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Ted E. Bear

by ALPHAS WICKER about a year ago in fantasy
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Night Battle

Suzy slept snuggly in her bed with her covers pulled up and her head buried in a mound of pillow. One hand rest on her new her favorite toy just given to her today. A teddy that was tattered and raggedy. It was worn, with missing fur and one eye missing. The teddy had been passed down from her mother who had received it from her mother.

Suzy’s room was in a small apartment in a small neighborhood in a large city. There was only one window as protection against the invading noise and cold from the city. It offered no protection against the shadows and nightmare things that went bump in the night. That was Ted’s job.

The nightmares hid in the shadows under the bed, in the closet, or just outside the window waiting for the absence of light to strike. Even deep in her slumber, Suzy sensed them and reached out a hand for her favorite toy hugging it closer for reassurance. Ted patted her hand and worked his magic, a gift from a certain Sandman that helped keep children asleep. Teddy had work to do and Suzy had to be safe.

He flopped back down when Suzy’s mother peeked in and flipped off the light bathing the room in deep darkness. It was Ted’s time to go to work.

The nightmares wasted no time and crept out of the shadows. They could smell Suzy’s innocent dreams and were salivating to feed. They had fed on her for days now, a plentiful banquet of sweet dreams to twist into fear. The fear was good and they had gorged themselves to bloated bliss. They crept toward the bed then stopped. They sensed something new something that wasn’t there the night before. Ted stood at the edge of the bed waiting.

The nightmares bristled and raged. They recognized a guardian and hung back almost discouraged. But there was only one and it looked old and weak. This one would be no problem against so many.

Ted grinned. They didn’t recognize him. This would be fun. Yes, Ted was old and he was tattered and worn but that did not make him weak. Teddy was a veteran of a thousand nightly battles. He had earned his missing fur and his missing eye and he was one of the best at what he did. He almost laughed when they rushed him. He lived for this.

The battle was long and hard. Neither side gained ground battling back and forth. The nightmares screaming for Suzy’s dreams close enough to taste them only to be swatted down by Ted’s vicious attacks. They battled into the night throwing all they had at each other wearing each other down. In the end it was Ted that almost broke. He was at the end of his strength battling against so many. He was barely holding on and was fighting with will power alone. The nightmares sensed his weakness and made one huge surge all of them attacking at once. They surrounded Ted and pounced then screamed in frustration. A single ray of light peaked through the bedroom window. Dawn had come and the light burned the nightmares beating them back into the shadows.

Ted slumped in jubilant exhaustion. He had survived another night. He watched as the nightmares crawled back into their holes weak and screaming at him. He knew that he had only won a battle and not the war but that was enough. He dragged himself back over to Suzy’s sleeping form and tucked himself under her arm. He would have the day to rest which was all he needed.

Suzy woke up and yawned. She felt a surge of energy and leaped out of bed. She didn’t have the usual bad dreams and was well rested. She frowned as if she could remember something just out of reach in her mind. It had something to do with the old teddy that her mother had given her. She looked at it laying on the bed. It looked even old then it had before. She reached for it and smiled hugging it to herself. She didn’t care. Maybe her mother was right. She told her that it was magic and could keep bad dreams away. She hugged it one last time and tucked it under her sheet. She bound out of the room excited for the rest of the day.


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