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The Danger of Accidentally Killing Someone When Time Traveling

by Bazooka Teaches 2 months ago in travel

If you ever have the chance to time travel, be very careful not accidentally killing a person. Please!

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If you were in a time-traveling machine that needed excess speed to actually time travel, like the car from the movie Back to the Future, and you accidentally hit someone, killing the person, would you go to the authorities or simply flee the scene? Yes, it would be a horrible thing to do. So, should time travelers be exempt from accidentally killing someone while in the process of time traveling? That would be a big no, but a tragic incident like that could happen when time-traveling or, at least, when time travel becomes possible.

Fleeing the scene would be easy since you have a time machine, so you can just jump out of that time zone! Unless the machine breaks down, and then you are deeply screwed. You would have to stick around to explain things. If it did occur, killing someone in the process of time traveling, and the machine broke down, it would be hard to explain to the authorities of those times that you were actually time traveling. What if there were no authorities?

Just think, you are in 2021, in the middle of a farm, and you decide to take the time machine for a spin, being a fast car like the Delorian from “Back to the Future.” So, you start accelerating, traveling at high speeds, then the machine jumps time to the year 2555, and now you are in the middle of a metropolitan. Right when you appear, you hit someone and kill them! With more bad luck, you could accidentally plow down a huge crowd.

Would you stick around to answer the authorities of that time or would you flee? If you choose the latter, would you feel guilty? Would it matter? I mean, it would really suck because a soul is a soul. However, despite that you were successful at time traveling, would any life lost during the experiment matter? Of course, it would, right?

In the movie “Back to the Future”, when Marty McFly travels to the past for the first time, he starts from a parking lot at a mall in the middle of the night, and appears in the middle of a cornfield, running over a scarecrow. Can you imagine if that was a person? If it was a person, the movie would have taken another path than the adventurous one they showed us.

The point here is that time traveling can be a dangerous period. Not only because one could actually change time by accident by simply causing something different to occur, but the whole attempt could actually kill someone or many. Even if the time machine was not mobile, like a phone booth, the machine could actually appear where someone could be standing and cause them to explode.

The possibility of appearing anywhere in the past or future is extremely scary. What if you go into the future and you appear in the middle of a superhighway? Not only is the attempt to time travel dangerous for people around you, but for you, the time traveler, as well. What if you travel to the distant past? You could end up in some giant swamp and die. The possibilities on how you would die in a prehistoric swamp are innumerable. You get the point, right?

Anyway, if anybody ever invents a time machine, whether it is a car or a freaking bathtub, please think of the possible treacherous outcomes. Lives could be lost! You could actually kill someone if you travel to the past or future. Traveling to the future is more likely to happen since the human population is predicted to be multiplied by a million-fold.

So remember, be very careful when time traveling. You don’t want to accidentally kill someone by accident. It would be like being in a different country and running over a person while traveling in the middle of nowhere. It would just suck! Keep in mind what could happen. You are also endangering your own life. Oh yeah, don’t touch anything or move around stuff because you could change the outcome of the future to come. You could create a parallel universe from there. You know you could create a different timeline, but who really cares about that! Just don’t kill anyone, unless it is Adolf Hitler.

Bazooka Teaches
Bazooka Teaches
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