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The Best Minor Characters in Star Wars

by Culture Slate 14 days ago in star wars
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The Less Well Known Heroes

There is a term in the Star Wars fandom known as “Glup Shitto”, which is a joke about the minor characters in Star Wars and how fans will get excited over a character who has two seconds of screen time. Boba Fett could have been considered a “Glup Shitto” as he only had a few minutes in both The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. This isn’t necessarily a bad term, just a play on those fans who get excited when they see their favorite minor character again. Minor characters to Star Wars are important though and expand the story. They also provide comic relief, help the rebellion, or are just plain cool. These are the best minor characters in the Star Wars universe.

Max Rebo

This funky blue alien plays the best jizz music in all of the galaxy. He even plays for Jabba the Hutt. We first saw him at Jabba's Palace in Return of the Jedi, and most recently in The Book of Boba Fett. However, he may have met his demise in The Book of Boba Fett when the cantina blew up. I like to think he had the day off, and that we’ll see him again soon.

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Kit Fisto

This is a Jedi, who unfortunately has very little screen time in the movies. However, what screen time he gets is awesome and used well. He’s a popular character, whom fans got the chance to see more of in The Clone Wars.

Gonk Droids

Droids that look like boxes and say ‘gonk’. What more could you want?

Salacious B Crumb

Maybe the scariest creature in all of Star Wars. This little guy is Jabba’s jester, and we first see him in Return of the Jedi. Luckily, this scary fella dies when the Jabba’s ship is destroyed. Good riddance.


An armless mechanic who helped the resistance fight the First Order. He accompanied Poe, Finn, R2, and Chewbacca on a mission, where he was overwhelmed when they got attacked by the First Order. He tried his best though, and that’s what truly matters.

Babu Frik

Whatever your opinions on the sequel trilogy are, we can all agree that Babu Frik was one the best thing to come of them. I love this crazy little guy. He also helped the resistance, and that makes him a valued member of the trilogy.


One of the only others we know of Yoda’s species. Yaddle was in The Phantom Menace but then took a back seat during the Clone Wars. Hopefully, we see more of this Jedi master in the future.


He bosses the Ewoks around and has a cool hat. That’s enough for me.


Yes, they steal from people, but they do it to make a living and I can respect that.

Willrow Hood

The character that has two seconds of screen time but is now a cult favorite. Originally, fans thought he was saving an ice cream maker during the attack on Cloud City, but it was later revealed to be a computer component. While saving a computer component is certainly more useful, an ice cream maker is much cooler, more fun, and would increase morale in the long run.

There’s nothing wrong with having your favorite “Glup Shitto”. The minor character you get excited to see, no matter how little screen time they have. Mine is Max Rebo. I get excited anytime I see that funky blue alien, and I refuse to accept that he “died”. Some of these characters help others in the story as a whole, and some are just plain cool. Whatever the reason may be, your favorite “Glup Shitto” is valid, and I hope you see them again soon.

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Written by: Anna Grimm

Source(s): Popular Mechanics

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