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The future of biometrics:

Using biometrics in airport instead of passport

The future of biometrics:

The future of biometrics and the important of biomatrices , Using biometrics in airport instead of passport in the future

Biometrics has evolved and came a very long way across the time as it was first used in 500BC in Egypt, I will tell you about the history bit later on.

So what is Biometrics, it is the identification of a persons using measurable traits to be identified with. Such as physical trait finger prints, eye scan, height ect and behavioural traits such as tone of voice, the way a person walks ect. These aspects of biometrics are stored, compared, analysed and measured. For example, the length of ears or how much someone eye are apart from each other or the way some one talks. All 5 senses of a person is used to get information from them. The information is then collected and translated and transcript into a code then compared and analysed.

So now lets look at the history of biometrics and how it started:

-500BC the first fingerprint biometrics was used in Babylon in business translation, followed by Egypt in physical features of historical security.

-14th century in china they used finger print to receive signature for security. Persians use fingerprint as an identification.

-1936, the first retinal scan was used for identification in some areas of the world

-1960s, biometrics was used for traveling in airport security check ins.

-from 9/11/2001, after the USA terror attack facial recognition as biometrics was used in airports for stronger security. Ever sense that the security of airports are becoming more stronger and regular updated and used.

Airport security and using biometrics in travel industry

In the airport biometrics is used for border security, immigration, visa and passports. In order for these to be approved and successful lots of personal information is required so that they can get the right person.

In most airports around the world and government security biometrics picks up on physical and behavioural aspects such as finger prints, voice, eye scan, also facial recognition. This saves time and it is much easy. Airports that use strong biometrics is USA, china, Australia, Canada and more.

The impact in travel industry, airports can progress in customer traffic much quicker by identifying by facial recognition. Travellers feel much safer because everyone is different and that no one is hacking their personal information.

In cruses and hotels biometrics is also being used for room check in and out, room controls, ordering things from the bar and also entertainment as identification. This saves time and it is much easy. By the upgrade of such security feature people are more likely to come and stay at hotel and travel by cruse just to see what new features it has. This means that the business, customer and economy are all receiving great profit.

Future for biometrics:

The future of biometrics is going to improve and become a big important in the travel industry. The use of facial recognition will increase and it will improve security in airport, hotel, cruse and car rental. It has been predicted that in airports the used of facial recognition will be used instead of passports. This will help to improve traffic of people and make them board the plane faster. The used of finger prints and facial recognitions to unlock rooms in hotels. The used of facial recognitions will also be used to pay things so that people don’t have the carry their wallets and therefor it wont get lost during travel. Biometrics is just another way to make the experience of travel better for dear travellers and so that they can experience it in high tech.

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