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The Future Of Science

by Jacob 7 months ago in evolution
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And Its Esoteric Foundation


There is a rather interesting shift happening in this moment of humanity. Information, technology and even philisophical understandings are growing and influencing our cultures faster than ever before. Exactly why this is happening in my opinion is a rather tidious question to answer. However, i feel sharing my understanding and view on where science is heading due to this current shift is one that can help with this puzzle, should you dare to try and put it together.

There is currently a new feild of physics coming out called Unified Physics and its findings are quite astounding. To get a full understanding of this concept i highly recommend checking out Resonancescience.org and their free course on Unified Physics. But to keep things rolling the essential idea of their findings is this. The universe is fractal in nature, based on certain geometries we can explain away some of the most troubling issues in modern physics including quantum theories and begin to prove the concept of an intelligent and connected Universe.

Now this may not seem all that exciting but what these concepts are actually proving are the ancient esoteric and religious beliefs of many ancient philosophers and scientists of our past. Most notably the concept of as above so below . The meaning of fractal is essentially, as you expand or contract into an object, the geometric configuration repeates itself to infinity(or as above so below). This is made possible by the terahedron. The tetrahedron has an interesting charateristic of repeating itself. When you join the centres of the faces of a tetrahedron, you create an inverted smaller scale tetrahedron. When applying this concept, albeit in a much more complex notion, you get a fractal structure for the Universe that just happens to create a Star Tetrahedronal form that when applied to newtonian as well as quantum physics, you acheive a level of symmetry unfounded in any scientific theory to date. Its also interesting to note the Star of David is a 2 dimensional representation of the Star Tetrahedron and the geometry is found in countless religions and esoteric traditions all over the world. There is also an eerily similar representation of the Shri Yantra.

So why is this important and what does it mean? Well, when you consider for a moment that the Universe is a self replicating ever expanding and ever contracting geometry, the potential is, well, ever expanding. It also directs our attention towards the fact that scientifically speaking, in every point of the space time structure, is the information and geometry of our entire space time structure. That means the Universe is literally represented inside of you, especially when you explore the golden ratio and the art of Sacred Geometry. Now, the concepts of Nikola Tesla and many other great scientist that came around in the late 19th, early 20th century pointing towards a zero point energy feild, or limitless energy are no longer a hopeful dream but an ever supported theory just waiting to be utilized (see Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion by Paul A LaViolette).

To me however, the more exciting part is the role our consciousness plays in the creation of this grand universe. When you explore the research of Dr Bruce Lipton and his concept of Epigenetics this information gets very exciting. Dr Lipton has gone on to do experiments that are proving the mind body connection and how healing and our state of being biologically speaking is relative to the environment we inhabit. The most influential aspects on our environment being our mind and its beleif patterns. When you shift your belief patterns and breakdown what you think is possible, astonishing things begin to happen. So what happens then, when you apply the understanding of Unified Feild Theory to your understanding? Theoretically, if you embody the relationships or geometric ratios of our cosmos, using your pure consciousness, you would enter into a state of being or consciousness that is connected to limitless energy, as well as the entire information of the cosmos. This could go on to explain things like remote viewing, astral projections and those who claim to be connected to multidimesnional awarness. All of which by the way has been researched by major governments including The United States, Russia, China and others around the globe. To dive deep specifically into remote viewing and astral projection check out The Path: Beyond The Physical for informative and scientifally based research done on the subjects.

This tuly is an amazing time, and when you just put in a small effort to learn and expand what you think you know, the universe becomes and incredibly awe inspiring creation of symmetry and beauty.


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