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The elements in the zodiac signs and their influence

by Tarot Prof. Rossana 8 days ago in astronomy

4 element in action

The signs of the zodiac can be divided into four elemental groups: earth, water, fire and air. Each of these groups has characteristics related to their element that they clearly infuse in a part of their personality. We will talk about them below.


The fire element is essential to understand the signs that it governs.

Fire is lively but volatile. A strong impulse of vitality, ravishing and full of intensity with the capacity to be fuel but also to consume. People with a lot of fire in their letter are usually independent and self-confident, with clear goals, temperament and remarkable leadership abilities; they are better at giving orders than following them.

When they decide that something should happen they take direct action to make it happen no matter what. They are motivated, enthusiastic and like to attract attention. They have no problem showing what they feel, good or bad. They can be very generous and warm with their loved ones.

In their bad looks, fire signs can have a bad temper and act in such a temperamental or aggressive way that they can later regret it because they can hurt others or themselves when they explode due to the intensity of their emotions. Fire heats the home but it also burns.

The three fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.


The air element is essential to understand the signs it governs.

It symbolizes intelligence, logic, communication and curiosity. The function of air is abstraction, he is passionate about logical reasoning and information exchange, the most aerial people are intellectuals, they connect ideas and want to understand everything, that is why their contributions are ideal to understand what a general panorama is like.

Air signs love data and reflect on it, communicate it with others, so they can be considered quite social, although their independence should never be taken away from them. The air element places the mind and logic above the sensitive or emotional, that is why sometimes people with a lot of air in their birth chart may have difficulties when dealing with their own emotions or those of others .

Air wants to be free and independent, it needs space and, for all this, it is the most unpredictable and volatile in its actions with a certain tendency to instability and mutability that sometimes result in a certain irresponsibility. Sometimes the air is volatile and scattered and it can be difficult for you to stay steady and with a strong will.

The three air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.


The earth element is essential to understand well the signs that it governs.

In all of them we find a marked trend towards practicality and materiality. Mastery of the earth element is undoubtedly the ability to master and model matter.

Earth signs have a great ability to firmly build and give structure to things: their work sooner or later bears fruit, they can be conservative, constant, tenacious and, at times, stubborn and stubborn signs. Their search for stability sometimes makes them not very adaptable to sudden changes and their strong realism can sometimes cut creativity a bit as they direct it in a more practical way.

However, in good balance, earth signs are patient and tolerant, efficient, realistic, and productive. They believe much more in facts than words. The lack of this element in someone's birth chart can speak of instability.

The three earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. What is the prime element in your letter?


The water element is essential to understand the signs that it governs.

People with a high presence of water in their natal chart tend to understand the world from an emotional point of view, they relate through emotions and care. Water flows and is a symbol of intuition, empathy, emotion and care.

Related to the dreamlike, water is the element with perhaps the most predisposition towards the extrasensory. It is precisely its ability to flow that speaks of expansion, although this can also be understood as dispersion.

In its negative aspect, the water can give a dramatic character or an excess in identifying with the emotions itself as a certain difficulty to set limits.

The three water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Each of these elements has a way of approaching love relationships and interacting with others. Astrology is exciting once you start getting into its knowledge.

Tarot Prof. Rossana
Tarot Prof. Rossana
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