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The difference between good and evil Pt 12

by CR Cole about a year ago in fantasy
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Enjoy! Written by: CR Cole posted ever Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

All around us dawn begins to break, the whole facility is in a heap of ash. The large man, Ray, carries Veronica as we go into the woods, I don't trust him, but the girl did, so I allow him to carry her as we walk.

Hundreds of guards and those other creatures lay around us dead, some crushed, others torn apart, other mangled past the point of recognition. The sky holds an orange tint from the fires still burning.

Once in the forest I talk to Ray. "Who are you?"

He laughs mirthlessly and says. "I was once a successful general in the marine core." His voice is a hoarse and raspy whisper, listening I hear it clearly, several vocal cords a ripped, a simple surgery could fix it.

"How long did you serve?" I ask.

"Ten years, I was a general, before than I was infantry." He says.

"So what happened to you here." A question that has been burning me since I see the girl comes out unprovoked.

"It was my fourth tour across the specific, we were on a boat headed towards the middle east to fight in Vietnam, the conflict had just started, but we stopped when we spotted this island.

Thinking we discovered new land for America, because it didn't show up on any map, we stopped and came here. My whole battalion was attacked from land and sea, our bullets did nothing to them, my company was over ten thousand in men, and each one of them except for me and a handful of others were killed."

"That's horrible!" I say.

"There were only twenty of them. Each one took down a whole ship, only our anti air guns could hurt them, but by the time we found that out it was too late, and we were only a hundred strong myself included.

So they decided to capture us, and torture us, four long months of that and he finally transformed us. Everyone dies except me, I became this thing, soon after the girl and Blake rescued me."

"Who's Blake?" I ask.

"The one who rescued you with Veronica. He saved all of us."

"Who is he?" I ask, my scientific curiosity overriding everything else.

"He was the first one, the doctor created him by accident. They were originally partners, but when the doctor did something Blake didn't like they got into a fight. The doctor wanted to create super humans they could control, Blake wanted to heal diseases.

The fight escalated and Blake got injected with a very experimental, very dangerous serum. It burned off his arms and legs but his mind was made smarter and faster, the doctor gave him the arms and legs you see him with now, but Blake was smart. He made it seem like the doctor was in control and because of that the doctor kept working on him making him stronger and faster.

By the time the doctor realized it was Blake and not a mindless monster it was too late, Blake had stolen the girl from him and hid deep in the forest." His story is filled with up's and down's and by the end of it I can tell that he has much respect for Blake and the hardships he went through.

I go to answer when the bird girl lands in front of Ray, her eyes are filled with tears and in her talons is Blake's limp body. Ray sets Veronica down and wraps his arms around the girl, all you can hear when he does this is her small whispers.

"He's dead, he's dead, my daddy's dead."


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