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The advancement of technology

How technology has improved and disproved life standards

By Francis Duru Published 4 months ago 3 min read
The advancement of technology
Photo by Guillaume Issaly on Unsplash

It all started with mankind bringing out the projection given to them by God almighty in his infinite mercy to procreate the images seen,words heard and transform the thoughts heard into the lamplight

Before I proceed further in the explanation of global technological innovation I would like to dedicate the mercy shown to me by my friends,well wishers and fans who in there impregnable mercy has shown me that success is not By yur self but in the effort and the progress of others

Firstly,technology is the renewal of obsolete things into things that can profit and make mankind man power or struggle easier to do work and achieve greatness without any further delay or turmoil,now in this jet age many ai and advancement have been made made by the projected idea man uses to make every situation blessed.

Take for instance,Google,safari and other safer search engine they have helped mankind in five powerful instances or let me say in innumerable pieces beyond explanation

(1) Google provides answers to every doubt that arises from a human mind to confirm that the state of equilibrium is attained

If a student focusing on his studies decides to further his inquisitive quest in being able to understand the philosophy of his knowledge with immediate effect google credits his questions with digestible answers

Take for instance I did not understand a maths question or something has been bugging me since with immediate effect I get the relief answer from google like wise the same way negativities that sprout out from man is being answered

(2) This search engines has made us to know the latest trend in the world.can you believe it? No seriously try to actually analyze the mastery beyind this ai created,this is to show that an idea conceived,believed and achieved can actually become a philosophical ideology

Take for instance you are actually in Nigeria and you decide you wanna know what is going on outside borders just pick up the phone and search for what is going on out there and you get tha feed back

In the olden days of ultron sarcastically before you even try to communicate with yur loved ones across border you would actually have posted a lot of cumbersome messages in the post office before eventually one actually gets to yur loved ones

The new ai made by man digging deep into infinite billion neurocortex cells has really immersed positivity in mankind

(3)Take for instance the lovely and responsible social media’s irrespective of the topsy Turvy or brouhaha nuisances cause in the social media, A social media naturally was created by mankind to develop physical and mutual connections and understanding between one another even if we are not together

For instance Facebook,we meet different ethnicities and race but irrespectively believing that we are one and avoiding the menace called racism,can you actually see that this facebooking builds a strong connection between people irrespective of the social,economic and political aggrandizement.

For instance again maybe I might be shy or inconfident to speak with you but when I get yur number socially I have actually connected with you mutually and I have that confidence that you cannot harm me or disgrace me in any way based on me obeying the laws of socialite.

Basically like I have written I would say that there are innumerable reasons and benefits that technology has brought to us but mindfully employs that this same tech has brought more harm than good but in this discussion my reason still states that the optimism of technology should be better stated mind you let me release just a.mishap that technology has caused

In the major process of creating socialization it has been discovered that man is made up of two things which are positivity and the negativity in which we use this negatively to scam people and cause fraudulent acts in this social media

In this era people are actually scared to be social because they actually do not trust anyone but themselves.The great philosopher Aristotle said that no man was born wicked but man made man to be wicked

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i am a vibrant,self sufficient and reliable and vivid writer which upholds by believing that a writer isn’t nothing without his readers and very much pleased to believe that my story will change lives for bad to good

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