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The Guild Master


By Ocusan MPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 4 min read

The Mirror showed a different reflection that wasn’t my own as the mirrors enigma of a organic plant based wire opened a portal making it a hidden amulet of communication between other worlds. It didn’t take long to repair the Shigawire with tree amber I found in the yard. It worked fine, as i learned the reason it sang was because it had been coated with the oil of elacca wood that produces the Semuta songs. The mirror then opened up to reveal not the Reverend Mother but a vast open beach. There resting in the sand was a golden tailed mer-man who was illuminating rainbow colors underneath a twin sunned sky. I was expecting the Reverend Mother, I said to the golden mythological being. It is she who recommended to have the mirror in my garden in order to fulfill your request upon meeting me. I then realized I was speaking to a Guild Master. In the old days we had to be inside a closed tank clouded with orange spice melange. I bowed my head in respect to the words of the creator. This is no longer necessary as you can see from many decades of adjustment I am able to breathe the outside air. He gleamed as a mirrored spectacle with a voice that sounded like sound of ten thousand tigers. Why is it so that you have requested to speak to the God Emperor? His eyes searched in Question. I tried my best to find the words. I come from another world that is far away, where there is near the moon a most intriguing phenomenon. Ah, yes your spaceship that you communicate to. How did you know? One knows many things from centuries of folding space. The waves of the sea rushed around his fish tail while I searched for more words. I do not know these people and am tired of not seeing who they are..The internet is a vast sea to itself, I remember when it did not exist. Have you ever encountered ufos? I saw many of them and still do, although there are fewer because of the internet. It’s strange how they use aviators instead of allowing themselves to be revealed. I think because they aren’t in a human body, and use mechanical bodies that need care from the human body. He breathed out a breath of fire, his eyes revolving much as a lizard. He truly was a dragon, and yet I enjoyed his company. One time I was communicating to spirit aliens who found aviators and said they were living on Mars. Ah yes, the little tiny ones. I lost communication with them, and think of them from time to time. The study of pre historic animals was fascinating, wasn’t it? It was indeed, I found almost all of the Mammoth bones, as Daniel would get so excited about. The Guild Master rolled his eyes, the memory was music to his ears. You had that white dog, what was his name? Spirit. Yes he was very comforting upon petz beach. I had the shepherd dog as well who prayed with the wolf in the forest. It was more comforting to communicate with beings who were situated somewhere rather then in a mechanical ship that caused too much stress. You wish for them to relocate to a planet surface..Or to use a separate device such as a Nintendo that requires no internet. Ah yes, the gamming device with the Nunchucks. It would help since others have cameras that can see them bobbing up and down with the attached balloon. You wonder about the balloon..I wonder who’s inside the balloon as I get emails about animal tests such as mice forced to tread water. Ah yes, the Maud’dib, he would agree that trending water in space would certainly be unbearable. Someone should visit what’s up there, as many space crews must see it. I agree fully my friend, I wish there was something I could do, it’s very far away yet I need not a balloon to travel through space. It’s a very beautiful thing to be free. The balloon seems more like a ball and chain. The company that is listed as their support team never replies. Once a company that hosted dragons decided to discontinue, sadly afterwards their were several sightings of elf like creatures crying in the forests as if they had been abandoned. Then the creatures went away, and were no more. Companies should not abandon their products who are like children, as some exist inside your Area 51. That is the entire problem, a zoned off area that is unexplainable to the inhabitants that surround the land. We have nothing like that here. The twin suns were sinking into the atmosphere making The Emperor’s time come to an end. When darkness comes, I must descend into my abyss underneath the sea. Will I ever see you again? I wanted to extend my arms to touch his body but the mirror held me back. I think it’s a possibility, my distant friend. His smile was like One thousand smiles, as I said goodnight. The Suns sank together as I watched his tail dive down beneath the murky sea, forever etching his presence within my mind.


About the Creator

Ocusan M

I write in a surrealistic style & enjoy collage art

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