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The Coming of Angels

by C.A Fenderson Jr. about a year ago in science fiction
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Post-apocalyptic portrayal of the world destroyed and rekindled by the new laws of the Gods.

Amongst the vermin-infested heavy-footed streets, drug limbs of peril searching for a glimpse of sunlight. It has been helpless hours since the cry of piercing sirens cautioned the citizens to yield pleas to the cruel. As if the loud horns which bled citizen’s eardrums causing instant insanity during the man-made apocalypse events were not catastrophic enough, many souls startle upon the evening sirens blazing to clear the night.

Even still, as this was a new post-apocalypse ridden with death's blood and catastrophe to halt tyranny until 72 hours- when souls began to subdue out the world.

Romas Tate at Latady Antarctica, Island

The secret elites and one world Government executions had come to pass. The world had witnessed its destruction beyond any war in history, covered with the religious empathy of prophecy fulfillment.

Accidental whistleblowers, conspiracy theorists, and Seers unknowingly played victim to the elite’s century aided demonization, as they uncovered the truths of the deception to the masses, yet fell into evil’s plan beyond choices and ramifications, in efforts to succeed the account.

Mangled bodies and souls, red stains on the bloody earth, all while hearing each ordinary life-ending scream equals sanity. Unabated careless birds dangerously flap half distances through the enriched fog murky sky. Sound waves tuning melodies of music captures mysteriously into the cosmos, and most people haven’t hummed a note since the actual coming of Angels.

Every living tree standing, plant, and body of water soils in tainted grey chemical bases killing off decomposers. These chemical bases are direct results of reactions from the materials of the wars.

All this is left in the new world and is nothing compared to the horrors inside of the Raptures, which were the only things to look forward to being sun-times.

Please read along as I introduce the beginning of this soon to be epic series:


Heaven could not exist viewing the sun once a week throughout your captivity, confined within a realm in which criminals are bound and pardoned unbearably. These reformers seek to gather in friendships within sun-times, which take place once a week in the 6th Realm- highest of all realms in the rapture world. A domain harvesting criminals before you reach the death realm of Rapture Zell. These reformers would be amongst few who will reach Raptures 5th and 6th.

To even partake in friendship during the sun-times gives reformers a chance to listen to tales of previous Rotters (prisoner in a rapture realm), and the progression to make it to the highest rapture before returning to society. The 2nd and 3rd Raptures are horrid. You must pray and hope the Angels of the Angelic Realm only deposits souls and not dispose of yours into the dimension known as Rapture Zell. In the sixth Rapture, seeing the sun-times and possibly joining a friendship an hour a week is not near hell or in this case near-

Rapture Zell.

Most mind-stalks have made it into the rapture worlds for manipulating others to commit crimes, including the ultimately governed law crime, death. Even though every living soul in the new world knows about the Angelic Realm, and surrenders the importance of every person to keep the world alive as a faith citizen -still mind-stalks, and others remain criminal. The new world is full of criminals, artists of deceit, The Global Council, and countless other sects. To keep the present shift of the modern world, every soul must do its part to produce submerging energy of faith to the God Realm.

Unfortunately, mind-stalks and others purposefully destroy those citizen’s efforts, jeopardizing the new world for their gaining pleasures, defying truth. There are many new laws in the new world that every citizen must obey. If people do not follow these rules, they are subject to the Angelic Realm for judgment, by either cast into the nether realms or by death. The demons who cast do not feel and are spirits from heaven doing the work of the Gods. When a citizen breaks the law of killing a person in the new world, including taken their life, supernatural beings appear from the sky, to do the Gods deeds of punishment. The citizens of the new world have locked themselves inside of their homes to avoid manipulation, and what The Global Council has termed –Predeterminism, and to abide by The Great Truth Announcement.

Predeterminism is the philosophy that all events of history, past, present, and future, have been already decided or are already known (by God, fate, or some other force), including human actions. ... It can also be used interchangeably with causal determinism—in the context of its capacity to determine future events

A short description of my post-apocalypse series called Rapture World VI Predeterminism. (available on Amazon!) Stay plugged in for more to come and check out the page.

science fiction

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C.A Fenderson Jr.

Metaphysician, author, spiritual counselor, certified copywriter specialist, and entrepreneur. livezealously.com

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