potential that he himself had never experienced. Dr. Crane began experimenting with liquid Mercury when his wife died shortly after giving birth. The doctor started looking for a good base for a new serum. Dr. Crane did some research and discovered that this element was the source of a high risk of mercury poisoning among hat workers.

Dr. Crane discovered that the signs of Mercury toxicity included neurological impairment and tremors. Surprisingly, these findings resulted in the term "mad as a hatter." Many shady cops and mobsters were employed to track out and apprehend gifted potential citizens for future immoral experiments. To protect himself and his son, Dr. Crane hired far too many well-armed individuals. The son of Dr. Crane, Jervis Ichabod Crane, now traversed the domain of the living with no personal supervision and the mindset that a new uprising had to be televised, or at the very least streamed.

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science fiction

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LUiS Wrote THiS Blog

When he's not designing or laying down brutalities in Mortal Kombat, LUiS Thompson is establishing a foundation the writing communities.

Link: vegaamanwins.univer.se

Email: [email protected]

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