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The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Ridiculous

by Erin Montgomery 4 years ago in extraterrestrial
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Dirty Little Secret Continued

Many contactees report seeing owls before, during, and after their experiences.

So often experiencers (those who have been in contact with alien beings—otherwise known as abductees or contactees), myself included, focus on the negative aspects of alien contact. Do you blame us? We have been terrified by, traumatized by, and ostracized because of what we have gone through. Getting it out—whether on paper, online, in therapy (if you have an open therapist), or letting the crazy sounding story loose after a few beers around a campfire—is an important part of our healing process. I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that I have traced to my earliest contact memories, so I know that these experiences are not easily tolerated by the sensitive human biology, psychology, or spiritual self.

We wake up or come to with bruises, scrapes, cuts, scars. Sometimes we are physically in different locations from our last moment of consciousness—maybe we fell asleep on the couch and woke up in bed, or we have lost a significant amount of the road as we travel. I don’t know how many times I have woken up with finger mark type bruises on my inner thighs. We have nightmares, insomnia, flashbacks, startle easily, often avoid crowds, or even the open night sky. I went for several years having panic attacks when looking up at the stars, and this was several years before my first memories began to surface.

We also become more sensitive to the energies around us. Paranormal activity increases. We can hear people’s thoughts, feel their emotions, and can instinctively know when something bad is going to happen. We receive spiritual messages through our dreams—often warning of environmental catastrophe. We no longer wonder if we are alone in the universe—we know for sure that we are not—and we are in contact with these other beings.

Why us?

Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

This brings up a question I have long pondered: in essence, which came first? The chicken or the egg? Did contact increase extra sensory perception, or did we contactees have a propensity for psychic abilities which caught the attention of the alien beings? There are reports in my family of me reading minds at the age of 2, which lends credence to the latter idea; however when you throw generational contact and DNA manipulation into the mix it is impossible to pick apart—just like that old adage. Another generation later, and I know my daughter had telekinesis as a toddler, walking around with objects there was NO way she could have reached.

These abilities, whether present before contact or not, are purposefully enhanced and cultivated during abduction experiences. In addition to the physical exams and the horrific genetic manipulation agenda, I have specifically recalled memories of being taught how to access chakra centers, how to astral travel, even how to dimension-hop. And, despite the trauma and the pain and fear, I cherish this knowledge. Because of what I have been taught onboard ship, I have been able to capitalize on my abilities. I can effectively read people and situations psychically and with tools such as runes and the tarot. I can heal energetically spiritual and emotional injuries. I can clear homes of entities (dead humans and others) due to my knowledge of dimensional travel.

Many contactees are very concerned with conservation.

Another important positive aspect of ET contact is global awareness. Several of us have strong urges to preserve and protect our environment. Many of us work for increasing international peace. Several of us function on a smaller scale working as therapists to heal people and families. Humans acting on behalf of their people and their planet, bringing awareness and healing—this cannot be a bad thing!

Something really important to note is that it is possible, very possible, perhaps even highly probable, that some of these beings understand the impact that outright contact has on the human psyche. What proof do I have? These being actively try to soften the blow of their presence by manipulating our perception. Account after account talks about these screen images, or what contactees report seeing right before an encounter that is later recalled.

“And there was this huge owl looking in my bedroom window.”

“This deer stepped out in the middle of the road, but there was something strange about it.”

I have heard reports of hitchhikers on the road, strange people knocking on the door, even tall pink bunnies. The most ridiculous thing I have ever seen, and really, I don’t have a clue how they decided on this, but I was rudely awakened by the Golden Girls surrounding me in my bed! The covers were thrown off of me. I awoke with a start, saw those iconic women surrounding me, realized what was happening, and laughed while the charade faded, and I saw the truth behind the curtain of mental manipulation.

The fact is, these beings aren’t perfect. They are learning about us slowly, and these screen images show me that they are at least attempting to protect us during these traumatic encounters.

Nobody's perfect.

Many of my dreams of aliens have them more toy or doll-like than real.

These screen images bleed into our dreams. I will have dreams with people who are almost identical to my friends and family, but something is always off… like their eyes. I call these the Not-People. “I dreamed of the Not-Scott again,” I would tell my friends. Usually these dreams are flashbacks to previous abduction experiences. Or perhaps it is our miracle brains saving us from these traumas. I have had so many abduction and alien dreams, I know I am processing my traumas, but so often in my dreams they look like toys—dolls or stuffed animals. I dreamed once of being witness to a tiny UFO crashing. I rushed over to help pulling the inhabitant out of the vehicle. The poor little alien was no bigger than my hand. I administered chest compressions hoping to revive him. The situation was tense. But—and here is the kicker—the creature was a squeak toy. Each tiny push made him squeak. Maybe my dreams are just that ridiculous. Maybe my mind is regulating traumatic content in a safe and silly way for healing. Or maybe the humor lies outside of myself.

Humor... We gotta laugh.

Imagine this says Aliens 1 Humans 0.

The first joint encounter my husband and I had led me to rethink my understanding of abduction experiences. Not only was I completely baffled and oddly jealous (which warrants further exploration) as I felt myself being knocked unconscious in the middle of a conversation, but I was forced to consider that there truly is a modicum of benevolence at play. After being forced asleep, I woke up several hours later to my husband returning to bed. He went quickly to sleep. In the morning I asked him what he remembered. He reported a dream or a flash of imagery in which he was shown a sports scoreboard that said, “Humans 0, Aliens 1.” I laughed. He didn’t understand.

“You were taken last night, after boasting it was all a joke, not real. We are just crazy.”

“No, I wasn’t.”

“Yes, you were. I was forced asleep and woke up several hours later to you coming to bed.”

“I just went to the bathroom.”

“For three hours? Nope. They got ya good.”

Humor cures all ills, I often tell my clients as we laugh about something that happened to them that through the beauty of hindsight has brought perspective. Are these ridiculous images that pop up in our minds before, during, after, or in flashbacks proof of the absolute miracle of the human brain to protect us from further trauma or heal us from damage already accrued? Or are these mysterious, unknown entities learning to preserve their fragile test subjects and students to reduce the damage? Am I onto something here by acknowledging the complexity of these ET/Contactee relationships? Or am I just being groomed like an abuse victim? Is this Stockholm Syndrome, or is true benevolence and an attempt to communicate with humans being eased into common knowledge?

So many questions. So few answers. But at least I have learned to see the humor embedded within these encounters.


About the author

Erin Montgomery

Erin Montgomery works as a counselor by day and works as a psychic, energy healer, and clears both places and people of spirits any time she can.

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