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The Aloki

aka the Angels of Death

By Julie O'HaraPublished about a year ago Updated 12 months ago 6 min read

First, forget all about a black draped figure swooping down with a scythe. Forget Matt Damon in Dogma or Mandy Patinkin in Dead Like Me. That is not what they look like or act like. Aloki, aka as the Angels of Death are part of the family of Cherubim (who are NOT sweet little cherubs floating on clouds by the way). Aloki which in Hindi means Light, in Hebrew means Divine and in some African Languages means hunter, are just that. They are Divine Light Beings and are Hunters. They are the Divine Light.

And many are incarnated here on earth learning empathy.

The Aloki are tall compared to humans, one of the first beings that the Source created. Like all cherubs, they have four faces– Lion, Ox, Human and Eagle with hooved feet because they are “hunters” and need to run fast.

The male Aloki radiate Gold and fiery colors and gold will always play a factor in their lives. They might be the golden boys, or just fascinated with gold. The female Aloki radiate silver and sea colors. The woman in the flowing gown with a ton of clanky silver jewelry.

The males have a huge wingspan with white feathers and yes, with gold tips and the females have a smaller wingspan, white with silver tips.

The Aloki are the “light”. When people pass over and are told to go to the Light, they are being directed to a male Aloki, who will wrap his wings around you, pull you into an amazingly warm and comforting embrace and take you home (5D) or to spirit rehab. Despite their beliefs, a medium or any human cannot send you toward the light. If you tell an earthbound spirit to go to the light, you have immediately alerted their personal Aloki to come get them. For each timeline you live, you go through seven lifetimes. That is a lot of time to live, and sometimes souls get stuck in 3D thinking and when they pass, they get frightened. Aloki’s help facilitate the transition. They facilitate death. Sometimes mortals get caught up in false beliefs, i.e., hell and demons (which are manmade constructs) and when they pass they will manifest those thoughts thinking it is a reality and the Aloki will have to enter these false realities to save the mortal souls. It is unpleasant for the Aloki to do this and many develop dark senses of humor because of this. Aloki radiate love and they are light beings. They are not to be feared. They are there when you pass, and they summon your soul family members if necessary. Sometime spirits get frightened and will run and the Aloki will chase them and bring them home. When they come home, they are brought to a debriefing or spirit rehab where the female Aloki will gently guide them through their lives (Female Aloki’s are record keepers and maintain the Akashic records). This is all done with such incredible love and warmth, there is nothing frightening about the Aloki. They are very loving, warm, and gentle creatures, but they will definitely make you sit up and take notice if you resist their attempts to come home. You cannot overcome or avoid an Aloki when it is your time.

Incarnated on earth, they tend to have light eyes that change color depending on their emotions. Physiologically this is not possible, but it does happen. Of course there are exceptions based on race, but the eyes are always unique. Aloki tend to be very emotional and work in the arts or healing professions. One Aloki I just became aware of used his Reiki skills to help people with terminal diseases, another one I recently ran into is a social worker in the prison system. Another is an NDE survivor who works as a paramedic to help people transition.

They are beautiful souls who will give you their last dollar/shirt/bit of food and not ask for anything. You need something, they will help. Sometimes they can have a dark and twisted sense of humor or sense of life, but it stems from what they have experienced.

Incarnated Aloki’s have a very loving and wise presence around them. They give great hugs and cuddles. And they tend to be touchy feely. And vefry caring and loving. They radiate a warmth that attracts people to them, even when they want to be alone.

They often have a crazy sense of humor and will make you laugh until your sides hurt.

They also tend to be very athletic, especially the males. Think of the football player with the guitar. Running, flying, swimming, and diving are huge draws for them.

They will also frequently refer to their “wings” and call their arms or shoulder blades “wings” and often have back problems particularly between the shoulder blades. Often when they are untethering from their mortal coil, they will comment that they are “growing” wings (because they are).

They incarnate here to build up empathy skills. Because they deal with scared mortals, they come here to experience all ranges of emotions so that they can empathize and be better Aloki. You might find that they come from very traumatic childhoods (again, to learn empathy). They love intensely, totally, and very hard. They have huge feelings. If an incarnated Aloki loves you, you are totally loved.

They always want to sleep on the side of the bed that is closest to the door and often they will crash and relax on the bed upside down with their feet on the pillows and their heads at the foot of the bed.

The Aloki, aka the Angels of Death are not to be feared. They arrive to bring you home safely and back to the arms of your loved ones.


Demons do not exist. I will stand by those words forever if necessary. If that triggers you, I am sorry. They simply do NOT exist. They are a manufactured fallacy designed to control the behavior of the masses by the patriarchal organized religion world. They are designed to control you.

That said, there are angry angels and an angry angel can seem demonic, and angels are not all about unconditional love. Get that woo woo new age thought out of your head. Angels are the Divine’s army and were created to do the Divine’s dirty work. So, yes, if you run across an angel that has grown tired of trying to reach you and needs you to Wake up, they might present themselves to be very demonic. Cherubims have four faces and run on hooves — horse legs. That is pretty scary and demonic looking. And remember, there is a good reason that the term “avenging angel” is in our lexicon.

But there are no Demons, there are only angels in disguise. And with our pea-sized mortal intellect, we can easily project Angels as being evil. I like to use this example. Have you ever (or you may have done this yourself) witnessed a child who comes home from school after have been disciplined at school for not doing their assignments and they are enraged because the teacher is “evil” or “out to get them” or “unfair?” Same thing with angels, you refuse to do your assignments and work, and then you get consequences and rather than looking at yourself you lash out at the teacher because they were “mean” to you. If you encounter a demon, ask yourself what “you” are missing. And what part you are playing in the interaction, you will quickly find the threat to be replaced by love and understanding if you truly want to learn and progress.

No such thing as demons, but you most certainly enrage an angel and that is never fun. Been there. But I choose to learn as opposed to be a victim. Allowing yourself to be victimized and whining about it is nothing more than an ego issue.

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