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The current state of architecture is one of creativity


By Eva RtologyPublished 12 months ago 3 min read

Consider a society in which power, design, and innovation are finally in the hands of the right people. Imagine a world without the need for upkeep, human mistake, or restrictions on what you may create. Imagine a world where you can design sophisticated and creative structures that look and perform perfectly. Imagine a world where you can build the structures of your dreams using your imagination.

Architects are granted the keys to the kingdom with Generative Design: the power of creation. Architects are no longer bound by rigid norms or difficult judgments. Instead, you might utilize your imagination, creativity, and dreams to create creations that are beyond human comprehension. You may design structures that are not only beautiful to the eye, but also efficient and environmentally friendly. Rather to design systems with static features, consider design systems that adapt to the environment (the building's surrounds) (formal rules). You may completely let go of traditional building approaches using Generative Design.

Generative architecture is a new method of design that enables you to explore the unknown and navigate trade-offs between high-performing plans, sketch constraints, and goals rather than form. That is, in generative architecture, you can let go of the traditional techniques of architecture and use your imagination to create buildings that you have always wanted. Generative Design uses the power of AI: Computers can make decisions faster, they do not tire quickly, they do not make mistakes, and they do not get distracted by any other factors during computation.

The Present of Architecture is Generative

A pictorial drawing can be designed in 4D and generated by a Generative Design system to simulate a workable structure that fits the constraints. A rough sketch can be used to explore which building can be designed.

Currently, Generative Design systems are limited to architectural software and include digital fabrication software such as tools by Mlearning.ai

Machine Learning is a subtle process. It takes time to train the computer to create designs from the raw data. However, it is still a valid method that can, with further refinement, lead to the convergence of an architecture developed by humans and architecture generated by machines.

Parameters in the form of desired emotions, behaviors, long-term effects, decision changes are the current goals of generative architecture.

The future of architecture is not just the use of AI but also intelligent and creative buildings.

The present architecture is not what it used to be. Architecture has evolved beyond its functional origins, and its form has detached from its function for many years. A new path is opening up in architecture that could potentially take us into a world where computers can create more architecture than humans, allowing us to design more innovative buildings that are sustainable, adaptable, and do not require maintenance.

Data-Driven Architecture is The Present. It’s about time that you jumped into it.

I am an Art Curator, founder at EvArtology, and ML consultant at MLearning.ai. I advise companies and institutions in the creative industries on using AI tools in their daily work. Human collaboration with ML models can be very creative and bring huge benefits. The new era begins now.

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The future can be frightening at times. It's a place of flux, ambiguity, and mystery. That makes it all the more attractive to stay there and avoid change at all costs, even if it means stagnation or regression. However, the future is also a place where incredible things occur. It's a place where we can try new things without fear of repercussions (and worry about any mistakes later). We begin a new era every time we start something new, whether it's playing soccer, going to college, or starting our first romance (or breaking up). Until you take a step forward and construct your own route, the future is all uncertain land.


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Eva Rtology

Art Curator, founder at EvArtology.com

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