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The Distant Queen (Pt. 1)

by Nita Hargrove 3 years ago in literature

Chapter One

After a long 12 hour shift day at the hospital, Rebecca returned home to an empty apartment. Lights were off due to the hurricane alert that has been over the city of Cleveland for three days. For three days, she was without power, which is okay with her—she had tons of candles her mother sent her every year for her birthday–she was dying of the light. She walked into her apartment, what welcomed her was broken windows, glass, and water everywhere in her apartment. Her cat Milo was crying at her closed bedroom door.

Rebecca remembered that she kept the bedroom door open for Milo, his litter box was located in one of the closets. Still confused if it was because of the strong winds that burst through the windows or a person was in her apartment.

She slowly dropped her bag at the door and kept the front door open, as she approached the kitchen to her right side. She quickly grabbed a kitchen knife and proceeded to the bedroom door. Gently scooping Milo out of the way, she put her ear to the door to hear for any rattling or shuffling. As she placed her ear to the door, she heard a deep man’s voice whisper her name. Frantically, she grabbed Milo and ran for the front door. While she was running into the bedroom door slammed open and a black entity flew out. The front door slammed closed in front of Rebecca. Stunned, she was looking at the back of a man’s black trench coat-drenched in water.

The man slowly turned around and looked at her with his piercing light green eyes. Rebecca was trying to muster up the words to say, why are you here? Get out! But nothing came out.

Before she tried to run to the window, he states in his deep voice, "Please Rebecca don’t move, I've been trying to find you my whole life. And now that I have, I'm not letting you go."

Rebecca was confused and puzzled, how did he know my name? Is he one of my patients at the hospital?

She said, "Who are you?"

He replies, "We don’t have much time for that, but you must come with me now before The Ox's come."

"Ox's?" Rebecca asked.

"I can’t tell you now but come with me and I promise you, you'll be safe," he replied.

"Safe from what?" she asked.

"There's no time, they’re here," he replied.

After he said that, three figures wearing black hoods exit out from her bedroom and with black hair and bright brown eyes and they appeared to be growing.

"Thank you, Victor, for leading us to the beloved Rebecca! We followed your scent all the way here, you must really want to see her ripped apart," said the Ox in the middle.

"You're not going to touch her and you know that don’t you, Tyret, you'll be dead before you even think about taking a step," replied Victor.

"Well, we had our whole life brother fighting, so this will be an easy kill for me," yelled Tyret as he took off his hood.

Rebecca fainted from the look of the Ox's face when they took off their hoods. Hours later, she awoke in a dark room with her scrubs taken off. She feels a smooth layer of leather on her body—she appeared to be wearing a black leather corset with black leather pants. She was trying to feel around in this dark room for an exit, but she found nothing besides the bed she was laying on.

Slowly, candles lit like magic and shown a beautiful all gold room that looks like a king would live in—she was so confused. What she thought was a dungeon was a palace. As she got up, she toured around the room-seeing old pictures of people with Ox's and seemed to be royalty all dressed in gold and white. Some of the pictures you see, they're shaking hands and even some Ox's bowing down. Then she stumbled upon a picture of Victor, with his brother both in white neither smiling.

She turned frantically as she heard the door open, she rushed and picked up a fireplace pick and was ready to attack. As she hid behind the drapes from the bed, Victor walked into the room.

"Please put down the fire pick, Rebecca, no one here is going to hurt you," stated Victor.

"I don’t know what the hell is going on but I better wake up soon from this weird ass dream!" yelled Rebecca.

"This isn’t a dream, my name is Victor. I'm a prince of Nubia. I was proposed a wife in my life a duty to keep the one I imprinted on to save and protect. The Ox you saw in your apartment was my half brother, Tyret, and he has made it his life mission to make my life hard. Ever since, we found that he killed our father to get the throne. But he's not full royal blood-Like how you and I are!" explained Victor.

"Royalty like you and me? What in the world has all this have to do with me, I'm a girl from Baltimore who moved to Ohio for a new life and I just work my simple job as a nurse and live my life," said Rebecca.

"You call that a life, I call it a waste," Victor continued. "I have watched you my whole life, I was born to love you and only you and protect you, you are my queen—the queen to be for Nubia," explained Victor.

To Be Continued...


Nita Hargrove

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Nita Hargrove
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