Thank Goodness for Time Travelers Constantly Saving the World

Imagine if a time traveler changed the outcome of what was supposed to be the end of the world, according to the Mayan calendar, in 2012? Is this possible?

Thank Goodness for Time Travelers Constantly Saving the World

What if the end of the world that was supposed to come in December of 2012 just like the Mayan calendar predicted was altered? What if that scheduled apocalypse never happened because some time traveler, from the future, obviously, came back to, let’s say 2010, and changed the course of what should have been in 2012?

What if we are all living, now, in a parallel universe created by this time traveler who came back to change things in order to avoid the apocalypse that was supposed to happen at the end of 2012? Think about it! This universe is the lucky one that survived the apocalypse that was predicted by the Mayan calendar. In this universe, that whole prediction was a joke. However, in the universe where the time traveler never came, we all die an apocalyptic death.

Wow! Thank goodness that time traveler came around! At least, for us who exist in this parallel universe!

Time Travelers Saving the World

That would be an exciting thing, right? Imagine time travelers traveling from a distant future and saving the world constantly from total chaos. Remember how the year 2012 ending was getting people nervous. Scholars were predicting what was going to be the culprit of taking down humanity before the coming of 2012. Most guessed nuclear holocaust among many that were quite deliciously chaotic. The total cataclysmic theory was also a very nice touch to how humans were going to perish.

In the end, nothing happened! Everyone woke up the next day and went about it like it was normal. There was no giant earthquake, or giant meteor crashing into our planet, or even a disgusting act of terrorism involving nuclear weapons. The end never came as the Mayan calendar had loosely predicted.

Oh well, witnessing the end of the world would be one of the craziest things a person could possibly see. It would be a sight that would top all the sights. Still, the horrifying effect on the soul would be too much in my best guess. So, I am glad I did not get to witness it. Maybe!

Parallel Universes

The theory of parallel universes has been around quite some time. So, think about the fact that we might be in an alternate universe in which the end never came for humans in 2012. What if time travelers do go back to tweek up a few things to change the outcome?

Let’s say that the end was supposed to happen by nuclear holocaust. So, these time travelers come to change a few nuts and bolts so that does not happen. I don’t know, let’s say they get involved in politics and make changes so this nuclear shit show doesn’t happen. Who knows?

Now, when these time travelers go back to change a few things to save humanity, do they change their own timeline? Meaning, do they change the future they came from? Obviously, that would be the correct thought, but maybe these guys come from a future in which they know they had to change a few things in their past in order for their timeline to exist. That’s right? Think about it?

Maybe our timeline exists because secret time travelers from our present are going back to change a few things? Let’s assume that we were supposed to be all Nazis right now, but someone went back to change all that during WWII. Of course, the time travelers would be in shock when they come back to a new reality with a changed timeline.

You know what, that changed timeline is only a parallel universe right, so the time travelers would basically be jumping from one universe to another. Wow! That is mindblowing! What if the mission goes wrong? How do they fix that in the future? Is time travel even possible? With all these intricate ideas on how time travel could be such a sensitive act in the powerful interactions of the universe, the idea that time travel is possible can be very far fetched. If so, I hope these time travelers are constantly saving the world from disaster. Seriously, make the trip worthwhile. If not, at least, go to a Jimi Hendrix concert or something.

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