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Teen Alien (#5.5)

by Storyteller IRT 5 years ago in art / extraterrestrial / fantasy / science fiction
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Picture with a tale Ep 5 2017

The little alien came to earth by accident.First, she was lost but then came to learn how to blend in with human society as predators hunt her down.The people that lived around that area said that amazing and extraordinary things happened there for like, no reason, and thought that these things were done by spirits.They were a superstitious lot, the main reason why she settled around there—anything going wrong as she learned to settle was not read into much.People said, that sometimes they could see a thing glow in the woods at night.Others say they can hear music not of this world, drawing them into the depths of the woods, where no sane person would wonder.And the scent, a scent so sweet that could only be compared to million roses, but to the surprise of the tourists, who have heard the stories, no roses could be found growing there.At least, none there dared to walk further into the forest to find some for fear of disturbing the sound, until one man arrived, too curious to stay away and to drawn to the mystery to pass over it

(Note: This piece is part of an art collab on YouTube, based on a half and half style piece. This is only part one of the tales—a longer version inspired by the short tale (derived from a quick back and forth between the other artists and I) that you can read above. Part one is called the little alien, which can also be found on here. This part is based on the artwork created in the video above by the artist Marivarts. Enjoy this piece and be sure to check out both of our videos for a past and future piece of art, based on the character in this tale ^_^ )


She twiddled with the emerald jewel that hung around her neck. It is a single, strong connection to her home. A home long gone... long destroyed.

Footsteps hovered near the entrance of the forest, but she gave no reaction. Instead, staying unmoving in her meditating form.

They are always there. The humans.

They are curious enough to walk near the edge of the forest but frightened enough to stay away. And if not frightened, aware not to disturb; whether because of delusion, warning, or a wish to not disturb that which brings them their profit. Either way, it works to her advantage.

Ever since she played the first note in this forest she knew here, in the depths of freedom, she could let loose the memories of home without worry. She could feel a slight sensation of the happiness of her homeland, without the constant reminder of that which is lost. She could play her song with freedom, without care for harmful reaction. She could listen to the harmony of the planet below her that housed her differently as her home once did.

Here, in this forest enclose, she could escape from the constant reminders, the constant differences day to day life now presented her with.

Even after many years of being here, the differences are still evident for her. Even if she wore this cloak of blonde hair and pale skin, with eyes of blue tones.

You should not be thinking of this! She thought abruptly, shaking her head.

Think positive, think right!

Halting her twirling, she straightened her pose. With a deep breath, she began her ritual of keeping her kind's traditions alive.

Here, in the depth of the forest, seated upon a single rock in the middle of the lake, she looked to the reflection of the water to shine a portal to the other worlds as she jotted down their never ending history into the emerald crystal. A magical book, the humans would call it.

It is a ritual she had started after the first week of being trapped in, what she has now come to know, an orphanage. Even if her homeland is gone, she refused to let go of the lesson ingrained in her mind.

The lessons of her kind.

As she began to open up her mind, and the mirrors top the other world, she froze as a sound hit her sharp ears.

The footsteps... They are coming closer.

Immediately, she shut off her power and the song that had begun to play. The smell of roses dimmed to a subtle layer in the air.

A figure crept out of the trees.

It's him. The male from before.

Their glances met, both of surprise.

“W-what are you doing here?" she said, attempting to sound usual as she stood upon the rock.

“I could ask you the same thing,” the boy replied, curiously, as he watched her movements closely.

Can he tell she is rigid?

Be calm Parosea, ease your movements, she thought to herself, collecting her form as she stood tall.

“I asked you first,” she said stubbornly, holding her head high.

There is silence as he watched her through narrows eyes of brown, a strange color she encountered here. On her planet, brown eyes were a rare sight; a gift given to those with the warmest of hearts. Here it is a different case.

Here the eyes may be the mirrors to souls, but it takes a sharper mind to read them.

“You said not to come here, that it is dangerous, and yet you come out here yourself,” he said, almost accusingly.

Breath, Parosa... she thought to herself, swallowing harshly over the stone in her throat.

“Yes, and?”

There is silence as he continued to watch her, almost analyzing her and her every little moment.

She stood still, forcing herself to breathe to appear normal.

He continued speaking.

“So... either you were lying or you're hiding something.”

“Why would I be hiding something?!” She spluttered, before realizing her mistake.

He simply raised an eyebrow.

Be still, hearts... She thought as her thumbs twiddled behind her back.

He replied but did not focus on her splutter.

"Why else would you tell me not to come here but come yourself?”

“Because... because,” She repeated, trying to figure out an answer, but he had her there.


“I.. um... I sleep walk?” She said with uncertainty.

Yes, sleep walk... that's a thing someone would do.

“Sleep walked...” He mused, his eyebrow not coming down. A glint of amusement swept through his eyes. Or at least she thought so. It came and went too fast for her to catch it.

“Into the middle of a lake?” he added.

“Uh-um Yes! It is a thing you know,” she replied, stubbornly, holding her head high as she fidgeted upon the stone that rested in the perfect spot in the middle of the lake.

How to get out of this now...

“And pray tell me, how does one get to the middle of a lake the lack without getting wet?”

She froze.

He had her there.

“Not going to answer that?” he said, with clear amusement in his tone now.

“If not that then maybe you can tell me if you know what is causing that smell and luck? Or are you going to fess up that you're the cause of it?” he stated, so blatantly, crossing his arms.

Oh great... she thought as she meets the challenge in his eyes. Standing up straight, she thought quickly.

“Do you hear that?” She quickly mused in defense.

He stood sharper.

“Hear what?”

“That sounds like my name...” she said, quickly. “Yes, yes it does... Coming!”

“Wait!” The boy called, as she jumped into the water.

She heard his footsteps rush to the lake bank but she paid him no mind as she rushed to get out of there.

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Storyteller IRT


Just a storyteller releasing short stories as she attempts to finish editing her first full book, all the while attempting to put out a youtube video every week


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