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The 1950s Science Fiction Podcast

Introduction to my podcast.

By Edward GermanPublished 4 years ago Updated about a year ago 4 min read
1950s movie rocket ship Source: Bing


Hello everyone, I want to introduce you to my brand new podcast, the 50s science fiction podcast. This show will be all about my favorite sci-fi-fi TV shows, movies, and literature from the decade of the 1950s. Why the 50s you ask? Well, I grew up watching sci-fi movies on cable TV growing up during the 70s, everything from drive-in monster movies to classic A-list films that were screened in theaters back in the 50s then syndicated later on. I will talk more about that latter, however, with the advent of the internet in the 21 century, I have discovered more gems that I either never got to see or never knew about until later.

Still from the movie flight to Mars Source: Bing

The 1950s was a time when not only the US but the entire world was a different place. It was the early Cold War period: there was above-ground atomic testing, the dawn of the Television industry, the Space Race started in the latter part of the decade. The science fiction movies were a reflection of the progress science and technology had made by the mid-century mark. There was so much rapid progress in many facets of American society that it would encourage changes in how we interacted with one another. The civil rights movement got started during the decade and continue into the next, thus instituting different perspectives on how we treat our fellow human beings.

Murray Leinster was a prlific writer during the 50s.

I do find the 1950s to be a romantic time for science fiction, with so many new technical innovations now manifesting itself, it seems the sky was the limit. There were plenty of space travel stories to dystopic visions of the atomic holocaust; There were fears of alien invasions to mutating monsters from radioactive fallout. Hollywood turns out dozens of movies each year of the 50s with the same themes. It was evident in the radio dramas and the new TV programs during the same period as well. Some of the comics had similar ideas running in their panels during publication. Some great science fiction writers were working during that decade and created classic science fiction novels, authors such as Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, and Arthur C. Clarke.

Science Fiction Theater aired during the 1950s.

Now I will tell you the listener some things about me and what to expect. First, I have been a long time science fiction fan since I was a young child. At around the age of eight, my father told me the movie The Time Machine was going to be aired on TV that afternoon. I had asked him what kind of movie it was and, he replied, it was a science fiction movie. I then asked him what science fiction was and, he replied, they are stories based in science but are not real. It was a simple definition, but it got me hooked. After that, I was keen on watching anything listed as science fiction on TV. I had already watched plenty of other shows on TV that were indeed sci-fi but, I just was not aware of the gene until latter. Thus began a life-long obsession with science fiction.

Comic from the 50s had plenty of alien monsters.

The second thing about me is that I have been an avid podcast listener for over ten years. I had heard about podcasts but I have never own an iPod. I discovered that I could download the podcast after I started listening to iTunes on my laptop computer. There was this show I want to hear on anime; I decided to download the episode. At first, I thought it would charge me for the download. However, much to my surprise, the podcast was free. I started exploring other podcasts that specialized in the same gene and subscribed to the shows. Over the years, I have enjoyed listing to the podcaster's content. When I had the time, I would spend many hours at my laptop listing to multiple programs, from sci-fi movies, TV shows, anime, and other topics. It became one of my favorite pastimes. During the past decade, I have seen some podcasters prosper while others have lingered. A few have quit podcasting altogether.

One of the many movies I watched growing up.

Now, I want to a bit more about this podcast. It will be my very first time as a podcaster. As of right now, I have no experience at this. Therefore I am learning as I go along. My podcast will be on the topics I have already mentioned. The podcast episodes will be related to my post for vocal.media. I will post a transcript that will be available on that site once the podcast goes on the feed. The transcript will include pictures, links, and the podcast itself once approved by vocal staff. The podcast will be a one-person show; I do not have a partner to podcasts with, nor will I be conducting interviews of anyone. The frequency of the episodes will vary depending on how fast I can research the topic, personal schedule, and other factors.

I hope that you will find my podcasts to be enjoyable, informative, and entraining. For feedback, you can message me on anchor.FM or follow me on twitter @EdwardGerman3.

End of Transcript:

The podcast episode.

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About the Creator

Edward German

A long-time sci-fi fan who loves the internet. I am also writing on subjects other than sci-fi.

you can follow me on "X" @EdwardGerman3 Listen to my podcast The 1950s Science Fiction Podcast on Spotify for Podcasters.

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