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The Extra Terrestrial Triad of Being Had

Top Three Scenarios for Extraterrestrial Misdirection

By Richard Van SteenbergPublished 6 years ago 2 min read
It has been almost 75 years now since Roswell and still not one thing has happened with all the time and energy being spent by so-called experts in the field of Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). In fact, the possibility exists if you break down this so call searching and combine it with the other well-known methods in the field of Ufology, you can describe the lions share of techniques being used to solve the ET & UFO phenomenon in three categories:Basically, society via the so-called experts is doing the following:
  1. Search for basic building blocks of life on exoplanets
  2. Search for radio signals from star systems other than our own
  3. Call identifiable vehicles that don't fly unidentified flying objects
These three processes have developed over time since Roswell in the belief ET & UFOs exist and their mystery can be solved and/or proved.These three conventional methods that have evolved seem extremely logical at first glance as methods to solve the problem. EA don't know what the future holds and don't understand ETI, so starting from what we perceive as our own origin makes sense. Then looking for a similar origin in locations that mirror ours follows logically from there.Thinking we are then looking ahead and what a more advanced civilization or exosociety might do, again makes logical sense looking for radio signals. We don't know anything else so we need to at least start somewhere and this seems like a logical starting point. The civilian population certainly are not experts in Extra Terrestrial propulsion and navigation systems and understanding how those might work and the terminology they would be called might be comparable to the Wright brothers discovering flight in the modern era. Combine that with what appears to have a been a major effort by the military to figure out what UFOs are with project blue book and certainly all the logical steps are being followed, this is just a tough nut to crack, right?The problem is and what no one is willing to put forth as a hypothesis is that the civilian population of Earth, i.e. the EA, are being deceived by what might better be known as the "Triad of being Had." Rather than spend another 75 years and who knows how much money analyzing exactly what the Triad of being Had is, we're going to have to do it in one quick article at no expense and explain why the ET & UFO phenomenon canbe solved easily if the correct methods were just being used. Unfortunately, this is going to require a basic understanding of Hetlau, misdirection, subliminal dissemination, and flight. The key is rather than go back and try to figure out how steps one and two become standards in the SETI all you have to do is realize they are both subliminal dissemination. Even if either were successful they are both going to lead back to Hetlau so why not just go where we are going to end up and start there first, with Hetlau.Then once you Understand Flying Objects aka UFO, you can become a Ufologist who studies Ufology. In other words, Ufology is making two major mistakes. One, the term Ufology should stand for the study of understanding flying objects, or what flying really is and which objects in the sky are actually flying and which ones aren't. Two, having Ufology be the study of Unidentified Flying Objects when Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft (ETS) don't fly, thus the term UFO is inapplicable, is not accomplishing anything.Ufology needs to realize they have fallen victim to misdirection by the Hextary and Hexnasa. Without a solid understanding of flying when Edward ruppelT coined the term UFO,EA fell victim to its seemingly scientific attributes that would reign in professionalism and force out amateurism. Unfortunately, that is not even close to what has happened.Rather without a solid understanding in flying, awareness of the Hetlau, Hextary, Hexnasa, and an ability to recognize misdirection and subliminal dissemination, we now have basically everyone calling identifiable vehicles that are not flying unidentified flying objects. Until you step back and look at it from the ET point of few, it is difficult to see how silly they have made the EA look.So the key is to realize that Understanding Flying Objects (UFO)which is the actual branch of Ufology that Ufologists should be practicing really falls under the term Volutology since the technical name for ETS are Volutes. The ecronym for them is CTV (Celestial Tach One Vehicle). They vectate (vectored levitation). So the term flying does not apply to Volutes.A volutologist can easily summarize in one sentence what flying is. A winged planform accelerated through an atmospheric medium complying with Bernoulli's principle to achieve lift. ETS are not complying with the concept of flying and as such are not flying. Unfortunately, Ufologists just fall back on the position that everything in the sky by default is flying.Essentially what has happened is they are so concerned with incorrectly identifying an ETS that they aren't identifying anything. What they need to do is the exact opposite and start identifying everything as an ETS. Even if you make a mistake and call a 747 an ETS, it doesn't really matter because at least now you are correct some of the time when you are identifying ETS. Currently, EA have not been correct once at identifying ETS when calling them UFOs. Had they been calling them ETS, CTVs, or Volutes for the last 75 years they would have been correct thousands of times over. They also would have demonstrated to the Hextary and Hexnasa that their UFO term is inapplicable and they understand what is going on.In summary, what we have learned is that in less than a few minutes at no expense you can realize what is really going on by just compiling the last 75 years of so-called expert research into SETI and Ufology into a concept called the Triad of being Had. All you need is a basic understanding of Hetlau, Hextary, Hexnasa, misdirection, and subliminal dissemination. Combine that with a more comprehensive understanding of flying and the problem is solved.Stop being had by the Hetlau and focus on Searching for ETI (SETI) on Earth. Exosocieties and Radio signals are legacy methods of misdirection. Reevaluate your understanding of the term UFO, understanding Flying Objects will allow you to achieve disclosure on your own instead of becoming an Uniformed Figure Observing with everyone else waiting for disclosure.

At this point, the only thing that needs to transpire is the public needs to take action and sign the ET & UFO disclosure petition asking for the immediate, full disclosure of Hetlau. That and getting the word out to get others to understand its purpose and get them to sign it. There are two URLs designed for the two levels of awareness to make it easy to find.

For those that are still learning the concept of Hetlau, they can be advised that the petition resides at discloseETUFO.com, which will make it easy to remember. For those that are more versed on the concept of Hetlau, the petition resides at discloseHETLAU.com They both lead to the same petition.

Make sure to take the time to sign the petition and get the word out about it. If people just read the article but won't take action and ask for disclosure, society will just sit here stagnant, and the Hetlau will be able to act on their timeframe with their agenda as to how much information to release.

Become a voice for change and sign the petition to reveal the presence of HETLAU at DiscloseHETLAU.com.

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