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The Epidemic

by Irish Josh Plays 4 years ago in future

A Short Little Story

What have we done? This discovery cannot be released to the public. They cannot know that THEY are the cure. There's got to be another way other than this.

In March 2020, a containment breach occurred at a government testing facility secretly creating weapons for bio-nuclear warfare, resulting in a massive virus outbreak. In the first few months, two million people died in the U.S. alone. The virus killed its hosts by causing necrosis to vital organs, eventually resulting in total organ failure. As the months went by, it was observed that approximately .1 percent of the U.S. population was immune to the epidemic. At the time, we thought they were the lucky ones. About two months in, the CDC started an elite task force of their best medical scientists to combat the epidemic and create a cure. I was one of the 50 scientists put into the task force.

We worked hard trying to figure out what makes this virus so hard to kill, but to no avail. When we discovered that a small percentage of the population was immune to this seemingly undefeatable virus, we thought our prayers had been answered. We offered sums of money to the immune in exchange for their cooperation in the effort, but only about 60 of them accepted. Things weren't ideal but we still carried on. After all, we had the hopes and dreams of nearly the entire population on our shoulders. I wish we had called it quits then and there.

A couple more months passed, to no avail. The safeguards we put to protect the unaffected were starting to fail. It seems the virus was adapting to be immune to the antibiotics we proved to help slow the virus's progress. We tried everything to find out what makes these few people immune to this epidemic. Blood tests, DNA tests, even X-rays and still nothing. We were starting to lose hope.

We made a breakthrough. We noticed that after one of the subjects got drunk one night that it took three times as long to sober up than the average human being drinking the same amount of alcohol. This gave us an idea. We tested all the subjects to test our hypothesis, and we were right! We discovered that the subjects had one thing in common. They all had a rare, incurable, but mostly harmless disease that affected their kidney's ability to filter contaminants from the blood; the most noticeable of which was alcohol. We tested a sample of their kidney tissue on a sample of the virus and shockingly, the sample slightly affected the virus.

We discovered that the samples could cause a significant effect on the virus, but only in concentrated amounts. It only takes a certain amount to be immune, but take a significant amount to cure someone who is already infected. We need to reproduce this somehow.

It’s been two months since the discovery, but we still haven't figured out how to reproduce it. The only other way to get it without reproducing it would be removing an immune's kidneys. This would be fatal because their condition also makes it impossible to do a kidney transplant. It also seems to take six immune kidneys to cure one infected. Hopefully, it won't come to that.

It's been three months since the last update, and the government demanding results. If we don't do something, it will be too late and only the immune will be left. No matter what we try, we have not found a way to recreate the cure. Things are starting to get hectic. What do we tell them? Do we tell them that the only way to cure people is to commit practically genocide? We have to think of something.

We have decided not to tell the population our findings. If we do, it will be mass chaos. The kidneys would be simply sold to the highest bidder. People would go crazy and hunt down the immune like it was a sport. We would end up with a far lower population than if we didn't tell them. There seems to be only one option. Hopefully, the incendiary bombs we created will do their job and destroy all the evidence of our findings. If you are reading this, we failed and our premonitions came true. If so, I wish you good luck.


Irish Josh Plays

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