The AI hath written

... as long as you can understand it.

The AI hath written
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Before we begin...

What I used was OpenAI's GTP2 AI model. You simply type a couple of sentences and the AI continues the text, possibly revealing more about your story/idea you never thought of. Yes, when I do say OpenAI I'm indeed referring to the company that Elon Musk now has his hands on (which I don't have a problem with by the way).

If you'd like to have fun with this, here's a simple web UI for you to play around with this model:

Now, without further ado, let's start. I'll type a couple of sentences to start each passage and let the AI do the rest.

Let's Begin!

The car was black and speeding into the camouflaging darkness. Lights sped by as the darkened demon became one with the streets. This wasn't how he'd envisioned it, when he'd been a lowly alien-infested child sent into a world with little threat. He'd expected a simple premise: A young boy with light-up reavers, hunted by a boy with a sword. But those lights…the pale blue of the buildings, the whiplash of the city, the steady pulse of power… They were a tool. So were the bright colors of the city. He wasn't a weapon. The sound of car engines echoed around him as the boy looked up at the sky, flickering from the noonday sundown to the flickering light of a city on fire.

Audible sirens blaring from the red and blue flashing police cars were slowly approaching in pursuit. The driver became aware of the dire situation as he hammered the gas pedal desperately into the carpet floor. Eventually, he died in the ambulance as he was ejected into the wreckage.

All of us should learn from this tragedy. Despite it being a tragedy, those who sought to be a better society after a man was thrown into the back of his own truck chose to save his life. Someone called 911 and rendered aid. He was waiting for the police to arrive when a man driving a 2001 Toyota Corolla pointed his vehicle at the car attempting to save the man's life.

Instead, the driver pulled over to the side of the road, got out of his car and screamed in agony as the police surrounded him. Post traumatic stress began to settle as one of the blue-colored uniforms approached him with dangling handcuffs. Rookies are taught to never put their hands on an officer, ever. Never, ever. Always put your hands on your head. But Rookies are trained to do everything else too. They are trained to still refuse orders to step out of the car. They are trained to do all that while holding a fistful of pepper spray in the other one, to pull up their cuffs, and to suddenly scream at the top of their lungs as a herd of black clowns approached them.

These black clowns were more than just clowns. They had guns. They were heavily armed. Bullet fire started spraying from both sides as the clowns charged towards the police.

One officer managed to wrestle one down from behind. They shot him in the head. The dead clown's body was flung out from behind the van.

One man was told to "get off the pavement" as a ball of all-white blood dripped from his hands. He was given a minute to move his hands. Another cop threw a revolver up in the air. It went boom, the blood spurting from the barrel spraying in all directions.

Some of the white men cried and some defended their friends. It's clear the armored clown terrorists were winning. As the last police officer fell, the driver laying on the ground was soon looking up at one of the masked felons. It is likely he was a terrorist. The terrorist passed close to the body of the fallen officer, giving a fake smile. It would be weeks before the whole country knew what happened.

The attacker may have believed that police were going to shoot him. It's conceivable that the white men simply wanted to keep the attacker alive to keep questioning him. After all, those Nazis were armed, and the gun of the police officer was hidden and unknown to those in the crowd. It's also worth noting that the police were closing in on the terrorists.

I’m going to stop here…

How was that for a story? As fascinating as this text-writing AI model is, I have no idea what’s going on in this story. However, I had a lot of fun writing this story with the help of AI. As this AI model gets smarter, I’ll definitely use it more and more as I come up with a newer story/novel(?) idea.

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James Crawford
James Crawford
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