The Guardians of the Realms

The Beginning

The Guardians of the Realms

Introduction 1: The Beginning

Long ago, the world of unknown was created. Eight realms were created with civilizations and creatures of all kinds. But, later on through life, Resurrection Day occurred. Heroes, villains, soldiers, and warriors of all kinds died protecting the lands they love. About fifty years after, new heroes arrived. However, new heroes means new villains to face. The era of New Days Heroes has finally begun.

Introduction 2: Nexal FireFurr

In the Dark Realm sits a lost, scared, and frightened creature. The creature is a humanoid who shifts to a wolf when he wants. Long ago he lost his family do to a raid on his village. Everyday after that he has sworn to take down the people who raided his village and make sure they pay for what they have done.

As he is sitting there in his tree, there was a bright flash. A person appears in front of him. He hurries to his feet and draws his sword. “WHO ARE YOU?!” he exclaimed.

“I am the Path Finder,” says the stranger in a soft toned voice.

“Well, what do you want, I don’t like people,” said the frightened wolf.

“No need to worry for I am not person, I am a being born from a star. A celestial if you please. I helped create most of these realms,” says the strange man in a softer voice. “I am no enemy to you,” he assures to the wolf.

“Well that doesn't mean I trust you, now, what do you want?'' asks the frightened wolf.

“Well, I want you. Now, don’t be frightened by that. I am... able to see the future and past. In my future I see you with a team that I made. In the future you become a hero and end up in the Book of Legends,” explained the celestial being.

With a confused look on his face the wolf asks “Bu... but why me? I should be the last person in the eight realms you’d go to.”

“Ah, but, yet you are the first. The way it works is, I looked into my path not my future. It is dangerous to look at your own future, so I looked at my path. I saw you, and seven others. You guys do great things. It’s only a matter of time before it happens,” the celestial explained in a whispered voice.

“Fine, I will join your little team only on one condition,” said the wolf.

With a slight grin on his face the celestial asks “Well, what will it be?”

“Well it’s quite simple I need enchanted armor so that when I change to my wolf form the armor won’t break but with morph with me,” explained the wolf.

“I can do that!” exclaimed the celestial being.

"All this talking and I haven't introduced myself. My na...." being interrupted he stops talking.

"Your name is Nexal Firefurr," said the celestial being.

The two smile at each and the PathFinder escorts Nexal to a near by town and tells him to wait there until the time comes to retrieve him.

Introduction 3: Omen Blacklight

In the Ethereal Realm sits a girl reading a book under a tree. She is lost in a daze when a bright flash appears and a man is suddenly in front of her.

The stranger holds out his hand and says,"I am the PathFinder."

With a confused look she asks "Okay, I care why?"..

PathFinder frowns and says "Well at least the last one wasn't rude."

"I am sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, you just, can't pop up in front of people, you frightened me," explained the frightened girl.

"My apologies, I did not mean to fright you," PathFinder explained.

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