The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Human Race

What do we, as a society, need to consider?

The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Human Race

I do believe that AI can lead to a positive future for humanity—and not necessarily end up like a cliché horror movie from Hollywood. There are many benefits and marketing ideas for AI that can help many people and businesses. For example:

  • Exploring uncharted areas around the globe, as well as space exploration.
  • Doing dangerous jobs that risk people's lives on a daily basis.
  • Creating or curing people with rare diseases.
  • Helping the law enforcement catch wanted criminals.
  • Helping clean up pollution around the globe.

But the most important thing AI can do is creating independence for people with disabilities. Though I do think that the gaming community would really appreciate virtual reality (VR) as well, to experience being a part of the game.

However, I understand why AI can be feared and have a negative effect on our planet's future and for the human race; for example, having jobs taken away from local, urban, and big cities because AI can save money for big corporations that are struggling to survive. But often, we do fear what we, as society, don’t understand or are not willing to understand, blinded by the type of influences that it may have. But does it mean that there is no future for AI advancement? The society that we have today might have strict opinions about the advancement of AI, but we also worry about what types of advancements are being kept secret from public knowledge. But why be so concerned about stealing ideas and patents when we all think that AI is creating a better world? It's also a more efficient future, but what are we as society sacrificing in return?

The world-leading engineers and scientists have been making major breakthroughs with AI. Maybe we need to start taking our science fiction movies seriously, that they are telling us a warning for our near future. That the United Nations (UN) should put a law on AI and limiting their ability to self-improving themselves, or self-fixing themselves. Making them very hard to destroy in case of an extreme emergency. For example, if you're developing an AI that cleans rooms, make sure the AI doesn’t think outside the box, but instead, keep it inside the box so the AI doesn't become a deadly weapon in the near future for criminal activity. I don’t think that AI should be ruling everything that we do and say, punishing those who don’t and hurting them personally and ruining there lives, as we should be creating AI systems that make our lives safe and efficient.

But there are more important things to spend time on than creating these AI systems: Helping and healing the world around us; developing and creating ideas for business or people where it can help with the increasing CO2 emissions as well as the world population problem. The AI systems today and in the future can still have a positive impact, but it is based on the choices that we make—if it doesn’t get into the wrong hands. We are all humans and we do make mistakes sometimes, but we also need to remember we need this planet to survive. Let’s move past our differences. Let’s create the future world in love, peace, and unity. Where we can have a healthy relationship with technology, still learning to remember that we are all equal to the others around us.

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Audrey Walters
Audrey Walters
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