The Corona Virus Pandemic is Earth’s Revenge

What if humans are the virus, and Covid-19 is the vaccine trying to change our ways?

The Corona Virus Pandemic is Earth’s Revenge

I know what a lot of you are probably thinking through this quarantine period, “How did this all start?”.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably grown tired and frustrated from scrolling through social media and seeing this virus quickly spreading across our planet by the day, already having taken thousands of lives from us too soon. Through this, you’ve probably heard multiple rumoured causes behind this, and in the last while it’s really made me do some thinking, and in turn do some reasarch.

We really had this coming to us.

If you’ve paid close attention to specific rumours of how Covid-19 came to be, you likely heard at least one of two of these, it was started in a Chinese laboratory, or in a market. Even after my research, I’m not exactly sure where the truth is, but in either of these scenarios it is our fault and only ours. These are the two rumours with possible truth behind them that I want to talk about today.

If you have gone to a grocery store in the last few weeks, or days, depending on where you live, you probably noticed that there is a shortage of some very specific items. You probably couldn’t find any toilet paper or soap for example, because everyone was hoarding these in case of a quarantine. What I wish I could make clear though, is we as humans are all being selfish. Through a pandemic like this, being selfish and wanting to protect ourselves and our family is only natural, however, there are so many others who have been failing to provide for themselves or their families, who need it, especially the elderly who are actually vulnerable to the worst of the illness. Myself, I work in retail, I am a front line worker and I’ve seen it all in the last couple weeks, people buying out the toilet paper almost half a dozen times, binge buying soup, but most noticeably, the people who want to buy for their parents who are older in age, and it’s broken my heart that whether it’s them or the elderly coming in themselves that we are out of something they need, knowing a lot of other places are too. That something they require can’t be found anywhere. While places are starting to get with the program and bring in more orders of this lacking items, and limiting them, I’ve realized that from my own opinions and what others have voiced to me, humans can be lose their sense of logic because of things like this, and become get beyond greedy to the point they’d fight over toilet paper.

What I want to make understood to this world, is it isn’t us against each other, it’s us all against this virus.

Just because one person has hoards of soap, it doesn’t mean it will stop, everyone needs to be able to have these resources to be able to put a stop to this, or it will keep on spreading.

Now, I would like to talk about the rumours, you may have not heard the same exact story, but again this is what I have heard throughout this time period.

1. Corona Virus was started in a lab

A common story I heard is that corona virus was caused by a bat that was being experimented on in a Chinese laboratory got free, and that it urinated on the coat of one of the employees. Rumour had it that that bat had a disease and it got out there and spread this virus due to what was found in its urine.

2. Corona is from an animal market

It may not be from a bat at all, but it could be from any animal. You know wet markets, where they sell live meats and fish. There is a very high possibility in my mind this is the case because of the large amount of stock in markets like that, there is a high likliehood that one of those animals was infected with something or prepared badly.

Now, why do I believe both of these scenarios are entirely our fault? Hear me out.

Scenerio one;

In labs, we are always experimenting on animals. And us as humans should know it is very risky, we are the smarter species. However we continue to test on animals as if it is nothing. I know what you’re probably thinking again, “it’s better than testing on humans,” and yes that is very true, but that does not by any means we should think it’s okay to treat animal lives like they are any less important than ours, of course we see it this way because we have family’s and friends and lives we value, but so do they, in their world they have the same needs and wants as we do. While this world has it that we are the top of the chain and dominate over wild life, we should be prepared to deal with concequences and find out ways to better run these tests in a more humane way rather than just killing off animals one by one.

Do you ever really think about all of the animals we have lost due to extinction, when thinking of the topic extinction most people probably jump to the thought of hunting, but hunting isn’t always the direct cause. While it is true that us hunting a species to the point they no longer exist is very common, we may also take away the species who relied on them for food, or the species who that first extinct species relied on for food may grow to high in number, this species was important. Each and every species plays a role in our system, and as we lose them we further break our planet as it tries to cope with the losses.

But do you know what I think is one of, if not THE biggest killer of species these days? We destroyed our planet.

As I said before, us humans can get very greedy. Everyday we take animals homes away and litter our planet. We think it’s okay because “it’s not like a little piece of plastic can do any harm, right?”

“One tree won’t make much of a difference in this entire forest, right?”


We think our planet is very tough, and while it is, look at all we do to it on a daily basis, and how all these “small pieces of trash” add up. Each small piece of trash is equally capable of taking an animals life. Every time we chop down a tree, for example, to build, we are providing for ourselves but also taking from nature and the homes of animals who relied on them. In the photo of the former forest shown above, that started as one single tree, one tree that could have been home to several creatures, which isn’t the end of the world, but look what came of it when people kept that mindset and it all continues to add up.

We are not only ruining the lives of our planets animals, but our own. The more we abuse our planet, the more we hurt it. We are making our planet sick. We rely on the health of this planet, and Mother Nature can not keep up with the way we are treating our animals. That is where I believe scenerio two comes in.

Wet markets.

As we continue to abuse our planet, we arnt just suffering from its health constantly declining, so our the animals we take for granted. While they are other life forms, it is just how the world works that we also rely on them for food as well. This is why we should be taking care of our planet and it’s animals, as this planet is for all of us.

However, as this planet gets sicker, so will it’s animals.

Would you really be surprised if large amounts of the animals the meat came from were sick. Seeing images online of what we’ve done to our planet breaks my heart to see, but it also made me think, we are the reason this keeps happening, we do not learn as a species. While animals are just trying to cope in our world, we are abusing it and making them all sick, and in turn, ourselves.

We made ourselves sick. We caused the corona virus.

Our planet is sending us a message everyone, our actions will come back to us if we arnt careful. It wants us to change our ways, and quickly. It’s plan is for us to finally come to realize what we’ve done and how we must change for our own health and safety after all the things we’ve let slip by.

Environmental disasters, extinctions, for years there’s been a virus known as hunger killing hundreds of thousands of people, with a vaccine known as food by many of us that are fortunate enough to have it, yet a lot of us take it for granted. Why hasn’t it gotten enough attention? It isn’t us it hurts.

We as humans need to start working together and change our ways because if it doesn’t change, this will continue to happen and continue to hurt us. It is karma everyone. We need to change and understand the concequences of our ways, then make a difference. We need to have more of a selfless mindset in times like this and remember one thing,

It is not us against each other, it is us against this pandemic.

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