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The "alien site" in Baigong Mountain

One hundred meters of iron pipes running through the mountain, 150,000 years ago, still unsolved

By Butler IPublished 6 months ago 8 min read
The "alien site" in Baigong Mountain
Photo by David Monje on Unsplash

There are many unexplained phenomena on Earth, which people call "supernatural".

With the idea of "when things don't work out, extraterrestrial mechanics", aliens have taken a lot of blame.

For example, in Bermuda, everyone thought that the missing ships were hijacked by aliens, but it turned out that they were swamped by the wind and waves.

Then there was the strange circle of wheat fields that shocked the world, which was proven to be 95% man-made.

So, the iron pipe in Baigong Mountain, will it be an alien site?

Located in Delingha, in the northern part of Qinghai Province, Baigong Mountain is situated next to Lake Tosu, with an altitude of only 200 meters, which is not much of a mountain.

However, it is a treasure trove for many alien culture enthusiasts, as it has an "alien site".

On the rocks around Lake Tosu, there are many strange symbols, which are not Mongolian or Tibetan, and no one can tell what they are.

Not far from the lake, there are dark caves in Baigong Mountain, which are filled with a dozen "water pipes" of various sizes.

These pipes have been perfectly integrated with the mountain, and there is no trace of artificial excavation.

All of these pipes are iron, but the strange thing is that the White Mountain is not located in the iron ore zone, the rock layer contains very little iron, then the raw material for these pipes is where come from.

What is even more surprising is that the age of the iron pipes is over 150,000 years old, while the earliest traces of human activity unearthed in Baigong Mountain are only 30,000 years old.

150,000 years ago, the ancestors of modern humans, Homo sapiens, had not yet come out of Africa, and even if this time was inhabited by other ancient humans, they could not have entered the Iron Age.

However, no fossils of other ancient humans, such as Homo erectus, have been found in Baigong Mountain.

The way these iron pipes were penetrated is also very special. We all know that in real life, to lay pipes in a cave, you have to drill holes.

But these iron pipes in Baigong Mountain do not have any drilling process, they are like a chopstick inserted into bread.

Does this make one wonder who in the end forges iron pipes in places where there is no iron ore?

And also inserted the iron pipe into the rock of the mountain without drilling?

Everything strange is indicating one thing, that is, these iron pipes are most likely not artificially made.

These iron tubes in Baigong Mountain have not only attracted the attention of alien culture enthusiasts, but also scientists from all walks of life.

Scientists have analyzed the composition of the iron tubes and found that they are far from the common human iron tube composition.

In the usual common iron pipe, the main component is iron or steel, but the main component of these iron pipes is iron oxide.

Iron oxide is often referred to as ferric oxide, it also has a name called "red rust", loose and porous, not suitable as a raw material for iron pipe.

Iron pipes are mixed with silica and carbonates due to the long-term contact with the mountain.

In addition, the iron pipe has 7% to 8% of the composition that can not be confirmed, which adds a veil of mystery.

Although these iron pipes look like water pipes, but after the scientists surveyed them, there is no trace of water flowing inside.

And the inner diameter of these iron pipes is very small, unlike the pipes used to transport fluids.

The role of this iron pipe and what we humans can think of the role does not match at all, and even more, sat down this iron pipe is not for human use.

It is impossible to run the whole mountain through with an iron pipe without drilling or drilling holes.

What's more, Baigong Mountain belongs to the Qaidam Basin, where there has been no so-called industry since ancient times, and there is not even a fixed population.

Those who live in Baigong Mountain are some herdsmen who live nomadically and come to Baigong Mountain only in the season of abundant water and grass and do not build iron pipes.

People associate the mysterious symbols on the rocks by Lake Tosu with these iron pipes, which all seem to indicate that this is a civilization unknown to mankind.

The first thing that was suspected by everyone is naturally an alien civilization since this iron pipe is not used to transmit fluids, take maybe it is used to conduct electricity.

The iron pipe runs through the entire mountain, from the top to the bottom, most likely there is a signal receiver at the top of the mountain, and the cave is the office of the aliens.

