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The Day They Came

by Ferrari King about a year ago in science fiction
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15 Minutes of Hell

Next week may live in history as the worse day any human has experienced. Out in the cosmos an alien race from a dead planet orbiting a sun that went nova eons ago are searching for fuel, water and food. Their technology was way ahead of anything humanity could even dream. They could easily convert matter to energy and energy to matter as easily as a person breathes. Their ships and technology required a massive amount of energy and matter, and their population was growing way to fast to sustain them.

They called themselves, Creptians from the planet Crepting located roughly a billion light years from Earth. They at one time had all the problems humanity is now facing and they nearly destroyed each other through wars, famine, disease, climate change and hatred and yet they like us never learn. You would think an alien race more than a billion years ahead of us would be better, but you would be wrong. Living in their ships in the cold hostile reaches of space did nothing to calm the Creptians down and they had no problem extinguishing life if it meant prolonging theirs. They did not actually need to destroy worlds with life since they could easily make raw materials they needed from energy from stars and matter from any type of planet, they just did it for the fun.

As they were travelling through space, they came across a signal, which they detected came from a planet 12 light years from their present location. They quickly realize the planet called Earth was very primitive and the people there were too busy fighting each other to figure out how to work together and better their species. They spent a few years watching these signals and listening in on what was going on, on Earth since it was very entertaining to them. They were in orbit near Jupiter and remained undetected. They also perused our internet and just enjoyed themselves with how primitive and how easily humans were to be brainwashed. Even during the Creptians earliest days they were not as susceptible to brainwashing and did not easily believe what they saw like the humans.

They watched has a radio host posted on his twitter account mocking Cllimate Change because Texas was having a very cold winter. They laughed and mocked him for not knowing the difference between climate and weather and the fact that he and people like him would make so much money writing books and giving speeches and getting rich while the people that were most likely to suffer due to climate change or some pandemic gave him and others like him money. They laughed when people claimed the police only shot black people and white people got away when they could easily see accounts of white people being shot and even killed because some cop mistook a driver's license for a gun. They laughed since they knew the race hustlers on Earth were getting rich off their narratives they were selling while the common people that fell for their lies just ate it up and fought each other.

At first the Creptians were going to spare Earth since the people provided them with so much entertainment. Both the people on the left and the right were so brainwashed in their ideology they were unwilling to listen to each other, realize they were being controlled and they could eventually destroy each other. There is no way to mention all the crazy stuff about liberals, leftist, conservatives and other governemnts that would entertain the Creptians so much. They loved it when countries such as China, Russia, the USA and North Korea bragged about soem new weapon that could kill so many people. They laughed that these people thought being about to kill and destroy was better than building and working together. So next week the Creptians decided to harvest the Earth as well as Mercury (they wanted the iron) and Jupiter (they needed the Hydrogen.). They also absorbed a lot of energy from the Sun. They sent swarms of ships at first so remove all the water, plants and animals from Earth. The humans fought back but the weapons the humans had didn’t even faze the Creptians. In fact, it provided them with more energy. They could have just absorbed what they needed in less than a second but sometimes they liked to play with less advanced species. The entire attack only took 15 minutes. In 15 minutes, Earth was lifeless, Mercury was gone, Jupiter lost 60% of its mass and the sun lost 80% of its energy. Mars, and Venus were stripped as well as Europa, Titan and several other moons. They stripped away all the Iron, Hydrogen, natural gases, water and more.

The Creptians then left our system with enough energy, fuel, and matter to last them a very long time. All those movies and video games about humanity fending off advanced aliens are nothing more than fantasy. You will learn this next week when the Creptians come.

science fiction

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Ferrari King

I am Ferrari King and I enjoy writing short stories and playing games. My other hobbies are working out, MMA and reading. Here is my Twitch: ferrariking1955 and check out my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/c/ferrariking

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