The Blue Queen (Part 4)

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Chapter 2–Inferno’s Night (Part 1)

The Blue Queen (Part 4)

Ciara had noticed nothing suspicious around the area of the Inferno's Night. She began to make her way inside, and stared at the long queue that waited to get in. They moaned as she walked straight to the front, and saw Jimmy the bouncer nod at her. He unhooked the velvet rope, and let her straight in. She walked to the bar and took her jacket off.

"You armed?" the familiar voice of Jonas whispered, as he passed her to serve another customer.

She nodded and waited for him to return. She listened to the beat of the music, and felt the heat from the bodies that had already filled the place. She was always amazed that this place could transform so dramatically. The Inferno's Night was emptied of metal rimmed tables and striped booths. In their place, there was a DJ booth in the corner, and murky wooden tables and chairs were placed by the wall, already filled.

"What can I get you?" Jonas asked, as he made his way to her.

"Water," she replied.

"I'll never make a profit if you don't get drunk, whilst you're here," he joked. They both knew she couldn't drink whilst on a mission.

He brought her a glass, and leaned over to whisper, "Nothin' suspicious yet, but the night is young. Be careful."

He then left her to drink, and walked to another customer. She turned herself slightly, so she could make out the secret door to the blood club. Vampires had to be careful when they entered through there, so that no one follows. It was a weird set up, but the building was already enchanted with numerous spells that a secret entrance that made people disappear on sight wasn't surprising. She decided to have a little look around. From what she could tell, most of the people where either young looking Immortals, or just of age humans. It was one of the only places in town that let anyone in, as long as they didn't disrupt things. She quickly went back to her water when she noticed someone watching her. She was on edge, she always was when on a mission. It was like there was a pit in her stomach that she couldn't help. She dipped in quickly when Sal walked up to her.

"You have an admirer, he's been watching you since you got in," she laughed whilst pulling a pint.

"He's cute actually. Maybe I should ask him for his number for you." Ciara blushed, and shook her head as her eyes widened.

"Fine be a prude, you'll never find love that way," Sal announced before walking away with the drink. Ciara sighed, and tried to see the stranger out of the corner of her eye. She couldn't see him fully, but could see his tanned skin stand out against his outfit. She was about to look away when he moved towards her. He was wearing a blue leather jacket, and black fingerless gloves. He raised his hand for attention, and Sal walked over with a smirk.

"Hi, I'll have a cider and a double of whatever the lady next to me is drinking," he said. He had a hint of an Australian accent. Ciara looked to Sal who nodded and grinned at her.

Sal placed a clear liquid in front of Ciara and whispered, "it's water, but I'm charging for a full alcoholic drink." Ciara glared at her who walked away with the guy's money.

'At least I know it's safe to drink, knowing the bartender has benefits,' she thought to herself as the guy smiled coyly at her. She smirked back and lifted her drink.

"Thanks, but I don't need anyone buying me a drink," she said snidely.

"Well that's fine, I just thought you looked lonely, and could do with someone to talk to..." he began, she held her hand up to interrupt him, as a figure walked through the secret door. She watched and noticed him holding a large hold-all bag. She waited a moment before two random girls seemed to follow him. Jonas looked up and nodded, this was her signal that he didn't recognise the guy or the girls. Sal walked over quickly, and started talking to the Australian guy and gave a quick nod. Ciara stood up and followed after the trio leaving the Australian guy behind.

She quickly walked into the room, and noticed that no one appeared to be here. It was too early for the regulars to come in and drink what they wanted, but she could have sworn that three people had entered. She thrust her visor down, and clicked a button on the side. She began scanning the room and clenched her hands ready for a fight. She turned her head slowly from side to side, and saw three figures stood in the corner. The man had one hand twisting slightly, and the other on his mouth signaling to the two girls.

"You may as well come out, I know you're there, you also know what I am. You can come peacefully, and leave these two alone," Ciara announced, her tone commanding and forceful. The man lowered his hand, and a veil seemed to disappear around them. She could see the girls clearly, they seemed to be in a trance.

"Now come quietly and you won't get hurt," she instructed. She waited for a reply, but knew nothing was coming. She reached for her gun and held it in front of her. "Please no one needs to get hurt," she explained. The man removed his hand from his mouth and licked his lips.

"Get her," he whispered and the girls leaped forward. He made his way through a second doorway that Ciara knew led to the roof. She dodged one girl who fell to the floor, and went silent after hitting her head, the other dove onto her leg, and tightened her grip. Ciara tried to move, but knew she wasn't quick enough.

"I'm sorry, well, not really," she said before hitting the girl around her leg on the head. She slumped back. Ciara ran to the door, and turned back, they were both breathing.

"JONAS!" She shouted before running up the stairs.

Ciara couldn't see the man as she ran up the stairs. She made her way to the rooftop, and noticed the door was open. She forced her gun in front of her, and saw him standing near the edge.

"You're an Adze, right? I don't know what you think you're doing, but if you come in quietly, and co-operate I'm sure I can get your sentence reduced," Ciara instructed.

"Yes and you're an Assassin, aren't you? I heard rumours about the secret you Hunters keep, I didn't think it was true. Not until now anyway. Why don't you put the gun down?" He spoke, his voice unusually calm. She felt herself listening to him. After a moment, she breathed, and placed the gun back in the holster. He grinned evilly. She edged towards him, and he realised that she hadn't been controlled like the girls.

"Strong willed, I guess," he said before jumping over the side.

"Damn you," she shouted. She grabbed Hope’s Glory, and jumped after him. Ciara heard the wind howl, as his descent was slowed. She twisted the sword, and the blade appeared. She threw it directly at him landing in the shoulder. She smirked, as he was pinned to the ground before realising she was still falling. She cursed and reached for the fire escape ladder of the opposite building. She caught it in her grip, and lowered herself down.

"Don't try to move it'll hurt more," she said as she walked to the Adze who was struggling against the sword. She pulled out her phone, and called the first number.

"Hey, yeah I need a pick up, I have him pinned. Alley next to Inferno's Night. He's an Adze, mission over." She clicked the phone off before looking the man.

"You shouldn't have run, would have been easier." She looked at her phone a second time, and called another number.

"Hey, I know it's your day off, but I could use some medical help at Inferno's Night, two girls, head wounds–possible concussion. Yes, they’re still breathing. Please. Thanks." She hung up before the person could reply. She crouched next to the man.

"Where did you hear about Assassins then?" She asked cautiously. He looked at her, and she could see the pain on his face, as he refused to answer.

"Fine, guess you want more punishment," she announced. She looked up and twisted her arm as it had begun to hurt. 'Just another ache,' she thought. As she stared at the distance to the roof, it began to rain. She went to zip up her jacket, and realised she had left it inside, and cursed loudly.

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