The silica in the composition of the pipe is not necessarily all from the rock, perhaps there was once a chip inside, in the years of corrosion, the chip has been smoothed out traces, so it became the same as the composition of the sand grains of silica.

On the question of chips, humans are difficult to answer, because the first chip in human history was born in 1958, a chip buried 150,000 years what will happen, humans can only rely on assumptions.

For this speculation, scientists also do not have accurate examples to illustrate the chip buried for 150,000 years will become silica.

Of course, there is also speculation that the iron pipe in the White Mountains is indeed a civilization, but not necessarily an extraterrestrial civilization.

We often say that the history of human civilization is about 6,000 to 7,000 years old, based on the artifacts found so far.

The appearance of metal tools, writing, and culture marks the entry into civilization.

But there are legends in ancient texts, such as Atlantis, M continent, Lemuria, etc. They are not confirmed by any artifacts but are treated as myths and legends.

Many people believe that civilizations still existed in prehistoric times before humans had written records, only to have their traces erased by natural disasters.

The White Mountains, most likely, were created by prehistoric civilizations.

Although there is no end to speculation about the White Mountain, and the more speculation the more possibilities, but scientists are still talking about evidence.

Inside the cave, some iron pipes appeared to be broken, and in its cross-section scientists found fibrous patterns, a sign of fossilized plants.

At this time, geologists mentioned a natural phenomenon that may be the key to the formation of iron pipes in Baigong Mountain, a phenomenon called ionization.

Perhaps mentioning petrification is more familiar to everyone, coal is the result of tree petrification, what is this organization?

The so-called number of ionization is the surrounding environment of iron gathered into the plant, through a series of replacement reactions, iron replaced part of the carbon process.

Ferrogenesis is rare because the conditions for its formation are very demanding. First of all, there must not be water, otherwise, the oxygen atoms in the water will combine with iron more easily.

Secondly, it must be in a sealed environment, because the oxygen in the air will also react with the iron.

The last thing is that the plant itself should be a tree, only then there will be enough cellulose for it to participate in the reaction.

Herbaceous plants in general, it is easily decomposed by microorganisms in the soil and can not participate in the organization.

Looking at it this way, Baigong Mountain is very compatible with the conditions for the organization of trees. It is located on the plateau of aridity and little rain, the air and rocks are very dry.

The mountain rocks are tightly wrapped around the iron pipe, thus showing that the contact was very tight at that time, with almost no gaps to squeeze in the air.

The central part of the iron pipe is hollow, which indicates that the iron did not completely penetrate the tree.

After careful examination, the iron pipe's iron content was only about 30%, which is not up to the standard of industrial iron.

If they are aliens, their technology is not that advanced and does not match the "persona" of an advanced civilization.

The distribution of iron in these pipes is also uneven, the closer to the outside of the iron pipe, the more iron content.

This means that the iron content decreases from the outside to the inside, which is the same as the order of ironing of trees.

The scientists involved in the investigation of Baigong Mountain thus concluded that this is a very rare phenomenon of ionization in numbers and that the crustal movement swallowed the trees into the rock layer, after which ionization occurred.

It was too rare for people to think of it, and the popularity of alien culture led to the fact that Baigong Mountain eventually became an "alien site".

However, the number of ionization is only a hypothesis for the iron pipes of Baigong Mountain, because there is no explanation for the 8% unknown composition and the mysterious symbols at Lake Tosu.

The iron pipe in Baigong Mountain is not like the circle of Wheat Field, which was deliberately created by man.

Because man cannot do this kind of ground, scientists can only look for the explanation of the principles that exist in nature as much as possible.

Sometimes, some natural phenomena are attributed to extraterrestrial civilizations because they are difficult to understand, such as the Bermuda Triangle.

After later statistics found that the shipwreck rate there and elsewhere is the same, only because of the long domination of the news headlines, so that people feel that it is always in trouble.

The iron pipe in the White Mountains may be the same as Bermuda, only that people have mystified it.


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