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The Awaken

by YGF Gamer 84_80 2 years ago in fantasy

The Awaken

The Awaken 


[Girl narrating]                                                                                            


[Cut to fight Lucifer vs Darko]

God is dying, fading away from this world.  Lucifer is dead, killed by the Arc Revelation: a sword of great power.  He was killed by Darko, the first Awaken.  Darko was the one who got Lucifer to turn against God by promising him the world, however in the end it would never be his world. After the fall of Lucifer, Darko took over the world spreading false love and hope. Darko had found a way to kill God by taking away the love from the people hearts. It would make God’s  power weak and he would fade away from the world with no way of coming back. Now most people in this world are soulless and the world became a place filled with false love and hope. Darko has power over the demons and fallen angels who serve him and now they help him run the world. Darko has but one fear, Allister.  Allister is also an awaken but also half human. Darko knew humans carried the awaken power in them but didn’t  know  humans could hold the power since every human that had awaken had died from the power until Allister.  Hunted all his life by demons and by Michael, the most powerful of all the angels and the only other to defeat Lucifer with his sword the Cursed Chaos which is a sword made from a tear of God and light. The only sword that could match his power with the Arc Revelation.


Dark black smoke 💨 stretches across Lucifer throne room as Darko arrives I know longer need you Lucifer (in his dark deep voice ) Lucifer looks up from his throne room chair spreading in black bleed angel wings (all fallen angels wings are black a slowly drip blood ) stairs with his golden angels eyes says you will forever need me I am the morning star ⭐️ as he talking Lucifer is walk towards Darko every time is passes by a pillar he shape shift speaking to Darko do you wish to challenge me and before Lucifer could finish speaking with such fast speed Drako throws Lucifer threw the pillars and his throne room chair Lucifer in rage burst threw the floor drawing one of the most powerful weapon of god fears the Arc Revelation made from a tear of god but tainted by Lucifer blood the sword drips blood like fallen but before lucifer could do anything Drako fades in front of him and stabs him with the Arc Revelation Darko Grins and say I have beaten you and god at your own game this world 🌎 is mine as Lucifer is falling from the sky he screams for his brother Michael who has been in hiding of sudden a beam of white light shoot down as you see the Arc angel Michael has his Weapon around Darko neck Cursed Chaos.


About the author

YGF Gamer 84_80

Yo my name is Sicko Bagwell And I love to just write story’s I feel like my mind is one big fantasy comic Universe with all type of crazy stories going on in side but I also love down to earth drama story I hope you enjoy

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