The Delatector

The New Sweden Kids see the unveiling of a new machine to deter criminals from entering the state of Delaware.

The Delatector
The Light on the Waters of the First State

Professors Connor Mettle, Milo Kiln, and Donnell Wayson, or the New Sweden Kids of the New Sweden University in Wilmington, Delaware, had been called. Again. This time they had been tasked to address the number of criminals rushing from New York and New Jersey to drive into the state of Delaware. They arrived at the Delaware Memorial Bridge where a checkpoint had been instituted. Wayson tied his tie in the mirror.

“We’ve got another one, gents,” Kiln said.

“As long as we’re logical, we shouldn’t have any problems,” Mettle said.

The three men looked over each other and inspected their immaculate, tailored suits.

“Now is the time,” Kettle said.

“What has to be done is the distinction between innocent travelers who are escaping New York and New Jersey especially for better lives in Delaware from those running from the law. We’ve got people from Brooklyn to Newark, (New Jersey of course) that venture over this bridge.”

Kettle grinned before the police officers. A large truck rumbled up like a giant stomping its way to a castle. It contained a gigantic scanner.

“We call it 'the Delatector.' It will scan the license, eyes, and other distinguishing characteristics such as dents and damaged vehicles. The apparatus will stretch over the top of the bridge and later for roads and train stations.”

A woman named Egret Holland, her eyes like a torch, stepped to the professors.

“You don’t know what you’re doing. You’re going to keep the good people from New Jersey and New York from experiencing the beauty of Delaware.”

Wayson unfolded his arms. “Miss, we’re protecting our state from the scum of New Yorkers and New Jerseyans from crossing over the border to hide from the police. They should be men and women and take themselves before the law. We’re just separating the actual, innocent people from the vicious.”

“But you don’t understand,” Egret said. “You’re going to prevent the people of the more northern states from entering this state.”

“Did you miss what I just said? It’s the criminals and the contagious disease carrying persons that we are blocking from entering the state. These are all American citizens. But some have committed serious crimes like rape and murder and should be stopped from enjoying the beauties of Delaware.”

The laborers installed the apparatus while the bridge saw a temporary shutdown. The New Sweden Kids thought that it would be a simple solution. Kettle stepped to Wilmington chief of police, Farraday Diggums.

“Mr. Kettle,” Diggums said. “How many people do you project will be screened and then brought into custody if they are in fact criminals?”

“We expect to screen millions of vehicles and at least two hundred and fifty nefarious drivers will be brought to you and your force a year.”

Just as Kettle finished his sentence, Egret had scaled the top of the bridge. She clutched to the beam where the Delatector had just been put into place.

“Get her down from there! At least talk her down, now,” Chief Diggums said.

The New Sweden Kids covered their eyes from the sun to see the woman sitting on the beam.

Assistant Chief Mariel Goddard grabbed hold of a bullhorn and began to speak.

“I know that you’re scared. It’s okay. This project is new and with anything new, there will be opposition and fear. But you don’t have to be afraid. The good people from northern states will be welcomed with the currency that they are upstanding citizens. Anyone else will be dealt with the hand of the law smacking down their efforts to escape prosecution. Come on. Get down before you get hurt.”

Egret then slid her way down the beam, leaving the Deletector untouched.

The police officers took Egret into custody and placed her in a squad car.

“That looks like the first arrest associated with the Deletector,” Kiln said.

“And I’m sure that it won’t be the last,” Mettle said.

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