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The Fallen (Uriel), Part One

by DALIL1NE MINION 4 years ago in fantasy
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Part one: Uriel has spent long enough in the heavens and Earth. Now he has come to claim what is rightfully his, Lilith the queen of the fallen. Hoodrat Chronicles (Romance and Fiction Edition)

Fictional Character Not Intended for Copyright Infringement 

He saw her from across the bar, where this man sat talking her ear off. Uriel could not stand it not for one minute longer. He shifted his seat and began to push the chair away. Someone gripped his arm. He looked back, and he could see his tight-lipped brother holding him to his seat. "If I was you, brother, I would not do such a thing as you are about to do."

Uriel huffed at his brother. "Thank the father you are not me then, Khemuel." He pulled away from him and walked over to the bar. He stood between the two of them banging on the bar counter with his fist."Hey, bartender, I need some Henny and coke for my table over there."

The woman looked at him. Her eyes wandered over him. He looked over at her. Her skin was brown-like bronze, her hair curly and long. He smiled and grabbed the drinks nodding his head. "I am sorry, you two. I did not mean to step in the middle of your conversation." He passed her. He could smell the perfume and oil she used in her hair.

He could see the throbbing in her veins. Yes, there was no doubt in his mind this was her. She could not hide from him, not in a million years. He wondered how she managed to make it this far without one of the repenting coming for her and what she did. He and his brothers made such a sacrifice just to be bound to an earthly body.

Uriel smirked and sat down next to his brother. "I tell you this, Kehmuel, She will come over before we leave." He leaned over and nodded his approval. When her company excused himself to the restroom, she walked over, sat right in front of him and his brother. Her smell was enchanting.

"Lilith, you are to come with me and see the First."

Her eyes widened. "What, who, and why now?"

He took hold of her hand firmly stroking the back of her hand.

"Because he said so. You are the reason a lot of us are in this mess in the first place." He smiled at her and she froze for an instant, maybe a vague distant memory.

She pulled her hand away from him. "I don't know what you mean." Uriel looked deeply into her eyes to see if she was lying. "Uriel, that's your name, is it not?" He looked at her and nodded "Look, I don't know what you want from me. I just know what my granddad told me."

He looked at her. "Do you know how long it's been?" He shook his head.

She looked at him. "What are you talking about?"

He tightened his grip. "Lilith, it has been 5000 years. It's 2019, May 15, after the time of when we first spoke to the man. The lost people are being claimed, time is near."

Her eyes looked frightened. "What? I could have sworn I was..."

He kissed her hand. "Lilith, we have to move while your father is not here." He gave her his soda and he drank the Hennessy quickly.

"The man said he could get me to my father Luccioun Lashion." He took her hand and told her it was time to leave. Before he could scoot out of the booth the man who seemed to be her company grabbed Uriel. He growled showing his fangs and with a flick of his wrist, the man went flying across the room, hitting the bar stools and sliding to the floor.

He grabbed her wrist, pulling her. Uriel escorted her out. Followed by his brother, they walked to the car and sped off, heading down the main shopping road. "Lilith the clothes your wearing, you need new ones." Her eyes became aware of her dress. "You look like some sort of old call girl, Lilith."

She tilted her head to the side. "Call girl?"

Uriel huffed and looked at her from head to toe.

"Listen to me and listen good. This is not what you think it is. The time of Yeshua, the son of man, has come and gone. His judgment will soon be upon us all."

Lilith taking a deep breath rubbed her hands together and began rocking back and forth.

"Where have I been this whole time, Uriel?" He was concerned about that as well. If she has no recollection of where she has been for the last 5000 years, what else has she forgotten? "That's what we are going to find out, woman."

They stopped at a stop light. Uriel and his brother had no clue what to do next but they knew they had to take her to the First. It was late and the First was not in the area, nor did they have the money to get to the First. They would just have to wait until the first was back into town and that would be a whole two weeks. Khemuel hit the gas as the light changed to green, but the car would not move. Uriel looked back and it was the man from the bar holding the back of the car.

"Shit, it's one of the offspring."

Uriel got out of the car and grabbed the man by his neck and began crushing his throat. The man hit Uriel and he hit the floor, leaving a crack in the pavement. The man punched him in his chest repeatedly, making Uriel spit up blood.

Uriel kicked his hand off the back of the car, and his brother drove away leaving him to deal with the offspring. The man was tall—he had to be at least 6 feet and 9 inches. He towered over Uriel. Grabbing and crushing his ankles he slung Uriel against a poll. He cried out from the pain. Standing up he shook his head. He was dazed for a bit and before he could recover, the man had speared him into the side of an apartment complex.

Uriel put his fist together and hammered the man in his back, beating him to the ground. He spat out the blood leaking from his mouth as he grabbed the man by his neck and lifted him into the air. Uriel let his wings out, ripping his shirt to shreds. He flew up as high as a sky rise, holding the man by his neck. He could see that the man realized who he was dealing with. "You are the fallen. Which one are you?"

Uriel snarled. "I am Uriel, the archangel of destruction and doom. Abominations have no place in the world such as yourself."

The man spat his blood into his face and Uriel chuckled and began to squeeze his neck. Hearing the bone of his neck beginning to crack, the man began to beg for his life. Uriel flew across the landscape and brought the man over a cliff into the woods and dropped him. He heard him scream as he plummeted to his death. (To be continued)


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I LOVE TO WRITE, I AM A PRODUCER AND HIP-HOP ARTIST (been producing since 15) follow me on FB, and Instagram dalil1neakaminion my twitter @dalil1ne_minion

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